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Destination: St. Soritz
General Information
Original broadcast February 21, 2020
Season 2
Episode number 14
Overall episode number 34
Written by Ebomnitrix, Kakapokid5 & TranswiththePlans
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Destination: St. Soritz is the thirty fourth episode of E-10: Horizons.


Lieutenant Steel sends Ethan and Maria to St. Moritz, where he believes he can defeat the Teotls with the Blue Rose Stone!


[The scene shifted to that next morning at Ethan’s house. We cut inside to the living room, where noise was made outside a bedroom door.]

Alice: Ethan, I said no.

Ethan: Come on Alice, please!

Alice: No! [Laughing]

Ethan: Hey, you told me that song was for me!

Alice: Yeah, but I’m not going to put my song out on iTunes.

Ethan: But you have such an amazing singing voice!

[The door opened as Ethan and Alice walked out of the bedroom laughing as Ethan was clinging onto Alice.]

Alice: Ethan!

Misinterpreted Information (Ep 34, Awkward Moment)

[They stopped to notice Maria was sitting on the couch while holding a cup of coffee. She raised her mug, smirking.]

Maria: Good morning.

Ethan: Um. [Clears throat.]

Alice: Hey. Did we keep you up last night?

Maria: Nah. But I’m glad to see you two finally made up.

Ethan: We sure did. [Nudges Alice]

Alice: Ethan! [Turns to Maria] Just so you know, we didn’t do anything like that last night.

Maria: No I know, otherwise I would’ve heard you two go at it like animals, and there wouldn’t have been so much talking. You know these walls aren’t entirely soundproof.

[Ethan and Alice’s face turned red. The song shifted.]

Thank Goodness (E-10 Cut, Ep 34)

Maria: Anyway, I’m going to finish packing my bags. [Walks off] I’m setting up a new bodyguard for you.

Ethan: What, why?!

Maria: [Stops, Turns around] Well, you didn’t think I was just going to continue being my ex’s bodyguard, did you?

Ethan: Well…

Maria: Look, I just think it’s for the best for both of us to move on with our lives. [Walks away] Besides, you’ll be fine.

[Ethan looked down, while Alice pressed her hand on his shoulder to comfort him.]

Ethan: Uh-huh.

[Lieutenant Steel walked inside from the front door. The song shifted.]

Tough Call, Ep 34

Lieutenant Steel: Good, you’re both here!

Alice: Lieutenant?

Lieutenant Steel: Ethan, Maria. I need you two for a mission.

Alice: Just them?

Lieutenant Steel: Sorry, kid. We didn’t feel the need to bring GLEE in right now after everything that happened. For now I just need Ethan and his bodyguard. Speaking of which, you two suit up and meet me outside in 10 minutes.

Maria: Will do.

Alice: But…

Ethan: It’ll be fine, Alice. I promise, I’ll come back to you safe and sound.

Alice: You better.

Ethan: [Turns back] What is it, Lieutenant?

Lieutenant Steel: We may have found something that might be able to stop the Teotls once and for all.

[This lead Ethan, Maria and Alice to have shocked looks on their faces.]

OP 2:

E-10 OP 2 - Catch The Moment - Lisa
To Adventure & The Jingle Through Horizon (Ep 34)

[The scene shifted to an SACT aircraft flying through the clouds.]

Ethan: Oh man, this is so exciting! I’ve always wanted to go out of the country.

Maria: You just went to the Amazon 6 months ago.

Ethan: I know, but still! This is so exciting! So where are we going? It’s gotta be somewhere big if we’re going to kick those alien gods’ butts!

Lieutenant Steel: We’re going to St. Moritz, a mountain just up the Himalayas.

Ethan: Aw, man! Just when I finally got away from all the snow.

Lieutenant Steel: Well, you’re going to have much more fun in it with where you’re going.

[Ethan sighed.]

Maria: So why are we going to the Himalayas?

Lieutenant Steel: I’ll explain it to you when we’re there.

[Slight pause.]

Lieutenant Steel: We’re here.

[The airship moved down from the clouds to a view of the mountains. We cut to the ship landing outside a ski resort. The scene shifted to Ethan, Maria were wearing sweaters and gear as they stood above a balcony.]

Maria: You know, I never pictured Lieutenant Steel being the ski resort kind of person.

Ethan: Right? I wonder why he has us up here. Must be for a good reason.

[Lieutenant Steel stepped outside. A few other operatives were standing next to him dressed in sweaters and gear.]

Lieutenant Steel: I’d like you two to meet Lance Shwortz. He’s an operative who lives down here who said he’s willing to help us out.

[He stood out wearing a gray sweater and had long black hair sticking out. He also had sideburns and a goatee.]

Lance: The pleasure is mine.

Lieutenant Steel: This is also Deputive Reiny from Colonel Rozum’s department.

Deputive Reiny: Yo. [Folds arms.]

Lieutenant Steel: And this is Galena, a Fulmini I’ve been training along with some other new recruits. I invited them along with me in case we needed the extra firepower.

Galena: What up!

Ethan: Cool! I wonder if I can turn into one of those.

Galena: Uh? Thanks? [Scratches head.]

Maria: I wonder how she passed the civilians.

Galena: [Waves out a familiar looking mask.] ID Mask.

Lieutenant Steel: I brought you all down here for a reason. I want you to take a look at the mansion straight up ahead.

Maria: A mansion?

[Ethan grabbed his phone and tried zooming in with his camera to spot the mansion.]

Ethan: Oh! I see it!

