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Dial Z for Zombified is the seventh episode of the first season of Back in Action: Alien Universe. The episode features a side-story as the debut for Operation Pyros.


Part I

[We open on the hot surface of Pyros. Balls of fire fly through the skies of the sun world,but the orderly way in which they do so is interrupted by an object crashing down from space. Heated to great temperatures of over 100,000 degrees Fahrenheit,the object breaks apart and eventually sharpened pieces of it land on the surface. The fireballs come near the objects' landing place,simultaneously dodging the remaining smaller shards swooping down. When the fireballs finally have the chance to stop after the shards are too small to hurt them,they unroll, revealing themselves to be Pyronites. Four of them surround the objects, even picking up pieces and analyzing their uses.]

Pyronite #1: These seem to be parts of a ship.
Pyronite #2: A ship? What pilot would be dimwitted enough to fly in on Pyros?
Pyronite #3: Well, you never know what kind of tactics those Khoruan polar bears are going to use to try and hurt us.
Pyronite #2: Regardless,we better report this. It could be an attack for the Cyogen crystal.
Pyronite #1: Oh yeah, it could be.
Pyronite #4: It's not impossible,but no one's tried to get that before.
Pyronite #3: Sure they have. Just,none of them have ever survived.
Fading voice around them: Let's turn the tables. Let's make it so the guardians will be the ones not surviving from now on. The four Pyronites' heads are smacked together,and they fall on their backs on the floor. At this point, Negative Ghostfreak appears holding Scarogus and Elena (as a female Thep Khufan). He puts their bodies down on the floor.
Negative Ghostfreak: If you're wondering how you're surviving the heat, it's thanks to the intangible and invisible heat-protection suits I put on you two.
Elena: How'd you manage to put the suits on us without us knowing?
Negative Ghostfreak: They're as simple as locking the badges on your chests, then it encompasses the rest of your body. It can endure any temperature up to that of the highest point on this planet.
Scarogus: Well whoop-dee-doo, genius. We're not here to chat; we're here for the Tetragen. We'll get it a lot faster if we move swiftly from this point on. If casualties are counted from this point on, they'll have the crystal under heavy-security, and the Commander only gave me so many Cyogen crystals that I could use as weapons for this mission.
Negative Ghostfreak: Then, let's get a move on. Invisibility on. Scarogus and Elena's suits turn the two invisible. Ghostfreak follows suit. Your suit is capable of spotting my energy as well as each other's, so follow my lead as best as you can.

Moving our focus over the peak of the mountain they're standing on, we see a big city built like cities on Earth. Fireballs fly all over the city in orderly fashions, resembling the headlights and rear lights that appear on highways at night, racing by at super speeds. Their trek to the top of the mountain to see the city begins here.

[Meanwhile,only a night later on a desolate street in Downtown Bellwood. Like a meteor,Jetray crashes down, creating a crater in the middle of the street. He emerges from it, rubbing his head, as he reverts back to human.]

Ben: Boy, am I glad I got out of that...Pulls out his phone to look at the time. 4:04 in the morning. And 3 calls from Julie. As if my parents weren't going to be enough trouble trying to convince that I wasn't involved in any real trouble after all this. Starts dialing something,when the phone flies out of his hands towards the sky. The screen on the smartphone flashes between black and white. What in the...
Phone: Thank you for freeing me at least,Ben Tennyson. After what you did to me last time, I was afraid I'd never make it out. But who would've thought something in your possession would aid in my escape.
Ben: I don't know, (pulls his wrist in front of his face,the Omnitrixtower popping up with a random hologram) but you better tell me who you are before you make me go home to tell my parents I blew up my phone.
Phone: Why,you don't recognize me? Maybe this will help.
Ben: Huh?

A lightning bolt strikes the ground from the phone,the phone dropping to the floor. It creates a white ball just in front of Ben. Every few moments,white sparks burst out of it.

Ben: What *is* that?
White Lightning Ball: Why,you don't know much of anything,do you?
Ben: One last chance before I hit this thing.
White Lightning Ball: Oh,don't be rude. A bolt strikes the Omnitrixfrom the ball,causing the current playlist to cycle through aliens. Now if you transform, there's no telling if you'll be able to win or not.
Ben: You must not have dealt with me since I was 10,whatever or whoever you are,but I'm not limited to whatever this thing gives me anymore. I can change to anything else while I'm an alien.
White Lightning Ball: Hmm...I completely forgot. Well,I guess that means you'll defeat me. I guess I should reveal myself,then. The white lightning ball creates a humanoid shape. Donning full-body silver armor,the energy alien stands at least 7 feet tall. They refer to me as Long Ron Silver.
Ben: Who? Smacks down on the Omnitrixsymbol during its random cycling.
Four Arms: The guys down at the Forever Knights training center?
Long Ron Silver: The forever who?
Four Arms: Figures you don't know. They wouldn't let anything with powers like that into their group.
Long Ron Silver: Pardon?
Four Arms: Nothing. What are you doing here, "Long Ron Silver"?
Long Ron Silver: Oh,yes. Pulls out a scroll from his back pocket,and opens it revealing it to be no longer than 6 inches. Sirs Azmuth and Paradox would wish to have a word with Wielder of the OmnitrixBen Tennyson.
Four Arms: Paradox? Why couldn't he have just teleported me without asking?
Long Ron Silver: He thought you would mind that,but I'll be sure to tell him that you're alright with him just doing so without your consent. Puts the scroll away,and presses a button located on the neck of his armor,which teleports the two to a room with concrete tiles on the floors and walls animated to slide through pictures of space and then a concrete wall.
Four Arms: Where are we?
Long Ron Silver: The rendezvous as designated by Sir Paradox. He assumed you would remember this location from a past adventure.
Four Arms: Uh huh. This rings no bells.
Long Ron Silver: Not to worry, then, Ben. It won't be much of a wait till they're h--

A blue and white flash occurs behind Four Arms,and Paradox with Azmuth on his shoulder appears in the room.

Professor Paradox: Why,hello,Ben. Does it not feel like it's been so many weeks since your last adventure with me?
Four Arms: When was the last time I saw you?
Professor Paradox: Trivialities, Benjamin.
Four Arms: O...kay? Why am I here, exactly?
Professor Paradox: Ah, that. We have--
Azmuth: *I* have, go on.
Professor Paradox: Your greatness Azmuth has discovered a chronal anomaly over the horizon.
Four Arms: Can't I get a rest for a second? I had to deal with that underwater ruler and his dysfunctional family of guards,then after getting like 2 hours of rest, I went and lost to Scarogus, Albedo, and Elena all at the same time on Pyros.
Azmuth: Ben--
Four Arms: And then,I had to deal with apparently being trapped in a dream world—as if Albedo hadn't already done that to me in the past with a Dream Eater—having only 20 minutes left in that thing to try and find a way out.
Azmuth: Ben--
Four Arms: And finally,after my cousin comes to the rescue,I had to fly back to Earth as quickly as I could with Jetray to dodge the explosion. Finally, I land back here, hit my head on impact with Bellwood,and my phone starts speaking to me! Speaking of that phone thing, what was Long Ron Unoriginal Knight over here talking about me imprisoning him beforehand? I've never seen this guy in my life.
Azmuth: Benjamin Kirby Tennyson! Listen to me for one moment! This chronal anomaly is nothing that can be left unchecked. We did not just decide it was going to open up,but with you revealing that you took on a trio of your enemies just hours ago, it's possible they've attained something capable of creating such an issue.
Four Arms: Well,what's the problem exactly?
Professor Paradox: A rift is going to appear in Downtown Bellwood in approximately 20 minutes. The rift will begin its terror by rotating the Earth back a few hours to midnight,and attempt to keep the Earth at the time for as long as it remains open.
Azmuth: Following that,it will begin to pump out aliens whose sole mission is to turn all humans into one of them.
Four Arms: And what are they?
Azmuth: We have absolutely no idea.
Four Arms: Azmuth, smartest being in who knows how many galaxies has no idea?
Azmuth: Well of course I have a theory, but it's untested, and until whatever's coming through the rift is released onto Earth,there is no telling if even testing will give me the answer to what they are.
Four Arms: Well then what do you expect me to do to fend them off?
Professor Paradox: This is where your former enemy Long Ron here will come to your aid.
Four Arms: Who I still say I've never met.
Professor Paradox: Being that these aliens come from a chronal rift, it's likely they have some control over time and space.
Azmuth: But being that we haven't seen them,it's possible that they are being controlled, and that whomever's controlling it is the one who has control over time and space.
Professor Paradox: I'd love to say I told you so in advance,Azmuth,as I am 99.9% on the possibilities I've proposed.
Azmuth: And I'm 99.99%,time walker.
Four Arms: Well,where exactly is this rift supposed to open so I can get my team on it? Azmuth: You're not going to be able to get your team to aid you, Ben. Long Ron is all that can help you. The others are in deep slumber. After waiting up for you yet again as you go venturing out into space, they need their energy. If you call them now--
Four Arms: Yeah,yeah,I understand how sleep works,Azmuth.
Azmuth: And for humans,it fascinates beyond Galvan comprehension.

