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General Information
Species Kirlia
Powers and Equipment
Equipment Otto Maton
Pokémon Info
Types Psychic


Moves Encore
Lucky Chant
Thunder Wave
Ability Sychronise
Relatives Tony (father)
Violet (mother)
Skylar (brother)
Hikari (cousin)Koumori (cousin)
Voice Actor Kyle McCarley

Derwin is a Kirlia from the Off-the-ground from Pokémon Sky.


Derwin is pale, even for Kirlia. They have dyed black hair, which is longer than most Kirlia’s. When they feel more masculine he wears a black t-shirt, a long grey coat, a blue hat, and green jeans with brown shoes.

Their outfit when they feel more feminine is mostly the same as their male outfit, but they wear a green skirt and a womens shirt.

When they feel like neither, they wear their male outfit, but with suspenders.


Derwin was the result of a science experiment made by a team Violet was a part of. Violet brought them home and Violet and Tony raised them. They were born male, and later became feminine frequenting genderfluid. Their frailty prevented her from making many friends aside from her cousins.


Derwin is incredibly meek and timid to a fault. They are also polite and only occasinally gloomy. She is genderfluid, biromantic, and asexual. They are also very naïve and innocent.

Powers and Abilities

They have some psychic powers, though they favor teleportation. They also have an intellect similar to Jury Rigg’s.

They know the moves Encore, which makes foes repeat their last move, Lucky Chant, which protects ally weak points, Protect, which temporarily makes a nigh impenetrable barrier, and Thunder Wave, which uses static electricity to paralyze foes.

Their Ability is Syncronise, which makes their foes have any status condition they may have.


They are very frail and kind of sickly. They cannot battle at all.

While their intellect is large, this is only regarding actual smarts, and they are not very smart when it comes to much of anything else, including both kinds of street smarts. That means they can't survive on their own, nor can they navigate in the big city.

You could tell them quite a bit of lies, and it would take them a while to catch on.



  • They have Asperger’s Syndrome.
    • Cheese is their samefood.
    • They have the hat and jacket for weight stimming.
    • Their special interests are Omnitrix aliens and Triple Triad.
  • They have a jellyfish motif.
    • Their hat looks like a highly stylized jellyfish bell.
    • Their movements are floaty like a jellyfish.
    • They can make static electricity like the jellyfish-like Amperi.
  • They are similar, though came before Allister from Pokémon Sword and Sheild.
  • Their favorite alien is Pesky Dust, because they think he's cute. Their least favorite alien is Toepick, as she is worried she might accidentally look at him and die.
  • They is the babysitter of Prince Tutroph.
  • Her girlfriend is Kelsey.
  • She has a tendency to shout "Uwa!" when scared.
  • During October, they like to scare people using classic uncanny horror tropes.
  • Their eyes are extremely sensitive to light, which is why their hairstyle is the way it is.
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