Dethrouge is a wiki-wide villain, though he is native to the Tech 10 timeline.

You may be looking for the Dethrouge from the other Tech 10 continuity.


Not much is known about Dethrouge's history, other than he was once a Pharoh of Egypt named Aranos de Pharos, and that at one time, he obtained strange armor that granted him full use of his brain, and at one point enslaved a group of Emotispecters (Fearoid's species) using mind-control devices.


Dethrouge's true appearance is unknown, due to his armor. His armor, however, is hard to miss, having the
appearance of a heavily equipped, full body skeleton, complete with a skull-like mask to boot.


Dethrouge has unlimited access to his mind, using 100% of it, allowing him to have greater intellect than even Azmuth. He can slice or impale pretty much anything with his blades, shoot balls of energy out of his claws, and can gather all his power into a huge beam from his chest orb. He is also strong enough to outpower even Rockoustic.


Dethrouge was arrogant and power craving from the start, when he was a king of Egypt. Now, however, due to his brainpwer being released all at once, instead of released slowly, like it is meant to, he has become twisted, warped, and evil beyond imagination. He has a specific goal in mind, and anyone who gets in his way he would destroy without a second thought. He believes humans are superior to all other life. In his mind, since we have the perfect planet, we evolved to be perfect. We know this to be simply not true, but he doesn't care what anyone else thinks anyways.


Dethrouge has no real weaknesses, aside from possibly his arrogance.

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