Four Arms smacks his Omnitrix symbol.

Rath: RATH! Rath is gonna put the hurt on you,Azmuth of the Galvan,if you don't tell Rath where the time thingy's gonna open!
Professor Paradox: The teleport is ready behind you,Rath. Simply enter it,and--
Rath: Rath doesn't take orders from anybody, Paradox! Turns around and begins walking towards the portal Paradoxhas opened while facing the opposite direction at Paradox. Rath's gonna walk into whatever portal Rath wants to!
Professor Paradox: Of course,of course, Rath.

Rath runs into the portal with Long Ron strolling behind him.

Long Ron Silver: I will keep a close eye on him, sirs.
Professor Paradox: Good, and make sure our little secret remains a little secret. Long Ron Silver: Will do. Steps into the portal, immediately closing behind him.
Azmuth (facing Paradox's face): So, time walker, regale me with the details.
Professor Paradox: The details? Of what?
Azmuth: Of how Ben will one day save the universe. It's a fascinating tale.
Professor Paradox: Oh, it is. Seeing as you've heard it multiple times before, I assume it's time you've seen it in action.
Azmuth: Ah, yes. Let us go.
Professor Paradox: We've already gone. The two teleport away.


Part II

[We open near the city limits. A sign written in the universal alien language translates to "Welcome to Eternal Flame. Dedicated to the loss of Inferno, a warrior to us all. Population: 140,607." Negative Ghostfreak, Scarogus, and Elena are completing their trek to the city, when a fireball flies out in front of them. The astonishment from the fireball's appearance causes their invisibility to shut off. The fireball unrolls into a Pyronite, this one being covered in black molten rock, his flames more yellow than orange. He is taller and bulkier than all the rest, but more muscular nonetheless.]

Powerful Pyronite: State your presence, outsiders.
Scarogus: We're just visiting.
Powerful Pyronite: We do not allow your kind within our walls. I'm going to have to politely ask you to leave.
Elena: Excuse my friend. Tell me about yourself.
Powerful Pyronite (squinting, unsure of Elena's intent): I am the son of Inferno, the greatest Pyronite warrior in history. I am Biomass, born from the reproductive material acquired shortly after my father's leave from this planet.
Elena: Gross, but go on. What are you doing out here, beyond city limits?
Biomass: I am the guardian of the Eternal Flame. I keep it safe and secure, making sure no outsider gets in, and you two are considered outsiders. Turn around, stop asking me questions, and head back to your world, Thep Khufans.
Elena: Now is that anyway for you to treat a--

Biomass immediately collapses. As he does, it's revealed that Negative Spidermonkey was standing behind him. He had been pinched at a nerve which made him unconscious.

Scarogus: Thank you for that, Albedo. I'd almost call that a good deed. Any more talking and Elena would end up on a date with him.
Elena: Hey, I had a plan.
Scarogus: A plan involving you two sucking each other's faces off at the nearest Maggus Center.
Elena: No, it was to--
Negative Spidermonkey: It doesn't matter what the plan was. Glows red, growing taller and more upright like a humanoid until he stands perfectly straight. At this point, he's light on fire and covered in molten rock. Following the glow, he is Negative Heatblast.
Negative Heatblast: If "Biomass" here was the guardian and now he's unconscious, one other Pyronite could assume his position if he, or she, had a great enough resemblance.
Elena: But you look nothing like him. You look more like every other Pyronite on this planet.
Negative Heatblast: But a certain human girl is capable of transforming into this brute.
Elena (sighing): As if being this ugly mummy wasn't enough. Transforms into Biomass, also making her voice into his.
Scarogus: We pride ourselves in the fact that we are more than mere "mummies."
Negative Heatblast: If that's how you gauge your pride, then the rest of the universe may be thinking too much of the Thep Khufans.
Scarogus: Funny, how about the saw you in half trick next?
Elena (as Biomass, using Biomass's voice): Let's just do this.
Negative Heatblast: We better put away this body. Lowers his hand to Biomass's body, causing him to transform into a fireball and fly away. Intriguing, these Pyronites. Let's get this over with.

After a few minutes, they find themselves at a corner with a few Pyronite gang members, notable by the heat-resistant multi-colored bandannas with logos on them, hanging out with a variety of blunt and sharp weapons. One flies out in front of Negative Heatblast, Scarogus, and Elena (as Biomass). This one has the thinnest body of the three in the gang, and what appears to be a steel baseball bat in hand.

Thin Pyronite (hovering in front of the team): Well, Biomass, what's the cat dragged in today?
Elena (as Biomass): Huh?
Thin Pyronite: You know there's a Thep Khufan behind you, right?
Elena (as Biomass): Oh, me, uh, yeah, yes. Caught this one (pulls Scarogus and puts him in front of her) trying to break past the city limits.
Thin Pyronite (nudging his head at Negative Heatblast): What about the other guy? Elena (as Biomass): Uh, um--
Negative Heatblast: Biomass for a day program at my educational facility.
Thin Pyronite: I see...(floating over to Elena/Biomass's right side and whispering something): I think your Biomass-for-a-day's a joke. Just listen to the way he talks. Complete nerd. Flies away, rejoining his gang. You guys are free to go.
Elena (as Biomass): Not like you had any real control over us.
Thin Pyronite: Where have you been? We control this town, Biomass. And while you're inside, we control you, too. Now get moving before we write you up.
Scarogus (whispering): Puny Pyronite scum.
Thin Pyronite: What was that, Khufan?
Scarogus: I said, puny Pyronite--
Elena (as Biomass): Leader! Puny Pyronite leader. We'll be going now. Stay safe, leaders. Pushes Scarogus along in front of him, Negative Heatblast following suit. Once the trio's moved far enough down the road, the Thin Pyronite pulls out a rectangular comms device.
Thin Pyronite (into comms device): Officers, be on the lookout for Biomass. He's acting a bit suspicious and is on in something with a Thep Khufan and another Pyronite.
Comms Device: Yes, sir.

After a bit of walking, our trio finds a building on the other side of Eternal Flame with the words "Crystal Within" burnt it. They walk inside the abandoned skyscraper to find thousands of crystals mounted on walls, protected only be thin layers of glass.

Elena (as Biomass): This is going to be a walk in the park. Elena rushes forward at one wall of sparkling crystals, and right before pounding the glass, her hand is stopped by that of Negative Heatblast.
Negative Heatblast: It's obviously either a trap, or these are fake. This building's owner is long-gone. No way would they leave real crystals just lying around.
Scarogus: I agree with the Galvan scum.
Negative Heatblast: Is everyone scum to your species? Do you know what any other being in the galaxy refers to the Thep Khufans as?
Elena (as Biomass): Do enlighten me. I haven't even touched the cover of that novel. Scarogus: Stay out of this. Transform into something and check this place.
Negative Heatblast: Why don't you do it? You've got Cyogen crystal to spare, don't you?
Scarogus: Yes, but so do you. Transform into a Necrofriggian, and I'll take them for our use in this mission.
Negative Heatblast: That'll kill me. As opposed to Tennyson, I don't have a device that keeps a copy of my living normal form on me.
Scarogus: Then we'll have to suffer the loss now won't we? A breath of cold air flies in front of Scarogus and Negative Heatblast. They both swing around to see Elena in a Necrofriggian (Big Chill's species) form, donning the lab coat she wears in her human form.
Elena (as Necrofriggian, in Big Chill's voice): Will you two stop fighting for one second! This mission is about you, and we need to get it done quickly. You know how the Commander for everything this team does wrong.
Negative Heatblast: It's hardly a team, more like a dysfunctional family of Metabore.
Elena: This is what I'm talking about. Stop arguing with what someone else says and just help out. Hate me, hate Scarogus, whatever! It's not getting the mission done. Turns around to the wall of glass-protected crystals and breathes cold air in the area. It's clear, absolutely no protection. Falls to the floor and reverts to her Thep Khufan form.
Negative Heatblast: Then they must be counterfeit. Let's look for some form of a toggle switch. It will likely be wired to whatever takes people down to the Tetragen.
Scarogus: We're never going to find it if we have to search this whole building. Leans back, and a green ray burns his back, causing him to jump and run around the room for a moment. Ow! That thing tried to cut through my body!
Negative Heatblast: Wait a second...Transforms into Negative Goop, and walks over to the area Scarogus leaned back over. There, he creates a wall of goop to protect the other side of the room from being hit by a laser. The sound of the laser cutting into Goop can be heard.
Negative Goop: Ouch, it's right here. This must be what toggles the door. Transforms into Negative Upgrade, who contrasts Upgrade in that he's mainly red. He merges with the laser, turning it red, and maneuvers it to face the ceiling.
Scarogus: What are you doing?
Negative Upgrade: If I'm getting this right...A large area in the floor opens, causing Elena/Thep Khufan and Scarogus to step back to one wall of crystals. BAM! Mesocraterian laser-guided tech toggle. I can't imagine having to count how many of these I put up in Azmuth's lab, so I know exactly how they work. Jumps out of the laser, reverting to Negative Heatblast. Negative Heatblast (walking over to the hole in the floor which goes on for innumerable hours): Ladies first?
Elena (as Thep Khufan, Myaxx-esque voice): Age before beauty, Albedo.
Negative Heatblast: Hey, you never know how old Scarogus could be. He's never said a word about his age to us.
Scarogus: My age is irrelevant, but the leader must obviously go first in this mission.
Negative Heatblast: Or you're just really old and you want to go to save yourself the trouble of revealing how much older you are than me.
Scarogus (growls): Whatever. Leaps into the hole, yelling as he does so.
Negative Heatblast: I guess I have to go next if we're judging by age.
Elena: Yep. I'm only 17 years old.
Negative Heatblast: Probably the youngest of the--
Elena: Just go. No more talking.
Negative Heatblast: Alright. Jumps in, immediately followed by Elena, neither of which yell as they fall until about a couple hundred miles later. The passageway above them begins to close. We watch as a tall and wide hunchbacked cloaked being walks into the shop. He observes the closing passage for a moment, chuckles, then jumps in, the door shutting at an alarming rate thereafter.

