Destramonium ReCI
General Information
Species Hakaino Tsuyosa
Home World Shinotochi
Body Four-Armed Humanoid
Alternate Counterparts Destramonium
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Enhanced Strength
Eye of Rage
Violence Empowerment
Equipment Chest Brace
Ornamental Helmet
Gold Bands
Dual Pyronaut Blades
First Appearance Fatal Light: Part 1
Destramonium is an alien from Tech 10: Rebooted.

You may be looking for the Destramonium from the original Tech 10 continuity.


Destramonium's abilities include:

  • Super Strength
  • Enhanced Durability
  • Eye of Rage
    • The 'Eye of Rage' is an ability stemming from the Eye Gem on Destramonium's forehead. When the gem is active, Destramonium's speed increases exponentially, giving his punches even more devastating potential. While this ability was formerly considered to be a physical boost of some kind, recent research has discovered the speed increase to be the result of a personal temporal dissonance field generated by the gem, which allows Destramonium to simply move faster through time.
  • Violence Empowerment
    • The more brutal and violent a fight gets, the more Destramonium's strength and durability will increase.


Destramonium is a nine-foot humanoid alien with reddish skin, four arms, four horns, and a large red gem resembling an eye in the middle of his forehead. He wears gold braces on his wrists, shoulders, and ankles, an ornamental red and gold helmet, a red skull-shaped chest brace with gold straps, and a black jumpsuit across the majority of his body. The SpecTrix symbol is on his chest brace.


As implied by the name, use of the "Eye of Rage" ability sends Destramonium into a blind rage where he is just as liable to attack an ally as much as an enemy.

Planet and Species Information

Destramonium is a Hakaino Tsuyosa from the planet Shinotochi. The Hakaino Tsuyosa are very territorial, defending their property with alarming ferocity. Somewhat in contrast to this behaviour, they also tend to be very social, gathering together in large groups to exchange stories, goods, and information. They have a strong sense of honor, integrity, and loyalty, fiercely protecting their friends and loved ones to the bitter end.

Shinotochi is by no means a very pleasant place to be, considering all the active volcanoes spewing ash into the air and constant storms surrounding the planet. In spite of these harsh conditions, many forms of life have developed and prospered, giving the planet an unexpected sense of liveliness.



  • Destramonium's appearance and abilities are based on the Hindu goddess Kali, who is most famously known as the deity of Destruction and Time.
    • Most notably, Destramonium's chest brace is based on Kali's garland of human heads.
  • "Hakaino Tsuyosa" is a corruption of "hakai no tsuyosa", which roughly translates to "the destructive strength" in Japanese.
    • Likewise, "Shinotochi" is a corruption of "shi no tochi", which roughly translates to "the city land" because I thought that was hilarious at the time for some reason.

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