Lieutenant Steel: I was going to bring out my binoculars, but I guess that works too. Lance and his team have detected some alien activity coming from the mansion. According to their readings, it gives off the same energy as the artifacts we were scavenging for. Once we dug into Nichola’s research, we found a gem called the Blue Rose Stone.

[Lieutenant Steel showed a picture of the stone to the group, revealing to be a blue gemstone wrapped in chains.]

Lieutenant Steel: This item can seal any being inside and forbid them from ever being released again, and that includes aliens.

Maria: [Hands him back the picture] And you think this can stop them, how?

Lieutenant Steel: Because, if we can distract them long enough this should be able to contain them for good. If my hunch is correct, this might be our one chance to stop the Teotls before they can create any potential disasters.

Ethan: Alright, then let’s get moving.

Lieutenant Steel: Not yet. We need to use the element of surprise and strike when nobody’s expecting it. Meaning, we’ll have to strike at nightfall.

Ethan: But, don’t they just get stronger at night?

Lieutenant Steel: What?! Where’d you hear that from?

Ethan: Well I’m just assuming, usually super powerful bad guys get stronger at night. I don’t know. [Shrugs]

[Lieutenant Steel groaned and rubbed his eyebrows.]

Lieutenant Steel: We move out at night. No exceptions. I’ll meet you all outside the hotel at 5 o'clock sharp. Until then, get plenty of rest.

[The song ended. Lieutenant Steel and the other soldiers walked back inside as Ethan and Maria chilled back by the balcony.]

Ethan: Is he like? Expecting us to sleep?

Maria: Most likely.

[Ethan and Maria turned back to stare at the view from the balcony.]

Everyone Are Friends (E-10 Cut, Ep 34)

Ethan: I don’t know, I think it’s hard to sleep due to the view out here. You gotta admit, it’s pretty incredible.

Maria: Yeah, I might come back here some time. I don’t know. But, we do need to talk about your replacement.

Ethan: Come on, I don’t need a new bodyguard, I got you.

Maria: Ethan, I can’t stay.

Ethan: Why? I know things are a bit weird right now, but I’m sure if we try to settle things, we can make everything go back to normal.

Maria: It’s not that easy. Do you realize how different things are? You and I confessed our issues and feelings to each other. Then suddenly we go out for a few months and you decide to go off and date Alice.

Ethan: You said you were okay with it!

Maria: Well, I’m not. I saw how you were miserable without her so that’s why we broke it off. Even if things hadn’t worked out between you and Alice, I couldn’t just stick around after that, because then any of our feelings wouldn’t be real toward each other.

Ethan: Maria, we’re still friends, I still care a lot about you.

Maria: I do too, which is why I can’t be your bodyguard after this. I’m sorry.

[Maria left the balcony as Ethan watched her walk away with a depressed look on his face. The song ended. The scene shifted to a few blocks away from the hotel at night, where the SACT soldiers and the group were walking down the snowy hill as a blizzard was blowing at them.]

Ethan: I-I’m s-s-s-so c-c-cold…

Lance: Don’t look at me, I’m not holding you for warmth.

Maria: How-w much farther-er do we have to go?

Lieutenant Steel: I-it should just be two more miles down th-th-that way.

Galena: I’m so cold… I can barely light the way...

E-10 Transformation (Short) 2

Ethan: Screw this!

[Ethan tapped the button from the Omnitrix and popped up the core. He slammed down and transformed into Heatblast in a green light. Heatblast walked up to the front, and raised his index finger in the air, with a flame popping out. Everybody else walked up toward Heatblast and followed him. The song ended. ]

Heatblast: Oh, so now people want to be close to me.

[The scene shifted to the group eventually making it towards the mansion. The mansion had looked old fashioned and was revealed to have three floors.]

Lieutenant Steel: Is this the place?

Lance: Indeed. My radar is detecting a lot of energy spiking from all over the area.

Deputive Reiny: [Cocks gun] Then we better not hesitate.

Maria: Your move, Ethan.

[Heatblast tapped the Omnitrix symbol, and we cut to the inside where the door went flying across the room. Four Arms walked inside with the others jumping in with their weapons raised.]

Gods Among Us with Four Fists and Chase! (Ep 34)

Four Arms: Hah! And all it took was one hand to break down that door!

Maria: Nobody’s here. I thought you said...?

Lance: They must’ve left here not too long ago. Which means we better take this opportunity while we can.

Lieutenant Steel: Everybody scatter.

[The six scattered around the area as they searched throughout the room, while Lieutenant Steel and Deputive Reiny left the room. Maria looked through a bookshelf to find nothing. Lance looked under a table to find nothing. He heard an explosion go off and stood up to find Galena accidentally destroying an old TV set.]

Galena: Sorry.

[Four Arms searched through a desk and pulled out drawers to find only books.]

Four Arms: There’s nothing but old junk in here.

Lieutenant Steel: I just checked the basement. Nothing.

Deputive Reiny: Nothing in the dining hall or kitchen either. Just old food, yuck.

Maria: Don’t tell me we just walked all the way here for nothing.

(Voice): Oh, but you did.

[The group looked up to see Tlaloc waiting from the third floor as he was hanging from against the rails. The SACT Soldiers raised their weapons, aiming for Tlaloc.]

Tlaloc: I’m afraid to inform you that the artifact you’re looking for isn’t here. What are you doing here in my mansion?

Maria: Your mansion?

Tlaloc: Well, everybody’s gotta have a place to live after all.

Lieutenant Steel: Where’s the Blue Rose Stone?!