[Meanwhile, in Downtown Bellwood, Rath and Long Ron Silver are standing before the coordinates where the portal is said to open. Rath engages in conversation with the armored knight.]

Long Ron Silver: Probably not, tiger fellow.
Rath: RATH IS NOT A TIGER! HE'S A...he's an, uh, a, uh...SHUT IT, LONG RON SILVER!
Long Ron Silver: Will do. A blue flash near him and Paradox appears.
Professor Paradox: The portal is estimated to open in the next thirty seconds. Prepare yourself. And Rath...
Professor Paradox: Oh, yes. Just know that you are not the best transformation for the battle ahead, something you'll attempt to disprove in mere moments.
Rath: RATH IS THE GO-TO GUY WHEN SOMEONE NEEDS A BEATDOWN. A rift is torn into the air, just 15 ft. above the street. It is shaped like a scar and its brightness mirrors that of Ben's transformations, but in the color white.
Professor Paradox: It's here. Take care, Rath. Silver, do take care of Rath, and keep safe yourself. Flashes away.
Rath: Pfft, Rath can take care of himself.
Long Ron Silver: You are the boss.

3 monsters are hauled out of the portal, landing in a triangular setup around Long Ron Silver.

Rath: Hey, these guys are just zombies.
Long Ron Silver:! Our focus is zoomed off his body to see one zombie trying to claw through his helmet to his face.
Rath (being clawed at the skin by the zombies, who move to whichever part of Rath's body that Rath doesn't watch): Rath's busy! Manages to pull one of the zombies off of his back and throw him on the ground. Will you stop clawing my skin?! The remaining zombie scratches straight through the skin on his back, knocking him over onto his knees. on his face.
Omnitrix: Identified, Methanosian. A green flash causes the zombies, even the one clawing at Long Ron Silver, to flee to the underside of the portal. Following the flash, Swampfire is seen standing upright. His back is repaired by the healing of the Methanosian skin, but only ever-so slowly due to the fact that the injury was incurred as another transformation.
Swampfire (clenching his fists): You guys are in for it now! Dashes after them, blasting his flames at each towards their chest, reducing each to ash. Too easy. With one left, Swampfire simply flicks a seed in the direction the final zombie was heading, immediately catching it in its vine clutch as it steps over the seed. Swampfire walks over to it, and touches its forehead with a flame. You know, Silver, you're not being too helpful right now.
Long Ron Silver: I'm a bruiser, Tennyson; I will engage in battle as soon as it's safe. Swampfire: You do that. Three more zombies pop out of the portal, landing over Swampfire, two of which grab Swampfire by his arms and pin him down as the last zombie prepares to cut through his face. Help me, Silver!
Long Ron Silver:, sorry, you'll have to help yourself, Ben.
Swampfire: Next time Paradox gets the choice of who to send to help me, I get to pick who, because right now, Tetrax would sure come in handy as a teammate.
Long Ron Silver: You're truly hurting me, Benjamin.
Swampfire: Boo-hoo. GET ME OUT OF HERE! The lead zombie can be seen chewing on Swampfire's face, biting the black portion of it off, spitting it to the side, and going in for seconds after Swampfire's face regenerates. Eventually Swampfire gives up on healing. The zombies, successful with their efforts on Swampfire, head in for Long Ron Silver.
Long Ron Silver (protecting himself with the metal shield he generates from his wrist): You seem to be civilized fellows; I mean, you organized the mission to come to this world and take over. The zombies dash after the shield and start scratching it. At the rate that Swampfire was able to regenerate his face, the metal torn through by the claws and teeth of the zombies is quickly repaired. One zombie whispers something in the other's ear, and all three halt their attack. They stand before Long Ron Silver, and their eyes begin to glow red. Oh, no, no, no! The scar-shaped rift in the background turns red as well, then white once more. Zombies begin to pop out of the portal, and for each batch, the portal flashes red. Time to put my ways aside and fight for the Earth! Putting his shield away and fabricating a powerful shining sword, he watches Swampfire glow green. Ben?
Ultimate Swampfire: No Ben, just Ultimate Swampfire! Blue and white flames are blasted out of his hands at the zombies, reducing the dozens of zombies marching and hopping after Long Ron Silver to ash like the batch before them that dealt with Swampfire's inferno. Looks like the best way is Ultimate Swampfire. Professor Paradox was right. Flames are just what will do.
Long Ron Silver (holding his sword up to the sky): Yes, Ben. Another way, is the sword I hold with me right now.
Ultimate Swampfire: And what's so special-- (blasts three more zombies that attempt to come in a less than 2 feet radius of him) --about that sword of yours?
Long Ron Silver: Retrieved from the battle of Diagon, it is the Sword of Ascalon, once used by yourself, Ben Tennyson.
Ultimate Swampfire: Ascalon? But I thought I gave that to...
Long Ron Silver: It's mine for this mission. This suit is powerful, you know that.
Ultimate Swampfire: Then stop talking--A dozen zombies pop out of the portal, landing in a dog pile on him, trapping him. Long Ron Silver: And start fighting!

The Ascalon sword in Long Ron's hands irradiates a fiery glow of orange flames. Long Ron dashes after the zombie dog pile, sword ahead of him, but just before attacking them, he's knocked off his straight path by a zombie that comes out only to stop him. The zombies part from dog pile over Ultimate Swampfire. One remains, scratching back and forth after the Omnitrix, reverting the injured Ultimate Swampfire to Swampfire. Once more he scratches, reverting him to human. He backflips onto his feet, standing under the portal. One of the zombies standing below the portal walks forward. Its eyes glow red, then blue, and as its own mouth arrives at the Omnitrix, its eyes become green. It bites the Omnitrix, and sparks fly around the area. That zombie is reduced to ash, but its ashes then surround Ben's paralyzed body. Ben stands up straight, as Long Ron Silver also gets to his feet. Ben, noticeable for the fact that now his stance shows a bit of a hunch, his fingers are moving about in odd directions at random intervals as if mimicking muscle spasms, and his head is bowed at the floor.

Long Ron Silver: Ben, are you alright?
Ben (chuckling at first): I'm hurt, Ronny-boy. Come to my side, will you?
Long Ron Silver: "Ronny-boy"? I understand you're hurt, but...
Ben: I'm fine. I just need your help to walk home. I just need to lie down.
Long Ron Silver: Alright...Ascalon retracts into his arm, and the shield appears on that arm to protect him as he goes to Ben's aid. He approaches him and puts his hand on him. You just need some rest, alright, Ben?
Ben: Yes, I do. He raises his head, and his eyes have a glow that create a shape that runs from the shape of his eyes to his ears. And so do you. His fingers sharpen to the point of becoming claws. His skin becomes paler like the zombies. He puts his entire hand into Long Ron Silver's shoulder.

