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DiaBen is an alternate version of Ben Tennyson created by RaphaLXIV.


DiaBen is an alternate counterpart of Ultimate Alien Ben, who was controlled by the Dagon after defeating Ultimate Way Big. He wears an alternate version of the Esoterica suit with a corrupted Ultimatrix on his left arm, and he also has Lucubra skin and wears the Dagon's "crown".


DiaBen has completely lost his humanity, serving as no more than a mere vessel to the Dagon's power on the Earth.


After Ultimate Way Big was defeated, the Dagon saw that Ben was also on of the most powerful creatures on that universe. As Ben wasn't wearing a protective helmet, Dagon was easily able to take over his mind. After that, he returned, still as Ben, to Gwen, Kevin and George, and started beating Vilgax until he was almost dead. Gwen shouted at him, saying that he is not like that, and then he turned his back to them with his face transformed into his current state, and said "Now I am". Dagon then murdered Vilgax, imprisoned Kevin in a rock of the ravine, turned George to dust and absorbed Gwen's power, turning her into no more than an empty husk. He then flew over the ongoing battle, and proclaimed his place as ruler of Earth.

Powers and Abilities

DiaBen is a nigh-omnipotent extradimensional "demon". As such, he neither ages nor can he be killed by conventional means.

DiaBen is able to float freely in his "natural form" and can teleport anywhere he wants.

DiaBen can control minds and can rapidly heal from seemingly any injury.


  • Corrupted Ultimatrix: it acts similar to the normal Ultimatrix. The only difference is that it transform the aliens into Lucubra versions of themselves.


DiaBen very essence is made up of power, thus making him vulnerable to having both his abilities, and himself, absorbed by another.

DiaBen's mind control can be blocked by protecting the head with certain metals, as well as mana.



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