Tlaloc: It’d be pointless to tell you where the gem is, but if you must know, we threw it out. It’s probably hiding in the snow somewhere, I don’t know. You know, I don’t feel like fighting you today, but I’m afraid I can’t let you out of here alive. So I’ll have my henchman do the work. [Snaps]

[A group of black and dead arms reached out from the ground. Maria, Galena and Lance each screamed as a group of zombies were raised out. They went charging towards the group.]

Four Arms: Finally, a good work out!

[Four Arms began punching through the zombies. He grabbed some and threw them out. We cut to Maria blasting them with explosive blasts, and they threw them back. Lieutenant Steel began shooting them with his pistols, creating holes in their zombies heads and throwing them back. Lance and Deputive Reiny stood back to back as they each shot a bunch of zombies into the ground. An SACT soldier grabbed a grenade. He bit off the trigger and threw it. It created an explosion, throwing more of them back. Tlaloc yawned as he turned over to see Galena preparing for her attack.]

Galena: You’re in for a shock!

[Galena unleashed a blue energy blast and many of the zombies back. We cut to upstairs where we heard the zombies screech as Huitzilo and Tezca walked over to Tlaloc.]

Huitzilo: What is all this racket, Tlaloc?

Tezca: Yeah, can’t we have our beauty sleep?

Tlaloc: It’s the changeling from before, and he’s brought some friends with him too.

Tezca: Oooh! Can I do something?

Tlaloc: No, that would not be necessary.

[We cut to Four Arms, who grabbed two of the zombies heads and crushed them into each other, it created a small gush of blood as they dropped to the ground. Four Arms looked up to see Huitzilo and a trigger happy Tezca watching from above.]

Four Arms: Oh great, the whole gang’s here.

Huitzilo: So, why are they here?

Tlaloc: They’re after the Blue Rose Stone.

Huitzilo: Hm, Tlaloc, would you mind going after it for me? I’m going to catch what the Terrans call “their Z’s”.

Tlaloc: Alright. [Flies off]

Tezca: What about the intruders?

Huizilo: If they decide to be a bother, we’ll handle them personally.

[Four Arms looked up to see Tlaloc flying in the air, reaching towards the door.]

Four Arms: Oh no, you’re not getting away that easily!

[Four Arms tapped the Omnitrix symbol and switched into AmpFibian.]

AmpFibian: GET BACK HERE! [Flies off]

Maria: Ethan, wait!

[AmpFibian was already gone. We cut to outside where Tlaloc was flying down the hill. He noticed a blue energy blast went flying toward him, then dodged the attack. Tlaloc turned around to see AmpFibian was chasing after him.]

AmpFibian: Where do you think you’re going?!

Tlaloc: I’m grabbing the gemstone, of course. While I don’t need it, my friend Huitzilo does, and using it to obliterate your friends in front of you would only be such a delight!

AmpFibian: Oh yeah? Well, I’m gonna beat you to it first, and then I’ll give you some of my amps! Like this! Amp-Amp!

[AmpFibian launched a few emp blasts and Tlaloc dodged the attacks. Tlaloc created a gush of water and it froze AmpFibian’s entire body. AmpFibian swiftly broke free through an electrical blast, then charged back toward Tlaloc. The Omnitrix began beeping and flashing red.]

AmpFibian: Oh, man! Not now!

[AmpFibian transformed back in a red light and Ethan went flying back into the snow, with his face covered. Ethan looked up to see Tlaloc flying away.]

Tlaloc: Stay back if you know what’s good for you.

[The song ended. Ethan groaned, then turned the Omnitrix dial and activated the comm. Link.]

Ethan: Tlaloc got away. How’s everybody doing?

[We cut back to inside the mansion where zombie corpses were lying on the ground.]

Lieutenant Steel: We’re fine. We finished off most of the zombies.

Then the Ortus - (Ep 34, E-10 Cut)

Maria: Ethan, what the hell do you think you’re doing? You’re not supposed to ditch me in the middle of a mission!

Ethan (comm): [Mocking voice] But you said you weren’t my bodyguard anymore.

Maria: That doesn’t mean… [Groans]

Lieutenant Steel: Go meet up with Ethan, we’ll handle the Teotls from here.

Maria: Bad idea.

Ethan (comm): You don’t know how crazy and powerful these gods are. They’ll end up killing you guys before we can grab the Blue Rose Stone.

Lieutenant Steel: Don’t worry, I’ve got something here that can distract them long enough before you get here. Steel, out. [Ends call. Turns to Maria] Take this.

[Lieutenant Steel handed Maria a picture of the gem. Maria placed it in her pocket.]

Lieutenant Steel: Now go.

[Maria nodded and ran out the door.]

SACT Soldier: You sure that’s a good idea, Lieutenant?

Lieutenant Steel: It’s the best we can make do with for now. Now soldiers, move out!

[The scene shifted to Ethan walking down the snow-covered hill as he placed his hands in his pockets.]

Ethan: Aw man. Why did I have to put myself in this position? I should’ve used Heatblast to create a torch or something. At least then I would’ve been able to keep myself warm.

[Ethan looked up at the clear night sky as stars sparkled above him.]

Ethan: Well, at least it looks very pretty toni-

[The song shifted.]

Cliffed Commercial

[Ethan tripped over and fell off a cliff as he screamed at the top of his lungs.]

Falling From Impending Doom!

[Ethan continued to scream until his arm grabbed onto an icy branch with both arms. Ethan tried to grab onto a ledge with his other arm but had struggled to grab it until he eventually did. Ethan looked down for a moment as the scene zoomed out, revealing he was surrounded by a ravine. Ethan turned over to his Omnitrix to notice the core was still in the red. The song ended.]