[From a distance in this middle of the night, we see Long Ron fall face-first on the road. Ben walks over to the two zombies under the portal, standing in the position of the turned-to-ash zombie.]

Ben: The deed is done. We have Super Ben. The three zombies—Ben and the remaining two—simultaneously nod, and the portal begins to flash yellow as dozens of zombies are shot out at a time. Ben and the other two head zombies greet the arrival of their brothers with smiles.


Part III

[We open in a dark area, located deep below the crust of Pyros. A square hole opens above shining light on a platform, and more lights turn on revealing an adjacent bridge to a guarded steel door. Through the hole from above, Negative Heatblast falls stomach-first on the rocky platform, followed by Elena (who falls on him). Scarogus lands peacefully in a pile of his papery skin, reshaping himself after having a few seconds of relaxation atop Elena's body. Standing next to the pile of two, Scarogus picks Elena up off Negative Heatblast, whose flame has gone out from the sheer impact on the ground.]

Elena (as Necrofriggian): Thanks, Scare. What about Albedo? Put your differences aside, and let's find out where the hell we are.
Scarogus: Yeah, sure...Helps Negative Heatblast up on his feet.
Negative Heatblast: Thanks, "pal."
Scarogus: No problem, (bumps Negative Heatblast, nearly knocking him off the small platform) "chum."
Elena: Stop it. Flies into the darkness, approaching the guarded door. Immediately, the sound of Elena being smacked back is heard, and she comes flying back, landing on her back on the small base platform they entered onto.
Negative Heatblast: Let's shed a little light on the situation. Puts his hand out and sends a flare of fire over to the guarded door. The entire room can be seen, or at least at level with the platform, a not-so trustworthy bridge, and a steel door guarded by Pyronites in black body armor with an attached glass helmet similar to those on Plumbers' suits. Looks like we're not alone down here.
Scarogus (looking over the edge of the platform): But we might end up that way if we fall over this thing. Darkness lasts forever down there.
Negative Heatblast: I guess they should call this place the "Nocturnal Flame."
Elena (as Necrofriggian, raising back to hovering over the platform): It is, don't you see the sign above that door over there?
Negative Heatblast (squints across the bridge to read the small black print on the dark blue wall above the guarded door): Oh, I see. A good guess, then. What's to expect, though, I'm a Galvan; we're highly intelligent--
Scarogus: Stop gloating about your high and mighty species. Unless your intention is to get a transport of them from their home to here to create something capable of getting us all the crystals without much effort, shut your Pyronite trap and get moving on this bridge.
Elena (as Necrofriggian): GET OUT OF THE WAY! Picks Scarogus and Negative Heatblast up by their backs and swiftly hovers over to the bridge. A tall and wide hunchbacked creature falls from the same hole the three came into, landing on his feet.
Creature: You three, move, or be obliterated.
Negative Heatblast (with Scarogus, is being dropped carefully onto the bridge on his feet by Elena): Who are you, and why should we listen to you?
Creature (stepping out of the shadows): I am the representative of the KCOT, which means my purpose for my presence is obvious. Move out of the way. Pulls out what appears to be rocket launcher, aims it at the trio, and fires immediately. The three duck in cover, with the exception of Elena who becomes intangible.
Elena (as Necrofriggian, tangible once more): Who are you?! And what's the KCOT? Creature: I'm Brisk.
Scarogus (returning to upright stance): He's a Khoruan, a race of cryokinetic "polar bears" from Khoru, just outside the Mother System. KCOT is the Khoruan Control Over Tetragen organization.
Brisk: You've done your research, Thep Khufan. Now get out of my way, because if you know anything about our organization, it's that we'll do whatever it takes to get what we want.
Scarogus: I have done my research, and I'll be one to say--
Negative Heatblast: That you're not getting by us.
Scarogus: No, no. I'll be one to say, you're free to pass us.
Negative Heatblast: What?! You cannot possibly be serious! If he--His head is wrapped around by Scarogus's paper skin, constantly regenerated due to Negative Heatblast's repeated attempts to burn the cover off.
Scarogus: No, no. You're free to go. Move aside, team.
Elena: What?
Scarogus: Just do it.
Brisk: Why, thank you, Thep Khufan. In my control over the crystal, I will supply your community with as much Cyogen as possible.
Scarogus: Just go, Khoruan.

Brisk casually walks past the trio, who move to either sides of the bridge, Elena standing dead center but becoming intangible as Brisk walks by. He strolls over into the darkness, Scarogus, Negative Heatblast, and Elena looking on so as to try and get their best sights on Brisk's move towards the guards.

Negative Heatblast (paper now removed from his face): ARE YOU MENTAL?! If he is to get a hold of the Tetragen crystal, the Khoruans will protect them like a human mother her offspring!
Scarogus: Wait...3. 2. 1. A second more, and the sound of Brisk's weapon impacting the door is heard, followed by the door being knocked over.
Negative Heatblast: Are you hearing this?! He's in there!
Scarogus: Wait for it...And just as before, a second of wait later, the sound of guns firing is heard, and Brisk comes flying back towards the three, landing behind them on the start platform, disarmed.
Negative Heatblast: I see...
Scarogus: This Khoruan doesn't stand a chance, nor does any other Khoruan in this galaxy willing to challenge the guards down here.
Elena: Sounds like you know a lot about Nocturnal Flame, not to mention the Khoruans.
Scarogus: Yeah, I do. Now let's move ahead. Elena, transform into the Khoruan. Albedo, on my mark—and only on mark, transform into an Appoplexian.
Negative Heatblast: Scare's got a plan, eh? Alright, I'll go ahead with it, but I'm not going to call you chief, team leader, or any title of the sort.
Scarogus: Let's just do this. Walks into the darkness with Elena/Khoruan and Negative Heatblast at his sides. When the three reach the Pyronite officers, he wraps his body around Elena/Khoruan's body, leaving the head visible, and space between legs. The guards then question Negative Heatblast.
Left Pyronite Guard: Who are you? Detail your presence or be executed.
Negative Heatblast: Whoa, no need for lethal force officers. I just caught this Khoruan here.
Right Pyronite Guard: Answer the questions, sir.
Negative Heatblast:'s Biomass?
Left Pyronite Guard: Explain your presence, Biomass.
Negative Heatblast (whispered to himself): Lucky these idiots don't even know who Biomass is.
Left Pyronite Guard: What was that?
Negative Heatblast: Sorry, I said I'm here to treat him to what he wants. I'm going to make it visible to him what the Tetragen looks like, then just as he's close to handling it, I'll execute him myself.
Right Pyronite Guard: Right...I guess we'll let you in. Follow the first Pyronite on your left inside. Tell him I sent you.
Negative Heatblast: And what's your name?
Right Pyronite Guard: P-G-O.
Negative Heatblast: PGO? Does that stand for something?
Right Pyronite Guard/PGO: Yes. It stands for Please Get Out. He and the Left Pyronite Guard hold their hands up to ready their blasters on Negative Heatblast. Negative Heatblast: So you're of Ekhilian descent?
Right Pyronite Guard/PGO: No. Turn back now, Pyronite scum.
Scarogus (wrapped around Elena): Now, "Biomass!"
Negative Heatblast: Time to go wild. Transforms into Negative Rath, and pounces the guards, followed by knocking each off either side of the platform with the door down into the deep, dark depths below.
Scarogus: Good job, Albedo. Change back to something competent before I have to deal with an aggressive alien not fitting through this passage.
Negative Rath: Pfft, I can make it through this door no problem! Runs on all fours into the door hole, only to be stopped as his hips when they end up between the door. Negative Rath may have a problem here!
Scarogus: Oh, now do you? Transform now, Albedo.
Elena/Thep Khufan: What about me, Scarogus?
Scarogus: Use that female Kineceleran transformation you've been using per the Commander's plans.
Elena/Thep Khufan: That Magister? Sure. Transforms into Magister Karin Frikton.
Elena/Karin: Alright, let's do this.
Negative Rath: Gaaah, I'm only doing this 'cause I'm stuck, Scarogus of the Thep Khufans. Transforms into Negative Big Chill.
Negative Big Chill: Looks like a change of face, El'.
Elena/Karin: Somewhat. What's next in the plan, Scare?
Scarogus: We follow the path P-go over here told us to follow.

[Meanwhile in Downtown Bellwood, we watch the Zombified Ben stand next to the other lead zombies under the portal from the zombie's origin location as more zombies are shot out in Long Ron's direction. He defends himself against the aliens, slicing them to ash with Ascalon with each swipe.]

