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Diamond dragon demon of doom is a dragon-demond-like alien from an unknow planet, the plumbers call it z-hydron, ben calls it dragon home, and everyone else calls it U.P, except for miguel, miguel calls it MY PLANET. He was first used in the first episode, And Then There Was a Fusion.

Powers, Abilities, and Appearance[]

His has a body that is gold, has silver colored hands, has a head colored platinum, and has legs colored red. His head has the powers of doom, his hands are made from diamonds, his body is dragon-like, his legs are demon-like. He has sharp knifes stuck to his hands like a marvel hero named wolverine ( He has shiny red wings like a bakugan called fusion dragonoid ( He has a kind of gauntlet that can shoot webs ( - Has powers of doom

- Can reshape his hands into anything

- Has superhuman durability

- Has superhuman strenght

- Has superhuman stamina

- Has superhuman healing factor

- Has suspended aging

- Self sustenance

- Underwather breathing

- Resistance to psychic control

- Immunity to viruses and diseases

- Astral form percipitation

- Homing ability

- Energy manipulation and emission

- Can fly

- Crawl through walls

- Superhuman speed

- Superhuman reflexes

- Spider-sense

- He has dragon and demon powers

- Psionic powers


His has no weakness due to superhuman reflexes, stamina, and durability.