Ethan: Whenever you’re ready, Big O. I could really use you right now…

The Echoing Distraction & Hard as Steel (Ep 34)

[The scene shifted back inside the mansion as Lieutenant Steel, Lance, Deputive Reiny, Galena and the other soldiers were walking down a hallway. Galena was leading the way as they eventually made it to a close doorway.]

Galena: Do I?

[Lieutenant Steel nodded. Galena turned over to the doorway and busted the door down with a blue electrical blast. They entered a dark room, where they found Tezca lounging on his bed, waiting for him.]

Tezca: Ah, I see you’ve come to disturb my “beauty sleep”. [He looks at them for a moment, then breaks out laughing.] Hah! Kidding! You know I was practically waiting for you to show up. Now you’ve just made my restlessness all the more worth it!

[Lieutenant Steel fired at Tezca. To Tezca’s surprise, the bullet missed him and broke his lamp. The lamp fell to the ground, shattering the light bulb and breaking the lamp.]

Lieutenant Steel: That was only a warning shot. Now tell us where the Blue Rose Stone is!

Tezca: You think I would know? I have no idea where Hutizilo and Tlaloc keep all their precious stuff. I’m only just a lacky. [Flies in the air] Only here to serve, mess around and have some fun. Speaking of which, I think it’s time to have some fun!

[Tezca raised up his arms as his hands sparked with electricity.]

Huitzilo: Enough!

[We cut to Hutizilo stepping out from the bookshelf and walked toward them.]

Huitzilo: Tezcatlipoca, what are you doing in my bedroom?!

Tezca: Well, my toilet was clogged so I thought I’d go ahead and use your bathroom.

Huitzilo: Ah, I see. Anyway, It’d be pointless if we were to strike them all at once. If you really want to delight yourself with activities, then I suggest we arrange something for our friends first.

[Huitzilo snapped his fingers as a swarm of hummingbirds appeared from behind Huitzilo as they floated towards the SACT. The swarm surrounded many of the soldiers as they began attacking them.]

SACT Soldier: Gah! Get these things off of us!

[The swarm began pecking and eating other soldiers alive, as they screamed from the top of their lungs. Galena charged herself up with electricity and created a blue energy burst sending the hummingbirds back. Galena created an energy dome around the group and the exit.]

Galena: I’ll buy you some time! Go, get out of here!

Lieutenant Steel: No we need to-

[Lieutenant Steel took a glance in the room and noticed a certain sheet of paper inside laying nearby the bookshelf. Lieutenant Steel turned back to Galena and nodded.]

Lieutenant Steel: I mean… right. Let’s go!

[The remaining soldiers, Lance, Deputive Reiny stood up as they and Lieutenant Steel ran towards the exit of the room. Galena waited until everyone had left and then ran out to escape.]

Tezca: Should we go after them?

Huitzilo: No. They have nowhere left to run. Especially from me.

[We cut to the hallway where the remaining small group of SACT soldiers and everyone else and met up as they each caught their breath. A couple soldiers held onto their bleeding wounds, while others were trying to strap it for them.]

Lieutenant Steel: We’ve got to get back in there.

Deputive Reiny: You’re crazy, Lieutenant! Those birds will eat us alive in there.

Lieutenant Steel: Not as long as we have Galena with us. If she could keep using those energy domes, we shouldn’t have to risk losing anymore men.

Galena: Uh, you realize there’s a lightning god in there, right?! What if they try to absorb all my energy?! What then!

Lieutenant Steel: We’ll cross that bridge when it comes to it.

Lance: Lieutenant, why do you insist we go back in there?

Lieutenant Steel: Because, I noticed there’s something in there that can benefit us for the mission.

[The song ended. The scene shifted to Maria as she was searching for him through the snow.]

Maria: Ethan! Ethan! [Shivers] Come on Ethan, where are you?

Ethan: Maria?!

Maria: Ethan? Where are you at?!

[Maria almost tripped over, but caught herself from falling.]

Maria: GAH?!

[We cut down to Ethan still hanging from the branch.]

Don't Cry & The Event of Horizon! (Ep 34)

Ethan: Down here.

Maria: What are you doing down there?!

Ethan: Oh, just hanging around.

Maria: Well transform and get out of there!

Ethan: [Obnoxious Smirk] Can’t, I got timed out again. [Raises Omnitrix]

[The branch began to snap as Ethan hung on as hard as he could.]

Maria: Here, climb up and I’ll give you my hand.

[Maria raised her hand down. Ethan grabbed onto the pillars again and tried to climb up. He raised one arm over the other. His foot slipped until he reached on again. Ethan struggled to climb up.]

Ethan: You know, there’s a reason why I didn’t climb up this before.

Maria: Yeah, yeah, excuses! Now get over here!

[Ethan climbed up again and almost slipped. He tried reaching his hand up and both his feet slipped over the ice, which made Ethan let go of the pillars as he nearly screamed. Maria grabbed Ethan’s hand in time, holding onto him with all her might.]

Maria: I’ve gotcha!

[Maria pulled Ethan up as he tried reaching the rest of the way until he made it to the top and the two collapsed to the ground, on their knees as they took deep breaths.]

Ethan: Man, that was close. I swore, I thought I was going to die down there for a sec-

Maria: You idiot!

[Maria punched Ethan.]

Ethan: Gah! What was that for?!

Maria: What were you thinking, going off on your own!

Ethan: You said you didn’t wanna be my-

Maria: I don’t care! It’s still dangerous to be out here by yourself! If something were to happen to you, I’d never forgive myself.

[Maria broke down into tears.]

Maria: You think it’s been easy for me to be okay with this? Well it’s not, okay! That’s why I don’t want to stick around watching you risk your life everyday. I’ve already lost you to Alice, I don’t even want to think about you losing you to the Teotls or some any other foe.