Long Ron Silver: Ben, stop this, please! We need to defend your home from these zombies!
Zombified Ben: I am, Ron. Join me, join us. Stop hurting us and let His reign over this world commence peacefully.
Long Ron Silver: Peacefully? If this battle is lost by me, your friends will come to stop me.
Zombified Ben: Doubt it. I'm pretty sure Way Big's cosmic ray can deal with them as well as it will to you if you choose to battle me any longer.
Long Ron Silver: Well, then I will have to deal with your might. The Sword of Ascalon has never been destroyed nor has it been dealt a powerful blow by your aliens, so who's to tell whether you've what it takes to defeat me.
Zombified Ben: I'm really going to miss you, Ron. Smacks the Omnitrix without popping the tower up first.
Zombified Bugbite: Bugbite! Accidental or not, this one'll take the blood right out of you, and once you're unconscious, my buddies'll get you blood more suited for membership.
Long Ron Silver: I don't want to join your alien zombie cult, Ben. Please, transform into something that can stop this.
Zombified Bugbite: Nothing's going to stop this, Ronny-boy.
Long Ron Silver: Indeed it shall, Super Ben. His sword ignites in flame, and a fireball is shot at Zombified Bugbite, whose unable to defend the blast, only leaving his hand up to the blast, knocked back into the portal. Ben! Zombified Articguana, whose skin is wrinkly and paler, teeth turned yellow, steps back out of the portal only a moment later, succeeded by more zombies.
Zombified Articguana (approaching Long Ron Silver with the zombies marching behind him): Well, you thought you'd get rid of me that easy? Try burning me up now. Boys, stand by. The zombies stop marching, standing perfectly idle, even preventing themselves from blinking and audibly breathing.
Long Ron Silver: I'll work at it, Ben, but I will defeat you if it means saving the human race.
Zombified Articguana; Ha ha! You crack me up, Ronny. Once I'm done with you, I'll trample you, freeze you, break you. My master has no need for anyone capable of breaking the bond.
Long Ron Silver: Then why are you under your "master's" control?
Zombified Articguana: That's none of your business. You can try and put the pieces together all you want, but he knows better than to reveal the plan to anybody. It's been his fault in every last battle. Besides, even if you did put everything together, you still wouldn't have a way of defeating us all on your own. The zombified effects on myself were directly applied to the Omnitrix, wilting away Serena and Bellicus from Alien X, meaning if I wanted to, I could destroy you and everyone else who could stand in our way with the snap of a finger. Or rather, as soon as my subconscious permits it.
Long Ron Silver: Well, Ben, I guess I won't be able to put the pieces together on my own. But that's perfectly fine. That blast I sent you wasn't just flames, by the way. Along with the pain of that human-sized insect's being lit on fire, a pulse was sent through your entire body, and straight down to the Omnitrix. I have full control, and moments ago, I started a call with your friends. If they're listening, they'll be sure to come to the rescue in no time.
Zombified Articguana: Oh, it looks like you've got your own devilish plan figured out all on your own, now don't you?
Long Ron Silver: Yeah, and Alien X won't counter it.
Zombified Articguana: And what makes you so sure about that?
Long Ron Silver: Because the list of friends I refer to includes your grandfather, and I know you won't get rid of him—or your girlfriend.
Zombified Articguana: Bah, so what! I don't need to get rid of them, just bring them to my side.
Long Ron Silver: But would you risk it? Your girlfriend, your grandfather, your best cousin? All of their blood replaced with that of which can never be turned to good ever again. I know you're in there, Benjamin, and you won't let this happen without a fight.
Zombified Articguana: I have full control over the mind of that hero, and he's lost now. There is only one form where his consciousness can have control, and I'm going to lock it right now. Twists the Omnitrix dial in opposite directions for a few seconds, and immediately as he hits the Omnitrix, Long Ron Silver is quick to yell, with the Ascalon held up high:
Long Ron Silver: Ascalon, pulse 18!
Zombified Articguana: It's too late for that, well, whatever "pulse 18" is.
Long Ron Silver: That stopped the carry of your command to the command center in your Omnitrix, just long enough for me to give it a new one, which will be to transform you into just the alien you wanted to lock.
Zombified Articguana: I forbid it!
Long Ron Silver: Ascalon, pulse 2512!
Omnitrix: Command lock deactivated. New command: Transformation 7 in playlist 2 activated, "Cerebrocrustacean."
Zombified Articguana: Nooooooo---

Articguana begins to play around with twisting the Omnitrix before the transformation begins. With not enough time, the transformation commences with a green glow bigger than that of any other transformation, as if the transformation had set off a bomb. As the extended transformation takes place, Kevin's car pulls up behind Long Ron Silver, running over 2 zombies heading for the car, which reduce to ash seconds after being crushed. Kevin and Gwen get out of the car, and Julie removes her Galvanic Mechamorph body from the car's bumper, where she blended in by even getting her paint changed with the upgrade. She returns to her human shape, with the Galvanic Mechamorph suit Ben originally made for her on. The three look on from in front of the car as the transformation ceases, all of them looking on in awe at the alien. Afterwards, Chelsey is seen slowly descending from the heavens in her Anodite form, her glow reducing as she returns to human, touching down on the ground with her own expression of astonishment with Ben's transformation.

Long Ron Silver: Oh, no.
Kevin: Well, we're in for it now.
Julie: But Ben would never...
Chelsey: He couldn't...He doesn't have control...
Long Ron Silver: But he does...
Kevin: Tennyson?

[Our focus turns to the transformation. Floating a few feet off the ground right in front of the portal, his body not at all wrinkly like the others, and the stars on his body brighter than ever, Alien X is the transformation in question. Even the zombies duck in cover or look on in awe in the cozy protection of the portal, with their heads sticking out to see the thing they'd never once seen before.]


Part IV

[We open beyond the broken down, once (very recently) guarded, door. Scarogus, Negative Big Chill, and Elena/Karin walk casually in through a steel-walled hallway, floor covered with what appears to be a highly flammable blue carpet. At the end of the hallway, they enter a large hollow, spherical room with a fork in the road at the entrance. At each turn, Pyronite guards in black armor similar to that of the ones worn by the previous set of guards stand protecting the paths.]

Scarogus: Shall we split up?
Negative Big Chill: It's unnecessary. "PGO" out there said we should turn left.
Scarogus: Could be a trap.
Negative Big Chill: Could be, but we shouldn't risk splitting up. Clout in numbers, you know?
Elena/Karin: You mean "power in numbers"?
Negative Big Chill: The Galvans were first to use the phrase.
Scarogus: But the rest of the galaxy uses anything else.
Negative Big Chill: Whatever, Scare.
Scarogus: And stop calling me that. I'd prefer if only my friends referred to me as such.
Negative Big Chill: Yeah, including your girlfriend Elena over there.
Scarogus and Elena/Karin (in unison): Girlfriend?!
Scarogus: This is a human we're talking about here.
Elena/Karin: He's a mummy!
Negative Big Chill: Love pulls out all the stops, you two. That's not remotely important right now. Come on.

Flies left at the fork in the road, with Scarogus and Elena/Karin reluctantly trailing behind. When Negative Big Chill gets there, he stands absolutely still.

Scarogus: What, you scared to tell why we're here?
Pyronite Guard: Maybe he knows your excuse won't work on me. Why are you three here? I didn't get any message of passersby being allowed in, especially not of (facing Scarogus) your kind.
Scarogus: You'd be wise not to ridicule me. In a few weeks, you'll be standing at the foot of the Thep Khufan army.
Pyronite Guard: Oh, now will I?
Scarogus: That's it; Albedo, sic 'em!
Negative Big Chill: So, I'm a dog now? Alright. Transforms into Negative Wildmutt, and pounces the guard like he did the guards before him, knocking him over the railing that leads to the bottom of the large sphere room.
Elena/Karin: Aren't you a good boy.

Negative Wildmutt transforms into Negative Big Chill.

Negative Big Chill: Yeah, I deserve a treat. Let's just get going. With his head going in first, he dashes ahead in the direction of a set of doors. With Scarogus on her back, Elena/Karin speeds down to the doors. Each of the 3 doors has two indicators above them, one red, one green.
Scarogus: A perfect number of doors for each of us to try.
Negative Big Chill: No. I have a faster way of doing this. Transforms into Negative Echo Echo.
Negative Echo Echo: I was going for the Splixson, but I guess the Omnitrix malfunctions have even transferred over to what I've become. Splits in three, one assigned to each door. At least he can self-duplicate.
Scarogus: What shall we do?
Negative Echo Echo (center door one): Stand out here. We just have to look into each door after they're blasted down.
Scarogus:'re a Sonorosian, aren't you? Your species are naturally a collection of sound waves, but many of you produce sonic blasts through your containment suits. Elena/Karin: Mr. Researching Thep Khufan Scarogus.
Negative Echo Echo: Pfft, I know things naturally, El--
Scarogus: Just blast the doors.
Negative Echo Echo (sighs): You might want to cover your hears.
Scarogus: I'm safe, not sure if--
Elena/Karin: The visor works to protect my hearing. Her visor drops to cover her face. Ready.

