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Devil-Bird-Bot is one of Howard's aliens in Howard 10: Example Force.

General Information
Species Vileuten
Home World Vurbol
Body Humanoid Toy
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Laser Eye
Fire Breath
Super Strength
Enhanced Reflexes
First Appearance Internet Malfunction


Devil-Bird-Bot, or "DB Squared", looks like a robotic devil. He has a square head that is dark red and one eye, blue wings, a red torso and a dark red cone that looks like a dress. He has no legs, so the cone is very helpful. He wears the Epictrix symbol on his back.


DB Squared can fire a laser out of his eye. With his wings, he can also fliy around. Being devil-like, he also has fire breath. He also has super-strentgh and enhanced reflexes.


If DB's lasers are fired back at him, they can damage his eye, making him unable to see. Also, if his wings are tied up, he can't fly. Because he has no legs, if he falls over, he has a really hard time getting up.