Devolved Eye Guy
Devolved Eye Guy
General Information
Species Devolved Opticoid
Home World Sightra
Body Large Eye Ball with legs
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Shooting Beams, Limited Super Strength, Strong Legs, Super Agility
Devolved Eye Guy is the de-evolved form of Eye Guy.


Devolved Eye Guy has limited super strength, great agility and great sight. He can shoot different types of beams from his giant eye, e.g. Ice Beams, Fire Beams, Stun Beams, Sleepy Beams, Happy Beams, Strengthening Beams.


His weaknesses mainly revolve around his giant eye. If it is hit, it will explode and that will kill him. Also, he doesn't neccessarily have control over the types of beams that he shoots so he could accidently shoot an immortality beam at an enemy and they could then rule the galaxy.


He has a giant eye ball attached to two very strong legs. His eye is white with a green pupil in the middle, there are rings over his body and he wears black pants with three white stripes on each leg.

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