Negative Echo Echo repeats the words "Echo Echo" over and over as the blasts deal damage to the doors every few seconds. After about a minute of screaming, the doors are all knocked down. He stops and gestures Scarogus and Elena/Karin to stay where there are. Each Echo Echo then walks in alone. The sound of two being shot at and destroyed is heard. The light above the left door signals green, while the center and right door lights turn red. Negative Echo Echo emerges empty-handed.

Scarogus: Where's the crystal?
Negative Echo Echo: It's gone.
Elena/Karin: What?!
Negative Echo Echo: Yep, it's just, well, missing.
Scarogus: But who could've taken it?
Negative Echo Echo: Anyone...Scarogus and Elena/Karin bow their heads in shame. Anyone, including myself. A duplicate of him walks from behind him with a flaming crystal, much taller than Cyogen crystals, in-hand.
Elena/Karin: Albedo! Rushes over to him, falls over and hugs the short Negative Echo Echo's. This is great!
Scarogus: The mission's complete. Let's get out of here.

They stroll back to the hallway, but feet away from it, a large TV screen, at least 100 feet tall and wide, lowers from the roof. When it's in place, several Pyronite guards in sets of armor out of an assortment of colors, march out of doors from the right guard's side to observe. A headshot of the Thep Khufan Commander appears on the screen, the sound of confused chatter among the guards audible from the other side of the sphere following.

Elena/Karin: Commander?
Thep Khufan Commander (onscreen): Hello, general population of the "Nocturnal Flame."
Scarogus (to Elena/Karin and the Negative Echo Echo's holding the crystal): He knew the name of this place and didn't tell us?
Elena/Karin : No way, he said he'd never been to this place, didn't know much except that the crystal was well guarded.
Scarogus: If he knew that, he obviously kept something from us.
Thep Khufan Commander (onscreen): Once more, attention general population of the "Nocturnal Flame." My team is currently in possession of the one thing you're here to protect: the Tetragen crystal.
Scarogus: No! What is he doing?! How does he know?
Thep Khufan Commander (onscreen): Please take a moment, and turn your attention the trio of the Thep Khufan, Kineceleran, and two Sonorosians you see approaching the exit. In response, every guard on the right side of the sphere marches in position as they turn to face the team. They are in possession of the crystal and will no doubt get out of their current situation of me blowing their cover. Choose to fight them, and they will detonate the bomb located in the Thep Khufan's "pocket."
Scarogus: Wait, what? Reaches into his stomach, his hand emerging with a glowing blue sphere covered in treeroot-like wires. The sound of ticking comes from its area. Thep Khufan Commander (onscreen): Have fun, you three. Try your luck, Pyronites. If you defeat them, I will personally fund you so your security is much greater, as well as to pay for the doors my team destroyed while I watched from the camera attached to the bomb.
Scarogus: So that's how he's doing it...
Thep Khufan Commander (onscreen): Again, have fun, team. Commander, out.

The screen cracks, and the picture disappears. Everyone looks on and sees the guard that'd shot dead center at the screen.

Pyronite Guard #3 (the guard who shot the screen, facing the team): That kind of accuracy is what I'm giving you three.
Scarogus: Not unless we set this bomb off.
Pyronite Guard #3: Pfft, you weren't even aware of that being on you.
Scarogus: That doesn't mean I don't understand its circuitry.
Pyronite Guard #3: Try me. If we have a sign that you've started its timer, you can go free with that.
Scarogus: You'd make it that easy?
Pyronite Guard #3: I don't know that that's an easy task. It's a Thep Khufan bomb, you know how their intelligence doesn't at all meet that of which the creators of your technology have.
Scarogus: That may be true. For most Thep Khufans, that is.
Pyronite Guard #3: Wow, admit to defeat?
Scarogus: I said for most Thep Khufans. I'm not most Thep Khufans.
Pyronite Guard #3: Go ahead, start the clock.

Scarogus begins to analyze it, picking wires up a bit, then immediately letting go of them as they, as if each wire was a magnet, pull themselves back to the surface of the spherical bomb. After a few seconds, he realizes the rate of the ticking, starting to frantically check it for where to manually set it off or to at least defuse it.

Scarogus: It's going to blow!

Scarogus chucks it in the air, and our focus changes a bit. The sky is now visible on Pyros, and the ball lands, but not in the hands of the team or the Pyronite guards, but in the hand of a young Pyronite. They are blowing with this fake bomb, as it is a well-known child toy on Pyros. They play around a crater in the ground, when what seems to be an earthquake begins. They run from the area, leaving their ball in the crater. An explosion bursts a long hole into the surface of Pyros, revealing the inside of the Nocturnal Flame, Pyronite guards killed and lying on their stomachs or toppled on top of each other inside. The young Pyronites look inside, and an adult female Pyronite (looking similar to Gwen's young Heatblast), of course being the kids' mother, look on into the whole. She grabs her children and runs.

[As our focus prepares for shift to Downtown Bellwood once more, we zoom in on Nocturnal Flame, where near the area of the bomb's explosion area, three black marks are left on the floor, exactly where the team was standing.]

[In Downtown Bellwood, Alien X floats as he illuminates his surrounding area. Gwen, Kevin, Julie, and Chelsey step over to either side of Long Ron Silver.]

Long Ron Silver: You must be his friends.
Kevin: I'd say colleague fits best.
Gwen: Kevin, you know you two are more than that.
Julie: Just less than what you two are.
Gwen: Well, yeah. Right, Kevin?
Kevin: Yeah, sure, whatever.
Chelsey: Focus. What are we going to do now that Ben's--

Alien X puts his hand out in front of him, facing his team.

Kevin: I guess this is the end.
Julie: He wouldn't...
Kevin: It's over, and as we discussed, Gwen, it's time for that just-in-case-Ben's-taking-over-the-world mutual present.
Gwen: Not until I here what motion he's decided on. Bellicus and Serena--
Long Ron Silver: Bellicus and Serena, who are they? Ben said that he's zombified state had reduced them to nothing.
Gwen: They're the voices of aggression and reason, respectively, within--
Alien X (voice ridden of its unification with Serena, Bellicus, and Ben, leaving a brand new ominous voice nothing like Ben's own in its place): You three are...
Kevin: Here it comes...
Alien X: Looking at me? He puts his two hands up in front of his face, beginning to observe it. Umm, guys? They now look on in awe at Alien X, with him left wondering why. Guys, why are you looking at me like that? And what did that zombie bite do to my vision? Puts his hands to his sides.
Julie: B-Ben, you''re Alien X.
Alien X: What?! Impossible. Serena and Bellicus aren't in here—it's just me.
Omnitrix: Just you? The Omnitrix put me in here, and I'm the one who recycled your pals. Now restore me to your mind and your own to the Omnitrix, or to nonexistence.
Alien X: I don't know how I have perfect control over Alien X, but I know that that means no one's in the position to make demands—especially not you, whose stuck inside the Omnitrix.
Omnitrix: Detected life signature with access to Omnitrix I/O speech control. Add signature to blacklisted signatures?
Alien X: I don't know, wouldn't that kill that—that, whatever it is?
Omnitrix: Unknown.
Alien X: I don't want the benefit of the doubt. Chelsey, you think you could get whatever's inside my Omnitrix out? It's living, you know.
Gwen: Hey, I have powers, too!
Alien X: Yeah, but Chelsey has a better grip on the technological side of things.

Gwen crosses her arms and starts tapping her foot.

