"Doesn't matter who you are, or what you are, I won't let you hurt anyone!"

-Derek Elwood

Derek Elwood
General Information
Species Human
Home World Earth
Residence Diamond City
Age 18
Affiliations Plumbers
Occupations Student
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Normal Human Abilities
Equipment Omnithreex
Relatives Unknown Dad
Unknown Mother
Aliases Dany
Agent Changer

Derek is the main character of Derek-10, and first appeared in the pilot episode Rough Beginnings. He is a Human from the planet Earth, in the universe Earth-3627.


Derek is a 18,8 meters 18 years old boy with short black hair. He's a Caucasian, and has brown eyes.

He usually wears a striped red jacket with a hood that he usually keeps unzipped, revealing an orange T-shirt with a bubble design behind it. He wears blue jeans and red and white sports shoes.


Derek's personality at first glance is that of a tough boy, but that is mostly an act. In truth, Derek is a shy person who does not like to speak much. Derek seems to be an average person in every way possible. He also doesn't believe that aliens exist, and tends to call all his adventures dreams.

He's an INTP aka Logician.

Powers and Abilities

Derek has the Omnithreex, this strange watch-like device that allows him to become many alien species. However, Derek must first meet (scan) this species to unlock it. He doesn't seem to like using it.

Derek knows how to perform CPR.


He has two phobias: Acrophobia (fear of heights) and Aichmophobia (fear of needles). He can't stand in tall places or be near needles. He also seems to be very reserved and does not like to work with/in a team, so he prefers to work alone.


In Derek-10, Derek finds the Omnithreex in the basement of his home, and then accidentally uses it to track a drone. He meets with a strangely-dressed man who quickly grabs Derek and makes him work with him. After working alongside him for a while, Derek goes on intergalactic missions and saves the Earth from time to time.



Mom, Dad




  • He's the main character so he will probably be in every non-filler episode.


  • The name Derek comes from an character named Derek Styles.
  • He was born around winter, and Christmas.
  • Full name: Derek Carlos Loretta Elwood


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