[Maria wiped her tears as Ethan hesitated for a moment. Ethan took a deep breath, stood back up and smiled. Ethan raised out to give Maria his hand.]

Ethan: You won’t. After all, you’re here aren’t ya, bodyguard?

[Maria smiled and accepted his hand as she stood back up.]

Maria: You’re a pain in the ass, you know that.

Ethan: Yeah, yeah, and you’re a bitch and a half too.

Maria: So, where to next?

Ethan: Well, if we’re going to make it to the other side, we’re gonna have to climb down.

[The Omnitrix activated.]

Maria: I don’t think we need to.

[Maria was looking up the hill, Ethan turned over to the direction he was looking at and smiled. We cut to a diamond bridge being made covering the cliff. We shift to up the hill with Diamondhead finished with a diamond sled. The two sat in.]

Diamondhead: Ready?

Maria: All set.

Diamondhead: Good! ‘Cuz This is going to be awesome!

[Diamondhead created blades and gave themselves a push. The sled went flying down the hill as the two cheered.]

Maria: Woo-hoo!

Diamondhead: Yeah!

[They were reaching towards the bridge.]

Maria: We’re heading toward the bridge, but we’re slowing down!

Diamondhead: Then I better give us an extra kick!

[Diamondhead stretched his arms out and fired shards from behind to increase their speed. The two cheered and made it across the bridge.]

Maria: [Turned to Ethan.] We made it!

Diamondhead: Uh, don’t cheer yet.

[Maria turned around, as she noticed they were headed for another cliff]

Maria: Aw, damn it.

[They went flying down the ravine as they screamed from the top of their lungs. The two hung onto their sled as tight as they could. It eventually reached down and landed in a pile of snow. Maria and Diamondhead popped their heads out, leading for Maria to laugh and the same going to Diamondhead. We cut to the two stepping out of the snow, brushing it off their winter wear. The song ended.]

Maria: Now we've made it.

Diamondhead: And whaddya know, I see something shiny up ahead!

Maria: What?

[Diamondhead created a diamond pillar and grabbed a shiny blue stone up ahead. He raised the pillar down.]

Maria: Wait, is that?

Diamondhead: The Blue Rose Stone! It looks just like gemstone in Lieutenant Steel’s picture.

[Maria compared the picture to the stone, which managed to resemble each other.]

Maria: It does! We did it, Ethan! We found the Blue Rose Stone!

(Voice): I believe you found it for me.

[The voice surprised Diamondhead and Maria and they looked over to see Tlaloc was floating above him. Tlaloc reached his arm out as he raised his hand toward the artifact.]

Emerald Splash!

Diamondhead: Oh, no you don’t!

[Diamondhead weaponized his arms and fired shards at Tlaloc. Tlaloc noticed this, and swirled around to dodge the attack.]

Diamondhead: What’s the matter? Can’t handle some of my Emerald Splash?!

Tlaloc: No, I just can’t handle peasants touching me! Now here’s my splash!

[Tlaloc blasted a geyser of water at Diamondhead, sending him backwards.]

Maria: Ethan!

[Tlaloc pushed Maria aside and held the gemstone in his hand.]

Tlaloc: I’ll be taking that!

[Tlaloc flew up back into the air as Maria helped Diamondhead back up.]

Maria: We need to follow him.

Diamondhead: Right!

[Diamondhead raised his arms down and created another pillar, reaching them back towards the top.]

Diamondhead: I guess I have an elevated opinion of myself!

[We cut back to the mansion where Lieutenant Steel prepared his tachyon cannon and cocks it.]

Lieutenant Steel: Ready?

Jokes on the Teotls! (Main Teotls Theme)

[The other soldiers nodded. They stormed back into the room and constantly fired their weapons at the room around the room. Huitzilo and Tezca took notice and were constantly getting shot by the weapons, screaming from the top of their lungs.]

Tezca: GAH! Help me! Oh my god, I’m dying!

Huitzilo: Gaaahhhh!

Tezca: Help! Oh, the Teotl-anity! Ooohhh!

[Lieutenant Steel gave them the signal and they stopped firing. Tezca and Huitzilo were lying on the ground, seemingly dead, but then they popped back up as if nothing happened.]

Huitzilo: You’re right, that was fun.

Tezca: I told you, brother!

[Lieutenant Steel smirked and gave them another signal.]

Lieutenant Steel: Now!

[Galena prepared her energy sucking device and sucked up the energy from Tezca and Huitizlo.]

Huitzilo: What in Ometecuhtli’s name is that?!

Tezca: What the hell?!

[Hutizilo and Tezca were being sucked up into the device and were eventually trapped into Galena’s vacuum.]

Galena: There, that oughta hold them!

Lieutenant Steel: Good.

[Lieutenant Steel went to their bookshelf and grabbed a piece of paper, then slipped it into his pocket.]

Lieutenant Steel: Now let’s go meet back with the others and get out of here.

[The vacuum suddenly shook to their surprise and exploded. Tezca and Huitzilo formed back into shape as they were floating above them unharmed.]


[Tezca absorbed Galena’s energy out of her body. She screamed from the top of her lungs then pieces of rubble fell to the ground.]

Lieutenant Steel: Galena!

Huitzilo: My turn.

[Huitzilo snapped his fingers; suddenly, a strong updraft of air ripped off the roof of the building like it was nothing.]

Tlaloc: What the hell is going on in there?!

[Tlaloc floated back to the mansion as Diamondhead and Maria were following him through Diamondhead’s shredding and stopped at the front of the mansion. They gasped.]

