Devin Emet Levin was an Fifth Osmosian Plumber, partner of Max Tennyson, best friend/boyfriend/husband of Carrie Levin and is the father of Kevin Levin. After getting killed by Ragnarok, he found himself in the afterlife known as Corbenic AKA SCP-2922-C and is now a cadet for the Three Moons Initiative.

Devin Emet Levin
General Information
Species Fifth Osmosian
Home World Osmos V
Residence Osmos V (Formerly)
Hell's Kitchen, New York City, United States, Earth (Formerly)
Age Uncalculated
Affiliations Plumbers (Formerly)
Friedkin University (Formerly)
Three Moons Initiative
Occupations Plumber (Formerly)
Three Moons Initiative Cadet
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Energy Absorption & Manipulation
Matter Absorption & Manipulation
Enhanced Durability
Enhanced Reflexes
Expert Fighting Skills
Equipment Unknown
Relatives Carrie Levin (Wife)
Kevin Levin (Son)
Yet to be named brother
Unnamed Mother
Unnamed Father
Aliases Dev/Babe (Carrie)
Dad/Daddy (Kevin)
Cadet Levin (3 Moons Academy Instructors)
Alternate Counterparts Devin Levin (10-Verse)
Voice Actor Ioan Gruffudd
First Appearance Agent XI: Volume 1

Physical Appearance

Devin, in his first appearance, was seen wearing a now partially outdated Plumber Suit, presumably the one that he died in. However, due to the fact that this version of Devin was probably a dream variation of him since Kevin was the one who saw him while he was slipping in and out of consciousness and his body was trying to make sure he didn't die, it's not strictly clear if this really was Devin or just a dream mirage.

In his second, more proper appearance, he is described as follows:

"...a man wearing what looked like a rabbi's robes but without the hat. The man had peach colored skin, onyx colored eyes, and what appeared to be a pair of small bone protrusions growing from his the crown of his skull surrounded by flesh and partially covered by his obsidian hair. His robes were a dark midnight blue in color with bronze colored accents and covered his body as expected for a robe, but his shoes were more like black army boots than the holy shoes worn by rabbis, and he had no holy symbols on his person, save for a Star of David necklace..."

Background And Origins



  • Carrie Levin: Chapter 28 focuses on the nature of their romantic friendship. (A/N: Personally, this is my favorite chapter in Agent XI: Volume 1. It's very bittersweet.) The love they had was like a blend of a deep best friendship and deep romance. Think of it like the whole "falling in love with your best friend" type of love.
  • Kevin Levin: Sadly, due to dying while his child was very little, neither side truly knows the other, and while Devin did somewhat know that he'd someday be unable to come back home, he didn't want to leave his family so soon. (A/N: To those of you with military families, this fear should be very familiar to you. I've had that kind of fear show up whenever I've learned about war based history.)
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