This content contains material that may be unsuitable for younger children.

Brandon 10: Ultimate Hero
Season 4, Episode 10
Written by Brandon
Directed by Brandon
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Deposition is the 60th episode of the series, Brandon 10: Ultimate Hero.


The episode starts with a view of city hall. Inside, two wooden doors can be seen opening in which some security guards in black suits lead both the Conqueror and his secretary into the room. The room itself is an office which is quite wide and decorated with a government atmosphere. Before the two of them is a desk in which an older man in a suit can be seen standing in front of. He turns to face the Conqueror with a worn smile.

Man in Suit: Councilman Kord. It's an honor to finally meet.

The man extends his hand. The Conqueror glares down at the hand. The man looks at him, hesitantly, before the Conqueror smiles with a chuckle and shakes his hand as well.

The Conqueror: Of course. I've heard quite a lot about you. Believe me, the honor is all mine.

The man chuckles in relief and waves his hand over to the chairs by them.

Man in Suit: Please, have a seat.

The Conqueror nods and takes a seat in the chair. The man in the suit looks over at the Conqueror's secretary, who remains standing.

Man in Suit: Will she... not be joining us?

The Conqueror: Oh no. My secretary is only here to monitor our exchange... for my recollection through her notes, of course.

Man in Suit: I see.... I see. Well, let's not waste any time now, shall we?

The Conqueror: Yes. So, what would a political consultant like you being doing in City Hall?

Political Consultant: I'm here to clear something up, actually. As you may have noticed being a Councilman and all, there was an attack on a local courthouse here which left quite a few politicians in a state of injury. This, of course, affected the government here for Bellwood. And unfortunately, I had heard reports of more attacks on more politicians in the recent weeks... including the Mayor. Obviously, it would seem that someone is specifically targeting people of the Council and we fear that you may be in danger as well.

The Conqueror: We?

Political Consultant: The President has asked me to visit this place and assess the situation for myself. He believes- based on the estimated outcome of Tennyson case- that he is a threat to not just the people of the nation... but the entire world. Between you and me, there are plenty of talks happening between several world leaders about how to proceed with this. But my main focus at the moment is fixing the state of this council and accessing a new mayor for Bellwood. Now I've seen your file, you've worked hard to get to this state.

The Conqueror: You have no idea.

Political Consultant: Yes, well, let me just say that all that work will not have been for naught. I believe you can be the one to take the mantle of Mayor. Now I can't appoint you right away, there are still papers that need to be filed and of the sort but, well, frankly speaking- due to our circumstances- you will have to be appointed as soon as we can.

The Conqueror: And how soon would that be? ...Might I ask?

Political Consultant: Uh- well, I suppose I would say tomorrow in the evening. I'll be working hard today to make sure you become the Mayor this city deserves.

The Conqueror: Heh. You have my thanks, Mr. Consultant. I look forward to working with you together in the days to come.

Political Consultant: Yes. Well, yes, of course. As will I.

They shakes hands once more and the consultant leaves the room, with confidence in his step. The doors soon close behind him, leaving the Conqueror in the room. A chuckle is then stifled from him, followed by full on laughter. His secretary turns to look at him, with an analyzing expression. The Conqueror, after laughing to himself for a bit, rises from his seat and wipes his hand against the side of his suit. His laughter diminishes into a disgusted grunt as he smears his hand against himself. He then shakes his hand forcefully and adjusts his cuff, silently.

The Conqueror: Is everything prepared, Droid?

Conqueror Droid: Yes, sir.

The Conqueror: Excellent. The time has come for my plan to be finally put into motion. With myself appointed as Mayor of Bellwood, I will bring change to this city... change and ruler ship. The people won't even hesitate to bow down to me, their wills be chosen by my own and my power will reach beyond City Hall... until I take the White House by storm! Yes... all that power and it will soon become my own. This will finally become the Conqueror's victory.

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At a gas station outside of the city, an attendant can be seen through the window of the convenience store helping out a customer. That customer soon leaves the store with a bag in her hand and walks off to the side of the station. As she turns around, she looks up from the bag- being none other than Sarah. In front of her, Brandon- holding his green jacket on his arm- and Coco leaning against the the side can be seen. They look over at her with expecting eyes. She then smiles softly and approaches, pulling out some water bottles from the bag.

Brandon: Thanks.

Sarah: Thank my non-threatening face, I suppose, since the police don't believe I can ever become an accomplice. And well, Coco is the real life-saver here since it was his money.

Coco: Eh, don't worry about it. As long as we're alright, right?

Coco comes over and grabs hold of a water bottle from Sarah, leaving his hand against hers for a bit. She looks down at his hands as he hands him the bottle then looks into his eyes. Coco then takes the bottle from her and backs away. Brandon just eyes the other bottle in her hand. Sarah looks down, soft smile on her face before turning to Brandon. She's drawn out of her small trance when she sees the look on his face.