Alien X: But...I guess you could help her. The more mana going into this, the faster it gets out of here.
Kevin: What about us?
Alien X: Kevin, you'll just want to break it, and right now, that's not what I'm looking for. But Julie...
Julie: Hmm, what can I do?
Alien X: If Gwen and Chelsey can't break this open, grab onto the Omnitrix and try to find whatever's inside. Maybe if you can get inside the Omnitrix, you can find just where it--
Omnitrix: Level 10 hacking source detected: Mana override from Anodite source or sources. Engaging countermeasures. Gwen and Chelsey stop firing at it, and Julie tries to run to the Omnitrix, but is stopped.
Alien X: Don't. I have an idea of my own that just might work. Touches his right index finger to the Omnitrix. Motion to remove the intruder from the Omnitrix. A moment of silence. Motion...self-seconded?
Omnitrix: Intensive power surge to follow through with motion for Celestialsapien DNA request has started. Alien X glows white as he reverts to human. Transformation power drained. Allotting remaining power outside of backup reserves to follow through with the motion. The Omnitrix itself glows white, and Ben is pushed onto his back as a ray shoots the intruder out into the open. When Ben stands back up, Zombified Ben, missing the Omntrix, stands before him. Skin wrinkly and green, teeth rotten, hair messy, Zombified Ben was the messy-case scenario for Ben's life.
Zombified Ben: You don't have access to Atomhammer, which means you can't imprison me in Chronospect. Anywhere else, you know I'll escape.
Kevin: If you're anywhere near as smart as Tennyson, you're not getting out on your own. Someone's going to need to break you free.
Zombified Ben: I've got my resources, Ben, no matter where you send me. Rushes into the portal the rest of the zombies come from. On his way in, he yells to them: Everybody, in! We must close the portal!
Chelsey: We can't let them get away!
Julie: What Chelsey said!

Julie armors up, transforming into her Galvanic Mechamorph form. Kevin reaches for the paint on his car to grab some power, but instead grabs some from the ground. Gwen's hands power up, glowing magenta as her mana surrounds her fists. Chelsey becomes a full-fledged Anodite, and Ben finishes the set by becoming Streak. In the meantime, all the zombies have entered the portal but one of the lead zombies that stood next to Zombified Ben before.

Streak: STREAK! Let's do this! Throws one last portal, which stands in the way of the portal to the zombies' origin, dropping the remaining lead zombie on the floor. He stands up, and Streak transforms into Four Arms, pins him against the ground, and begins the interrogation.
Four Arms: Alright, tell me who's your boss and where the portal leads to—and more importantly, why there's a *zombie* version of me running around wherever you came from! The zombie gurgles in response. Not gonna talk, huh? Alright. Throws him in the air, catches him by his leg as he lands, and tosses him in the portal Streak created over the original. He then reverts to Streak and closes his own portal, revealing the original underlying bright white one. Let's do this, guys.

The entire team walks up around Streak, Julie, Chelsey, and Long Ron Silver taking his right, Gwen and Kevin taking his right. After a moment's thought and looking back on their world they're at risk of never seeing again, they hop into the portal.

[We open up on the opposite side of the portal, a world much like the Null Void with its red skies, but obviously featuring boundaries on the world. A couple dozen zombies remain at the entrance awaiting the lost head zombie's arrival. At that point, the entire team pops in, landing perfectly on their feet, with Chelsey perfectly hovering in.]

Streak: Sorry your boss isn't with us anymore. He's in the Null Void, just like you're about to be. Omnitrix: Streak! Throws 6 portals that land in a hexagon alignment shape around the group of zombies. Every last one of them is taken into a portal, including one who refuses to leave and ends up being split in six, one piece to each portal. Each broken piece of him is seen regenerating limbs as it is sucked into a portal. Streak snaps his fingers. That was only 24.
Kevin: What, did you count 'em, Tennyson?
Gwen: Of course he did. So did I, and he's right. There's one important one missing. Chelsey: She's right.
Julie: Who's missing?
Streak: Who else? That zombie me. I'm grateful he doesn't have a copy of the Omnitrix, but he possesses my face, or at least a very wrinkly version of it. Imagine if he gets back into the real wor--
Long Ron Silver: Ben Tennyson, would you please stop worrying about this nonsense? He's stuck here so long as the 10 Squad stands guard.
Streak: Well some of us have got to find him. How about you and Julie--
Julie: No way, Ben. After you didn't take my calls earlier, I'm coming with you.
Streak: Alright, any volunteers?
Kevin: I'll stay. If this guy isn't a knight and he works for Paradox, he's got to know something about my future, and whether I become rich and famous or something. Or rich.
Streak: do that. So, Gwen, Chelsey, Julie, and I will go.
Kevin: Oh yeah, all the ladies coming with you, Ben? Come on, Gwen, stay here.
Gwen: But I want to find out when it happens who's behind all of this, because it definitely isn't that newborn zombie.
Streak: You've got your badge on you, Gwen?
Gwen: Of course I do.
Streak (twisting his Omnitrix to the right until the hourglass shines a short-distance yellow light): There. I'll keep it on so you hear every bit of the battle that goes on as it happens. And if you find it, you should be able to watch it, too.
Gwen: Alright...She and Kevin join Long Ron Silver just in front of the portal.
Streak: So it's just Chelsey, Julie, and me. Come on, you two, before Gwen finds a reason for one of you too.

After what felt like a half-hour of walking, Ben, human now; Julie, Mechamorph suit removed; and Chelsey, no longer in Anodite form, emerge from a narrow passageway, void of any form of light except that distant bit at the end of it that they've reached, onto the highest walkable point of a diminutive mountain—a ridge. The team look down to see an observatory, with a telescope peeking out of its side, and moving.'

Ben (Julie relaxing on him with her elbow on his shoulder as he slouchily treks): I'm going to guess that's where we find whoever's behind all this.
Chelsey: I do see a few of those animated corpses from up here.
Ben: You mean zombies? And you can see them from all the way up here?
Chelsey: Well, I don't mean see them-see them, but I can senses them, and using my powers, I see silhouettes of their bodies around and even inside that observatory.
Ben: I think I know one guy who'd be responsible for this now. But he doesn't work with people, not like this at least.
Chelsey: It's probably not whoever it is. I detect a bit of alien tech on him, though. It appears to be controlling his ability to stay attached to his body.
Ben: Alright, definitely not him. He's not that beat up, and he'd never use alien tech. He builds his own stuff.
Julie: Then we better armor up.
Voice From Behind the Trio: Don't bother. I decided to climb the mountain to check on why my minions hadn't gotten back to the base, but isn't it a pleasant surprise to see you. The trio flips around.
Ben: I was right. It is you. Dr. Animo.
Dr. Animo: You bet'cha, sonny, and you're going to deal with my wrath now.
Ben: What minions? The ones that I defeated at the entrance you left in the middle of Downtown Bellwood? Smacks the Omnitrix.
Four Arms: Not your best idea. Armor up, guys. Julie dons her Mechamorph suit, and Chelsey her Anodite form. Time for a blast from the past. If there are a few guys I know have to fight you whenever we meet, it's Four Arms and Stinkfly. Now that I've got an old favorite back, soon you'll deal with him too.
Dr. Animo: Ooh, what a delight, Benjamin. But you won't be fighting me alone. Two Zombified Ben's appear at either of Dr. Animo's sides. You'll be fighting these two as well.
Four Arms: They don't have Omnitrixes, and with the right attack, they're reduced to ash, which you'll have to clean up from Bellwood after I kick your butt back to the Null Void.
Julie: Yeah, what Ben said!
Zombified Ben's (in unison): Try us, you three.
Dr. Animo: We're waiting.

Four Arms lunges at Dr. Animo, himself heading for the device on his chest in an attempt to shut down the control over the zombies, but they continue on and go after Chelsey and Julie. Chelsey immediately blasts a ray that reduces the zombie further than to ash, but to absolute nothingness scattered far from their location. Julie transforms into a motorcycle and revs circles around the zombie until it becomes dizzy from following. When she stops, she finds the zombie's arms detached, lying on the floor because it attempted to catch her but failed horribly. His arms immediately regenerate, and she turns into a toy plane, flying around its head and gunning it down. Four Arms shoves Dr. Animo down the ridge, only sending him down a short distance to distract him, not hurt him. While Dr. Animo climbs back up, Four Arms transforms into Stinkfly to help Julie out, shooting blue rays at the zombie's foot. Eventually, the collaborative effort defeats the zombie reducing him to ash. Moments later, Dr. Animo manages to get back up to the walkable peak of the diminutive mountain.

Dr. Animo: You thought you could shove me away with your alien forms? Hah! Now I unleash the truth.
Stinkfly: Oh, stop talking! Shoots Dr. Animo's head with the intention of simply blinding him for another transformation, accidentally causing sparks to fly from his well-protected brain.' Oh, no, no! I didn't mean it, I--

Dr. Animo falls over onto his back, smoke filling the air. He fans the smoke with his wings, and Chelsey shifts the remainder covering Dr. Animo's face to the side with a mana buble in front of his face. This reveals Dr. Animo's secret.

Stinkfly: Animo, you, you--

His head, originally an invisible life tank, slips out by a few golden robotic tentacles. He shocks Chelsey and Julie to a point of knocking them out, both of them reduced to their human forms, lying on their back near the edge of the ridge. He then procures two dozen new Zombified Ben copies.

