Derlings are a group of aliens from Flamat.

General Information
Species Derling
Home World Flamat
Body deer/giraffe like
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Enhanced Speed
Shoot Fire (Antlers only)
Heat Immunity
Ram down enemies
First Appearance none


They look mostly like deer, yet with long necks like a giraffe. They have three magma stripes on his neck and one on each of his four legs.


They have Enhanced Speed, running 80 miles per hour. They can blast fire from their flaming antlers. They have Fire Immunity on the inside of itself, being able to consume a very radioactive material called Derc. It can regenerate the antlers on it's head.


They are not very strong, and are very weak when submerged in water.


They eat Derc, as already said. But, they can be eaten by Wactawats, Devil Dog's species, which is eaten by Haktans, which are eaten by Hellpit Snakes.


The only way, which doesn't always work, to defend against Wactawats, is eaither to run away, or consume the fire that the Wactawats shoot out.

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