Maria: Oh no.

[Meanwhile, Lieutenant Steel’s body went flying to them, as well as several other agents including the remains of Galena’s body, Reiny, Lance and a few other soldiers. Diamondhead created another pillar, as he flew up toward the bodies to catch them. He caught Lieutenant Steel and Lance's, while Maria managed to Deputive Reiny’s. Diamondhead jumped over as he tried to catch some of the other soldiers, then jumped back down as the Omnitrix symbol beeped and changed back to normal. Lieutenant Steel woke up as he began to cough a bit. Ethan helped Lieutenant Steel up.]

Ethan: You okay?

Lieutenant Steel: Just difficulty breathing and a few broken ribs, but other than that, I’m fine.

[Huitzilo and Tezca floated outside toward the group.]

Tlaloc: Huitzilopochtli!

[They turned to see Tlaloc below and he floated towards them.]

Tlaloc: Would you mind telling me why you blew up part of our mansion?

Huitzilo: Relax, there’ll be other places. But first, I want to destroy these intruders.

[We cut down to the group as many agents held onto their wounds while some were starting to get up. The song ended.]

Maria: We need to leave.

Ethan: But, the Blue Rose Stone?!

[Tlaloc, Huitizlo and Tezca floated towards them.]

Tlaloc: You mean... this Blue Rose Stone?

[Tlaloc held the chains to the stone in front of them. He clenched his fist, tightly grasping the stone, and when he opened his hand again it was reduced to dust.]

Tlaloc: You earthlings thought you stood a chance against us. How depressing, and hilarious. I call it deprarious. [Laughs]

Tezca: Let’s destroy them now!

Ethan: Look, you don’t have to do this. I know what it’s like to be locked away from the outside for so long. Although, I was able to do that willingly. But the point is, I get you guys are depressed. But there are better ways to revive your species than there is to conquer worlds. We can negotiate some sort of deal that benefits both of us?

Huitzilo: Depressed? You think we’re depressed?

[The gods laughed at Ethan.]

Gods Among Us - Episode 34 Climax

Tlaloc: Nah. We’re not doing this because we’re depressed, or because we have lost our kind. We’re doing this… because it’s fun.

[Tlaloc dashed at Ethan with quick speed. Ethan was unable to move as he stood paralyzed in fear, with his eyes wide open. Tlaloc’s body morphed into water and went inside Ethan’s mouth. Ethan held onto his throat, choking, as he was unable to breathe.]

Maria: Ethan, no!

Lieutenant Steel: Ethan!

[Tezca was laughing in the background, as tears went down Ethan’s eyes. The Omnitrix beeped in front of him as Ethan looked down.]


[The Omnitrix glowed green and Ethan’s body was surrounded by a bright light.]

Tezca: WHAT?!

[Huitzilo glared at the light and the light blinded the screen, fading out revealing to be Goop. Tlaloc’s body was stuck inside Goop as he screamed from the top of his lungs.]

Tezca: TLALOC!!!

Tlaloc: NO!!! A-AGH...

[Tlaloc’s body vaporized into acid, as his face was left screaming and his arm raised out, then disappeared. Goop laid his arms on his knees as he was trying to catch his breath.]

Tezca: You… killed him! I’LL KILL YOU FOR THAT!!!

[Tezca prepared to dash toward Ethan but Hutizilo grabbed ahold of Tezca.]

Huitzilo: Tezca, no!

Tezca: LET ME GO!

Huitzilo: No! Don’t do anything rash, otherwise he will kill you too. We’ll get our revenge soon enough, but for now… we must retreat.

Tezca: Fair enough. ‘Till we meet again changeling… I’d keep your eyes and ears open, if I were you…

[Huitzilo evaporated to air particles and disappeared, while Tezca burst into light and disappeared. Galena’s rubble went flying to the ground from out of the mansion. Blue electricity shot out from her body parts and reformed herself and took deep breaths.]

Galena: So, what did I miss?!

[The song shifted. The scene shifted back into Lieutenant Steel’s airship as soldier’s wounds were being treated. Ethan stood staring out the window.]

Soul Searching (Ep 34)

Maria: Hey, can I sit here?

Ethan: Yeah, sure.

[Maria sat next to the seat next to Ethan.]

Maria: How are you holding up?

Ethan: I’m alright.

Maria: Are you sure? You did just go through something pretty intense back there.

Ethan: Yeah. I just can’t believe I almost died, let alone the fact that Goop just killed someone.

Maria: Not just anyone, a god. You should be happy about that.

Ethan: I should be. Just I don’t know, something feels… different.

Maria: Ethan, it wasn’t your fault for what happened back there. Remember Tlaloc tried to kill you back there, and if it wasn’t for your Omnitrix, you wouldn’t be alive right now.

Ethan: Right. My Omnitrix...

[Ethan turned to the Omnitrix.]

Maria: Just don’t beat yourself up about it.

[Maria stood up, Ethan grabbed her hand before she left.]

Ethan: Hey, before you go. I wanted to ask you something?

[Maria turned back and sat back down.]

Maria: Sure.

Ethan: Where are we on the whole… bodyguard thing?

Maria: Well, it’s obvious you still need me right now. Otherwise you would’ve never made it back out alive.

Ethan: Hey! Wait a minute, are you…

Maria: Until Lieutenant Steel says otherwise, I guess I’m still stuck with you. [Lays back]

Ethan: Nice. Now to figure out how to tell Alice about it.

Maria: Oh, that’ll be a fun conversation…

[Lieutenant Steel, Reiny, Galena and Lance walked up to Ethan and Maria.]

