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Devoison is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of a Necro Aries from the planet Anur Patoll. Devoison was inspired by Black Sheep, created by Bence Szilágyi.


Devoison has the appearance of a ghost sheep, being made of purple flames, with a horned skull as his face and limbs which consist of bones. He has small green eyes and no visible mouth or nose. He has a spirit parasite on his tail and the Omnitrix symbol is located on his forehead. He also has two spiked horns on his head.

Powers and Abilities

Being made from bones and flames, he is technically invulnerable, immortal and he can't be stunted.

His flames can set basically anything on fire, although the flames are controlled by the parasite on his back, which one is very animalistic and bloodthirsty, and cannot be controlled by Ben.

With his flames he can bring dead bodies back, but they won't be truly alive, just being able to perform actions as Devoison commands, just like puppets. By removing his control over them, they will "die" again, and just like vampires, he can drain life force from other beings.

Similarly to Lucky Beat, he can manipulate probabilities, but he cannot do it on command and can only bring bad luck to others.


He is basically a walking disaster, capable of causing any kind of serious damage unwillingly to his allies due to his flames or the bad luck that he brings.

If his head is separated from the rest of his body, it will become inert, and the parasite will be no more, until the body is brought back together.




  • His name is made from the words 'Devil' and 'Poison'.

Original image by Bence:

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