General Information
Species Unknown
Home World Unknown
Body Multi-Limbed Humanoid
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Self Detonation
Rolling Attack
First Appearance Midweek Madness

Destructorb is an alien from Tech 10: Rebooted.


Destructorb's abilities include:

  • Self Detonation
    • Destructorb can detonate his own body to create explosions that vary in size depending on how long he charges the detonation.
  • Regeneration
    • Destructorb's body will swiftly regenerate after detonation, returning it to its normal state. This post-detonation regeneration will also rid Destructorb of any injuries gained before the detonation.
  • Rolling Attack
    • Destructorb can roll his body into a sphere and launch himself towards an opponent to knock them off-balance.


Destructorb is a 4-foot, four-armed alien with a small, ball-shaped torso, no head, and two legs. He has a gray and yellow color scheme, with the explosive orbs on his arms glowing an orange-red.


Destructorb's charging sequence leaves him open to attack. In addition, the larger his explosion, the longer it takes for him to regenerate.

Planet and Species Information

Destructorb's species and planet have never been successfully studied, so there is very little information about them. Why hasn't there been any successful study?

Well, the official statement from the Association for Interplanetary Research and Exploration (A.I.R.E.) is not currently available, thanks to multiple paperwork issues.

However, one scientist that attempted to visit the planet, when asked about it, proceeded to speculate, loudly and at length, on the planet's heritage, its relation to a female canine, and its eternal destiny, all while waving his arms about with his fingers forming a sign typically considered quite rude.

Yay science!


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