Lieutenant Steel: Speaking of conversations, I’d like to inform you all of something.

Deputive Reiny: Would you mind telling us already Lieutenant?

Lance: Yeah, “I’ve been waiting on the edge of my seat.”

[The group sat down with Ethan and Maria as the song shifted.]

Let's Talk Things Through (Ep 34)

[Lieutenant Steel pulled out a table and laid down the sheet of paper, he laid down a light against it.]

Lieutenant Steel: Take a look at this.

Ethan: It’s… a letter?

Lieutenant Steel: Not just any letter. I managed to pull this out of the Teotls’ mansion right before we blasted right out of there. It appears to be a “prologue” of something that one of them worked on. Now if you would read everything written.

[Maria turned the paper to her.]

Maria: To future generations, who stumble across this, I am Huitzilopochtli, one of the last remaining of the Teotls. I know you humans value your history, so I shall be generous and leave you behind an artifact of the past. Currently, it is the year 2020 AD. My two comrades and I have woken up, and a lot has changed since we were last around. Technology has advanced very far since our time, resembling that of our own world in some regards. The world has also been more unified, and communication from across the globe is now achievable. However, something that is concerning is that people have also adapted different beliefs on how the world works. The polytheistic religions that have dominated society in our time have almost all gone away, save a few. And people are more steadfast, so the possibility of any new polytheistic religion rising around us is unlikely. So, despite all of the interesting things this new age brought, I believe we shall bring this world to its fifth end.

[The group gasped.]

Lieutenant Steel: There’s more.

Maria: Yes, we have had to end the world four times before this moment. But it appears we’ll have to reach five. The worlds we have destroyed before were corrupt, and they had no sense of understanding that we could lead them better than they can. But enough ranting from me. If we do indeed end this world, we would probably abandon it. There are other worlds that need new gods. However, as a gift from me to you, future generations, I shall list our findings in this here journal. It will be quite the exercise. Sincerely, Huitzilopochtli.

Ethan: So what we’re getting at is...

Lieutenant Steel: Yes, they were powerful and experienced enough to end the world four other times. And if we don’t stop them, they will do it a fifth.

[The group looked at each other with fright as the song ended.]

Let's Watch the Sunset (Ep 34)

[The scene shifted back to Ethan’s house as it had appeared to be raining outside. We cut to inside where Maria was laying on the couch, grabbing barbecue chips out of the bags. Ethan arrived with a soda, a plate and a bottle of ketchup.]

Ethan: Move over.

[Maria made some room and Ethan sat down. Ethan squirted some ketchup onto a plate, then he dipped his chips onto the ketchup and ate them.]

Maria: What are you doing?

Ethan: Dipping my barbecue chips with ketchup. You should try it, it’s really good.

[Ethan had some more.]

Maria: Yeah, I’ll give it a try. Are you sure this is not going to gross me out?

Ethan: Try it.

Maria: If you say so...

[Maria grabbed a chip, dipped it into the ketchup and ate it.]

Maria: Wow, that actually tastes good.

Ethan: See! It’s not bad.

Maria: [Has another] It’s like dipping a french fry into ketchup but with a different texture.

[Ethan ate a few more.]

Maria: So did you talk to Alice yet?

Ethan: Yeah, although she’s not super thrilled with you still living here.

Maria: Hey, I’m just doing it because that’s part of my job. If she has a problem with it, she can take it up with Lieutenant Steel.

Ethan: Well, I’m just glad everything’s back to normal.

[Their amber alerts went off.]

Maria: Well, as normal as it’ll ever be.

[Maria and Ethan looked at their phones and read the alert. The song shifted.]

This Info, ATG & NWWFA

Maria: Uh oh, lightning storms just appeared in the area.

Ethan: You don’t think it’s…

[The two glared and we cut to outside Ethan’s house where an Omni-Spliced XLR8 ran out the door with Maria hanging onto his back.]

Maria: If I’m right, the lightning blasts should be coming from near the radio tower.

Omni-Splicer XLR8: On it!

[XLR8 increased his speed. We cut on top of the radio tower where a yellow energy being was throwing lightning rods all over the area.]

Tezca: Scream peasants! Scream! Hahaha!

Omni-Splicer XLR8: Not so fast, Sinessstro!

[Tezca turned around to see XLR8 and Maria as she prepared her glock.]

Maria: Don’t move. Tell us what you’re doing here, Tezca?!

Tezca: Well I’m assuming this is where you live, so I thought I’d go and have some fun.

Maria: You want fun, I’ll give you some fun!

[Maria fired glock and it shot out an energy web. Tezca fingers turned to claws and he ripped right through the energy containing net. Tezca grabbed Maria while she struggled to break free.]

Omni-Splicer XLR8: Maria!

Tezca: Try to catch me, roadrunner!

[Tezca flew away from the tower and flew away at quick speed. XLR8 followed them and climbed building through building as he continued soaring in the air. After climbing through the third building, XLR8 caught up with Tezca and Maria. XLR8 charged up the mace on his tail and swung it towards Tezca.]

Tezca: What?!

[A yellow energy blast blinded the screen, then Tezca and Maria went flying onto a rooftop and XLR8 rushed over to grab Maria, then sent her down gently.]

Omni-Splicer XLR8: You okay?

[Maria sat back up.]

Maria: Mhm.

Tezca: Agh, that one really stung. But it appears you have fallen into my trap.

Omni-Splicer XLR8: What trap? I don’t see any trap around me.

Tezca: Look again, fool.

Omni-Splicer XLR8: Hey, I remember zzz-this. This is the tower where Charmcas-sster took Alic-cce.

