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Destroyer is a Heresian from the planet Harisia in The Omni-Knights and Simien 10: Blood Monkey.

General Information
Species Heresian
Home World Harisia
Body Large Humanoid
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Giant Size
Enhanced Strength
Enhanced Durability
Vacuum Creation
Matter Absorption
Self Duplication
Enhanced Regeneration
Energy Blasts
Enhanced Speed
Users Zyrokks Cripton
Paul Gentragon
Series Simien 10: Blood Monkey
The Omni-Knights
First Appearance All Falls Down


Destroyer is a massive blue 15 meter (about 50 feet) tall alien, with three glowing blue eyes on his otherwise featureless face. Destroyer has two massive funnels protruding from his back.

Destroyer has two massive fins on each of his arms. His hands consist of three long blue fingers and a funnel at their end.

Destroyer has a large suction circle on his chest, with a black center with the Omnitrix symbol in its center.

In Blood Monkey, Destroyer's typing quirk is constant all caps and bold speech. Additionally, "important" words in his sentences are highlighted using brackets.

Powers and Abilities

  • Giant Size
  • Enhanced Strength
  • Enhanced Durability

Destroyer is about 15 meters tall, which also grants him enhanced strength and durability.

  • Vacuum Creation
    • Matter Absorption

Destroyer can create a massive vacuum from either the funnels on his hands or his chest circle, through which he can absorb all matter flying through, destroying and consuming it, for use with his other abilities.

  • Self Duplication

Once he has consumed enough matter, Destroyer can duplicate himself by building a copy of himself with his chest circle. During this process his funnels release fumes, which can potentially be used offensively as well.

  • Enhanced Regeneration

Destroyer can use his consumed matter to quickly regenerate back lost chunks of his body.

  • Energy Blasts

Destroyer can fire energy blasts from his eyes after consuming enough matter.

  • Enhanced Speed

Destroyer also possesses super speed, allowing him to move faster than the human eye can see.


Most of Destroyer's abilities require consuming matter, leaving him relatively weaker if he does not consume enough matter before a fight. Blocking either his hand or chest suction can prevent him from consuming matter as well.

Destroyer's clone require a lot of matter to create, due to Destroyer's massive size.

Blocking Destroyer's back funnels can block his self duplication or other abilities, and cause him to choke to death. Destroyer's size makes it problematic for him to go through certain areas or pass through areas subtly.


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