03 - Diamondhead-0
General Information
Species Petrosapien
Home World Petropia
DNA source Unknown
Body Crystalline Humanoid
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Crystallokinesis
Crystalline Constructs
Shard Projectiles
Weapon Manifestation
Aging Immunity

Diamondhead is the Omnitrix's sample of a Petrosapien from the planet Petropia.


Diamondhead, being a silicone-based life form, looks like a humanoid figure made of durable turquoise crystals. His body is made of purple rocks, He wears black pants, green boots & a green and white belt. The Omnitrix is located on the center of the belt.

Powers & Abilities

  • Crystallokinesis: Diamondhead can manipulate the crystals of his body and other crystals around him.
  • Crystalline Constructs: Diamondhead can create constructs from the crystals he generates.
  • Shard Projectiles: Diamondhead can shoot shards of crystals from his arms.
  • Weapon Manifestation: Diamondhead can transform the crystals of his arms into weapons.
  • Regeneration: Diamondhead can regenerate his crystals.
  • Aging Immunity: Being made of crystals, Diamondhead is immune to aging.


  • Sonic Vibrations: High powered sonic vibrations can crack and shatter his crystals.
  • Limited Durability: While his crystals are very durable, with enough force they can be damaged.


  • The design is a mix of all the designs of the OS, UAF & OV.
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