"DEVIL RAY!" - Devil Ray

Devil Ray is the Omnimatrix V's DNA sample of an Aerophibian from Aeropela. He is Buster's second fastest alien, and a flight alien.


Devil Ray resembles a humanoid, somewhat avian creature. His body is a deep shade of red, with black stripes on his rib cage. Devil Ray's arms are long, with patagia in between them that allows him to fly. He has three fingers and three toes each, both of them long, with sickle-like features on the middle ones that act like hooks.

Devil Ray has sharp edges, that sort of work as arm blades.

Devil Ray has three lightning bolts. One from his abdomen, and two leading from his back, pointing to the Omnimatrix V. Devil Ray has a tuft of fur on his neck, with a long, sickle-like tail. He has yellow horns, with deep white eyes, and fang-like teeth.

Devil Ray's back is designed with two lightning bolts that lead to his front. The tip of his tail is black. 

He has black and white pants, that covers all except his toes.

Powers and Abilities


Devil Ray's main ability is his flight, moving faster than many other aliens. Devil Ray can maneuver with little to no flapping. He can even move faster than the speed of light.

Devil Ray s secondary ability is the power to shoot neuroshock rays, capable of stunning enemies or knocking them back. He can do this with his tail, or even his eyes.

His arm blades, and claws are sharp, like talons.


Devil Ray is very nimble, and has little to no strength abilities. He's quite a fragile alien, and can't do anything besides fly or shoot lasers. Devil Ray can be ensnared.


  • Devil Ray is based off of the iconic anime, Devilman.
    • This extends to the addition of a tail, and a potentially 'furry' neck. 
    • He sadly however, will not be doing anything involving ripping someone else's body apart.
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