Tezca: That’s correct. You see, I’ve been watching you for a while now and learned to scan for your every weakness. You care an awful lot about your friends, especially the people you love.

Omni-Splicer XLR8: But Maria and I aren’t an item anymore.

Tezca: I know, but I still think it would be twice as fun to watch someone you were so close to reach the point of death!

Omni-Splicer XLR8: S-sstay behind me Maria. I’m going to supercharge this freako!

[XLR8’s arms transformed into wheels as he prepared to charge toward Tezca.]

Tezca: That won’t be necessary!

[Tezca raised his arm as XLR8 ran right toward him. Tezca absorbed the energy out of the Omnitrix’s symbol. This made XLR8 frozen in place as he screamed from the top of his lungs, the Omnitrix symbol and XLR8’s eyes glowed red until Ethan transformed back to normal in a red light, then collapsed to the ground. Tezca smirked and went flying towards Maria. Maria kept firing bullets at Tezca, which did nothing to him. Tezca grabbed her and raised her above the edge of the rooftop. Maria struggled once more.]

Ethan: Agh… What did you..?

Tezca: I absorbed the energy out of your Omnitrix. Now you’re completely powerless. That’s what you don’t get. You dive into situations without thinking. You’re facing a Teotl, and you don’t even have a plan. As my friend Tlaloc phrased it, “I call this deprarious!” [Laughs hard]

Ethan: Let her go, Tezca!

Tezca: Oh, you’re in no position to make demands. In fact, you should be begging on your knees to me! I’m the one with all the power here; you’re just a peasant who killed my best friend! Now you get to watch as I kill yours!

Maria: Ethan…

Ethan: Tezca, wait! Revenge isn’t going to solve anything! Trust me, just trying to get back what you lost won’t spare you anything! I was fortunate enough to keep both Alice and Maria in my life, but trying to get back what you lost doesn’t always work.

Tezca: Don’t you think I know that?! Haven’t you realized it yet, kid? I’m not killing for vengeance or any sort of meaningless idealism.

[Tezca prepared a lightning dagger behind Maria.]

Tezca: I’m doing this because…

[Tezca raised his dagger. We zoom into Ethan’s screaming face.]


[We cut back to Tezca making an evil grin.]

Tezca: It’s fun.

[Tezca stabbed Maria from the back with his lightning dagger and Maria spat out blood with her eyes wide open.]

Ethan: Maria!

[Tezca threw Maria’s body far into the air. Ethan raised his arm out with a shocked expression.]

Tezca: See you again soon, Wellington!

[Tezca flew away and disappeared. Ethan, enraged, clenched both his fists and screamed at the top of his lungs. He ran towards the doorway and went inside the building. We cut to Ethan arriving outside as he began to run down the sidewalk.]


[The rain turned to drizzle as Ethan passed down a few blocks.]

Ethan (Thoughts): I can’t believe I let this happen… Why did I hesitate?… Why couldn’t I do anything?!

[Ethan stopped for a second under a street light to catch his breath. He grabbed onto his chest as he struggled to breathe. Ethan shook it off and continued running down the street. We cut to the inside of an alleyway as he stopped again.]

Ethan: Maria! Maria! Where are you?! Maria!

[Ethan passed by an alleyway but turned back around to have noticed something. Ethan froze in horror as he found Maria’s corpse lying by a box of broken crates. Ethan’s eyes widened as tears flooded down his cheeks.]

Ethan: Maria, no!

[Ethan ran toward Maria’s body and held her.]

Ethan: No! Come on Maria, please wake up! Please wake up!

[There was no response.]

Ethan: Maria…

[Ethan closed his eyes and turned away. Lightning shot from the sky as the drizzle turned into a thunderstorm. Ethan screamed as we zoom out from the sky’s point of view. The scene faded to black.]


Forget me not - ReoNa - E-10 ED 4
E-10 Horizons - ED 4 - Forget Me Not V1 (Short) AMV

E-10 Horizons - ED 4 - Forget Me Not V1 (Short) AMV

Episode 35 preview

[We shifted through various scenes where the group stood outside a funeral. Then we shifted to Ethan screaming at Lieutenant Steel. Ethan turned away as Alice noticed the conversation. The next scene showed Lieutenant Steel inside a conference room where he meets with a group of generals. Lieutenant Steel glares at the screen.]


Major Events

  • The Teotls have learned of the planet's technology and plot to end the world five times.
  • Ethan evaporates Tlaloc's body, effectively killing Tlaloc.
  • Tezca kills Maria.


  • This episode happens the next morning after If It's Meant to Be.
  • Ethan and Maria mention the break up in various points of the episode.
  • Maria is still grieving after the break up and reveals she still cares for him.
  • Tezca takes Ethan and Maria to the same rooftop Ethan confessed to Alice.



Aliens Used


  • This episode makes many references from Jojo's Bizarre Adventure.
    • St. Moritz is the same location the group travels to in Battle Tendency.
    • Lieutenant Steel sends the squad to the same hotel to stay in during Battle Tendency.
    • They travel to the same mansion the Teotls stay in during Battle Tendency.
    • Diamondhead refers to one of his attacks as his "Emerald Splash" the special ability Kakoyin's stand uses in Stardust Crusaders.
  • Various Pokemon Themes are used in this episode:
    • Thank Goodness
    • Everyone Are Friends
    • Then the Ortus
    • Don't Cry


  • Goop was originally not planned to appear in this episode until the writers had to find a way to brutally kill Tlaloc.
  • User:Ebomnitrix based Maria's death scene on when Savitar "murders" Iris West in CW's The Flash.
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