Deta is the physically bonded Galvanic Mechamorph of the Omnimatrix V. He is an important piece of the Buster and Cannon series, being one of the main driving forces of the series.


Deta is very enthusiastic about his job. While others worry, he remains the most chipper about some of the things happening around him. He tries to encourage Buster and Cannon to be great. While he is somewhat wacky, he does care a lot of them. Deta holds a great respect for the two's grandfather, Drew Maxwell. He will not stand by and watch someone insult them.

Deta does not like the term "parasite". H


Deta resembles a mostly black and white Galvanic Mechamorph. He has long hands and arms, with a face that has circuitry lines on it. He has one green eye within his face, and has mostly white stubs for legs. Deta's chest is a mix of white on the inside, with black on the outsider. The rest of his back is black.


  • Deta is based off of an old character.
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