Desperation is the spirit of Hopelessness conjured by Hex when he was in prison in dimension XXC. Desperation managed to free himself from Hex's spell and escaped Ledger Domain.


He is bulk man with icy wings.


  • Ice blast
  • Foretelling the future (a trait of Hopelessness
  • Cryokinesis


  • Fire
  • Snow


  • He inevitably foretold Ben that "Thousand more will appear", probably his aliens.
  • He can see what will happen but when Paradox bend time, it was impossible.
  • One of his prophecy is about THE GAUNTLET OF ELEMENTS

One of His Prophecy

The God of Wind shall reach the stairs (The God Boreas released the Gauntlet)

The Conqueror shall search for it (Vilgax plans to take over the world with it)

Found by Ice, Energy, Gem and Rock (Zeszon, Gwen, Aguas and Etoile)

Power of The Five Elements Shall Be Realized (Vilgax used the power to destroy Earth)

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