Dr. Animo: My disguise may now be compromised, but now there's no more extra work going into hiding it. I can make as many clones of you, to defeat you. March over to him.
Stinkfly (flying high enough in the sky that the Ben's begin to climb on top of each other in their pitiful attempts to get him): Not going to happen. Time for a blast from the past for these poorly-made doppelgangers. Smacks the Omnitrix, and a green glow that blinds the tall stack of Zombified Ben's into toppling back onto each other on the ground appears. Dr. Animo is unaffected by the glow, his life tank sustaining the light and keeping it from blinding his physical eyes.
Ditto: Ditto!
Dr. Animo: Not that childish black-and-white nuisance!
Ditto: Hey, it takes one to know one, Animo. Splits in three, high-fiving each other immediately after each clone is created. Hey, Animo, how many Dittos does it take to stop 24 zombie versions of me?
Dr. Animo: Oh, 1,000?
Ditto (original): Oooh, so close. It takes only 3 of me to stop 24 of you! By the way, I've had a bit of practice.

The Ditto's climb on top of each other and each row of them throws the higher row over to the pile of Zombified Ben's, leading to the last Ditto running over to the pile. The Ditto's uppercut, crotch-kick, faceplant, and even hurtle the zombies over the side of the mountain as they turn them all to ash. In the end, one remains, standing absolutely still as it embraces its death.

Ditto (#1): I think we should let this guy free, what do you guys think?
Ditto (#2): I dunno.
Ditto (#3): I say we set 'im on fire.
Ditto (#1): Or better yet...
Ditto (all in unison): Set him to ash! Each one punches a separate spot on the zombie's body, causing the body to just explode into ash in the area. Boy is this going to take a lot of clean-up. Morphing back into one. Oh, would you look at the time. I think the Omnitrix is ready to time out. I'm lucky it even gave me these ten minutes to deal with you guys after the epic motion I used with Alien X. The Omnitrix begins to beep, and the hourglass turns red.
Omnitrix (Gwen's voice, over intercom): Alright, I'll see you when the Omnitrix recharges, or you get back to the entrance, Ben.
Ditto: Bye, Gwen. A red flash, and he is reverted to human. He rushes over to Dr. Animo's head's life-preservation tank, picks it up, and shakes it before interrogating it similarly to the head zombie.
Ben: Alright, Animo, what'd you do to my friend and cousin?
Dr. Animo: I have absolutely no idea what you're talking about. I never even saw them.
Ben: You just zapped them a couple minutes ago!
Dr. Animo: Oh, them?
Ben: Yes, who else?!
Dr. Animo: I thought you were referring to Gwendolyn and the juvenile delinquent.
Ben: He's 18, now, just so you know.
Dr. Animo: Whatever. Your team over there received a nice neural shock, just like the one that reduced me to having to use this to get around everywhere.
Ben: How do I save them?
Dr. Animo: You don't, it's too late.
Ben: No way, it isn't. I know you didn't just out of nowhere lose your head.
Dr. Animo: Well there were a few minutes where I could've apparently used the antidote—Wait, no, I mean--
Ben: Gimme, now, or I toss you over the mountain with your buddies. Bet it would be more fun if I went Benwolf on it you, too.
Dr. Animo: You wouldn't dare. Ben immediately gets one hand on the rim of the life tank and holds the life tank upside-down over the edge of the mountain.
Ben: You think I'm bluffing about this?
Dr. Animo: Alright, alright. A corked test tube with a green fluid pops out of a hole in the golden rim of the life tank. There. That's the antidote. Give them each about half. Ben: How do I know this isn't poison?
Dr. Animo: I swear, it's real! Ben fakes dropping the life tank, letting go and immediately catching it. Okay, OKAY! The test tube is retracted, and two, each orange, pop out of separate locations on the rim.
Ben (taking the antidotes and placing Dr. Animo upright on the ground): Thank you.

Ben opens Julie's mouth to give her the antidote, then Chelsey's. He forces them to drink it, and their eyes immediately fly open, and they stand up once more. They armor up again, but Ben holds up his hand as they do so.

Chelsey: What happened to the zombies?
Julie: And Dr. Animo?
Ben (pointing to Dr. Animo, rolling his eyes on the floor in his tank): Right there. We're safe. I took them on.
Julie: How?
Ben: Ditto's back.
Julie: You mean the cute little splitting one?
Ben: Cute? Blushes, but immediately returns to regular skin color. Umm, (fakes coughing for a bit to cover up the skin color change) Yeah, him, Ditto.

Julie and Chelsey giggle together at the sight of Ben's response, and Ben complaining about how it was nothing can be loosely overheard as we fly over to the skies in this dimension, only until it becomes desolate with the exception of the gleaming white stars, and the sole ship floating around. We're now looking at another galaxy, where the Thep Khufan Commander's ship floats.

[Inside the Thep Khufan Commander's ship, Albedo, Scarogus, and Elena enter the Commander's room. They bow upon entry, and walk over to kneel before him after the entrance is sealed off.]

Thep Khufan Commander: You retrieved the Tetragen, no doubt.
Scarogus: No thanks to you, Commander.
Thep Khufan Commander: What was that, expendable pawn?
Scarogus: You know I am more than a pawn in your "game," Commander, especially—Thep Khufan Commander: Your standing with me may very well have just been stripped. Your performance on the field last night with Operation Pyros was high, the only reason it will not be. If there is going to be insolence on my ship from you, though, you'll be shot out of it with not a piece of Cyogen or your memory left in your possession, even if I have to rip you open to get it.
Scarogus: U-u-understood, Commander.
Thep Khufan Commander: And for you two...
Albedo and Elena (in unison): Yes, Commander.
Thep Khufan Commander: Albedo, the Tetragen in my hand, now. Albedo stands, removes the Tetragen from his pocket, which albeit appearing as flaming, is merely glowing in a way that is depicted as a flame. He hands it to the Commander and returns to kneeling. It's beautiful. Places it in a containment tube adjacent to the other Cyogen crystals they had collected. You did fairly well, Albedo, but the fact that you two were so incredibly childish does belittle both you and Scarogus's performance. I may think about hiring one more member for your team if I must.
Scarogus: Please, master, no...
Thep Khufan Commander: That is my decision! And Elena!
Elena: Yes, Commander.
Thep Khufan Commander: Your performance was...fair. You were quick in your transformations and quick to handle these two, but you must understand your place. They have their right to fighting. It solely demeans them. Now, Scarogus, speak out about what happened after the bomb was detonated.
Scarogus: There is nothing to be spoken of, master. You contacted the Nocturnal Flame members, and planted a bomb on me without my knowing. I let the bomb explode, and you teleported us back.
Thep Khufan Commander: Then your healing in insolence is done, all I ask for. You may keep your Cyogen crystal. One day, maybe you three will have access to the Takion ship for whenever you'd like. Dismissed. Operation Pyros was a success. I will begin the stage of planning for the next operation. You may leave.
Scarogus, Elena, and Albedo (in unison): Thank you, Commander. The three turn around in unison, and lined up alphabetically, they exit the room through the door that opens through the Commander's own control.




  • Dr. Animo (confirmed arrested offscreen)
  • (Cloned) Zombified Ben
  • (Head) Zombies
  • Thep Khufan Commander Tersce Tenebrosi (Endgame only; continued from/conclusion of Operation Pyros)
  • Scarogus (Endgame only; continued from/conclusion of Operation Pyros)
  • Albedo (Endgame only; continued from/conclusion of Operation Pyros)
  • Elena Validus (Endgame only; continued from/conclusion of Operation Pyros)

Aliens Used (by Ben)

  • Four Arms (x3)
  • Rath
  • Swampfire
  • Ultimate Swampfire
  • Bugbite (first appearance; zombified; accidental transformation, selected was Way Big)
  • Articguana (zombified)
  • Alien X (first appearance by present Ben; accidental transformation, selected by Long Ron Silver was Brainstorm)
  • Streak
  • Stinkfly
  • Ditto (first re-appearance)

Operation Pyros Characters


  • Pyronite Gang
  • Pyronite Guards

Aliens Used

(by Albedo)

  • Negative Ghostfreak
  • Negative Spidermonkey
  • Negative Heatblast (x3)
  • Negative Goop
  • Negative Upgrade
  • Negative Rath
  • Negative Big Chill (x2)
  • Negative Wildmutt
  • Negative Echo Echo

(by Elena)


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  • At the end of Operation Pyros's second segment, Elena is using a Thep Khufan form. From the beginning of the third segment up until her transformation into Brisk, she is using the Necrofriggian again.
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