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Page created by Jake Witt for fun. You can make stories with this and MAYBE credit me.

Character is based on Devlin Levin from the original Ben 10 series and speculation on an Omniverse Future timeline update.


Son of Kevin Ethan Levin and Gwendolyn Tennyson-Levin, making him 1/2 Human, 1/4 Osmosian, and 1/4 Anodite.

He wears the same clothes as his original counterpart except there’s more blue introduced. Cobalt seams on his gray hoodie and he wears blue jeans with tears at the knees.

Special Skills

1. Osmosian absorption.

1.1. Matter/Energy absorption.

1.2. DNA absorption.

2. Various Martial Arts

3. Some magic.

4. Some mechanical engineering practices.

4.1. Prone to tinkering.

5. Incredible luck.


1. Anodite Form: Boosts magic, speed, and strength but limits his Osmosian transformations.

2. Controlled Mutation.

2.1. Original Kevin 11 mutation is preferred.

2.2. Ultimate Agregore mutation is heavily frowned upon.

2.3. Can combine mutation and matter change.


1. Anodite boosted Alien Forms.

2. Osmosian matter armor.

3. Can change part or all of himself with little effort.

3.1. Anodite Steel Jetray is debatably Devlin’s most powerful form.


1. Number One target for Dr. Animo’s experiments.

2. Using too much power can either make him lose control or grow tired.

2.1. He may have access to Alien X and Way Big DNA but he can’t transform into those aliens.

3. Potentially hard to control.

4. He can’t transform or cast spells with a headache or without proper focus.

5. Very prone to mind control.

5.1. There is another alternate timeline where Charmcaster rules the world and she rides a stone vulpamancer with tatonite claws. That is Devlin, the bargaining chip keeping Kevin in line.

5.2. Dr. Animo learned about the fate of an old business partner and found out how to control insects, which resulted in Devlin avoiding insect forms around the mad doctor. If he falls prey, he becomes a Crashopper, Stinkfly, and Ball Weavel hybrid.