Deserguana is one of Ben's new Aliens from the Dark Radionatrix. It's origainal species is the Huenoguan. No one knows what planet Huenoguans originate from, as they are found all over the Galaxy. He is identical in appearance compared to Artiacguana, except for the different coloring. His abilities are that he can breathe flames, and create smokescreens to temporarily blind the enemy. He can survive in extreme hot tempatures and he is very agile. He can roll into a ball and knock enemies down and hurt them. He mainly has fire-based , but he can breathe underwater, too. He, also, like all the Dark Radionatrix Aliens, can create radioactive bursts. He is one of Ben's favorite Aliens. There is one down-side to this alien; sometimes, when Ben is asleep, he turns into Deserguana and uncontrollably runs around, destroying a lot. He is the first New Alien Ben turns into from the Dark Radionatrix.

By Peashooter9

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