General Information
Home World Epocka
Body Humanoid
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Time manipulation
Light Beams
Enhanced Speed
Space Surviability

Destellonians are specicies from the planet Epocka


They Are Humanoid. They wear a dark cloak over their metal ninja like armour. Most of them wear masks to hide their faces. The masks are like helmets and are over all their heads.

Powers And Abilities

  • Time manipulation
  • Light Beams/Darkness Beams (rare)
  • Flight
  • Enhanced Speed
  • Space Survivability


Their speed doesn't work on all surfaces like ice and water. Their speed is around half of that of a Kineceleran. Their light beams can be stopped with any shadow beam. They can't travel in time. They can't stop time, only slow it down or speed it up. Their Darkness Beams can be stopped by Multiple light beams (5:1)

Known Destellonians


The name Destellonian comes from the spanish word "Destello" which means Flash.


  • The Destellonians are supposed to be extinct
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