Sarah: Well? I did go through all that trouble for something to drink.

Brandon: I know but... water?

Sarah: I know it's not a milkshake but it's the best we're going to get nowadays. Besides, it's good for you. Or would you prefer a carbonated drink that'll slowly kill you over time?

Brandon: Fine, fine. I'm not picky.

Brandon takes the bottle from her and twists the cap off, taking a chug. Sarah also takes her own bottle and opens it, drinking from it. Coco looks over at the city, after taking his sip.

Coco: It sucks that we're on the run. That everyone out there believes in something that isn't true and we're out here... suffering for it.

Brandon: You can't blame them. They were lied to. If we were in their shoes, we'd probably believe it too.

Coco: I dunno. I'm quite perceptive.

Brandon: Really? Then how come the cap is still on your bottle if you're drinking from it?

Coco: Huh?!

Coco looks down and sees that the cap is off. He then turns to Brandon.

Coco: Why you- Why are you tricking me like that?

Brandon chuckles.

Brandon: Sorry, dude, couldn't help it.

Coco: (sigh) But seriously- I don't know how long we can keep going on like this.

Sarah: You have a point. But we have to keep fighting.

Coco: Well, you don't have to. You can always just head home. Your folks are probably worried about you.

Sarah: And abandon you guys? Heh, you know I wouldn't do that to you. Besides, my parents already understand the situation I'm in. I'm sure they'll understand my reasons for staying with you two.

Brandon: Well, either way- it's a bit of a walk to the city and I'm tired from carrying you guys here.

Coco: Maybe we can hitch a ride.

Brandon: Except we're wanted criminals, remember? If we want back into the city, we're going to need- I dunno- some disguises or something.

Sarah looks down then turns her head away to drink some more water. Her eyes then glance over at something as she lowers the bottle from her mouth.

Sarah: Huh.

Coco: Hm? Something up?

Sarah: You said disguises, right?

Brandon: Hm?

Brandon and Coco follow her gaze and see a clothes donation bin off to the side. Sarah then glances at them with a soft smirk on her face while Coco looks ahead, impressed, and Brandon looks at her, discouraged.

Brandon: Really?

The scene then cuts over to a moment later with a trailer truck driving down the road. The back door then closes from a hand within the truck as it continues driving into the city. Later, in Bellwood itself, many people are moving around on their own routines with their own agendas in mind. Among the crowd, Sarah wears a winter coat over her uniform, Coco wears a scarf around his neck and a bomber hat on his head while Brandon wears a black coat- covering his green jacket- with a hood placed over his head. The three continue moving through the crowds of people.

Brandon: I can't believe this is working.

Sarah, speaking softly: Quiet! You don't want someone to recognize you.

Coco: So we're basically keeping our head down. Great.

Brandon: I know we have to conceal ourselves but we're supposed to be heroes. What if we happen to look up, see some danger and get out there? We stop being ourselves, no matter what we wear.

Sarah: We can talk about it later. This is just to help us get around without getting noticed. Besides, what exactly would we be looking up at when there's no danger around?

A voice then booms around them.

Voice: And now for an urgent news announcement!

The three of them look up, along with a few other citizens, at a digital bill board on the side of a building. On the screen, a male reporter in a brown suit can be seen talking by a desk.

Reporter, on the screen: This just in. After extended talks in the White House, a unanimous decision was made for the installation of Bellwood's new mayor after the tragic series of accidents involving several politicians.

Brandon: Something happened to the Mayor?

Coco: This must have happened while we were on the run.

Sarah: It's possible they were covering it up until it was convenient enough to release that information.

Reporter, on the screen: Some speculate the culprit for these attacks to be none other than Brandon Tennyson. A once noble hero who stood for Earth and her people turned infamous criminal for attacking Councilman Connor Kord earlier this month. It is to be believed that this incident was the start of these attacks. His reasons remains unclear which lead to further speculation that he may have gone mad with power and cemented himself as a threat for the entire world as we know it.

Brandon: I can't believe this. Is that what everyone really believes?

Coco looks around, seeing some people who are paying attention with angry faces and shouting up at the billboard even in a restless manner. 

Coco: Seems like it.

He nudges Brandon as he says this. Brandon looks over and his expression doesn't seem to improve from seeing that.

Reporter, on the screen: Speaking of the Councilman, he has been decided by the President and his staff to be appointed as the next acting Mayor of Bellwood due to his hard-working support for our government.

Brandon turns to the screen, shocked. Coco and Sarah also look with stunned expressions.

Brandon: No way....

Citizen: Oh Councilman Kord, huh? I think I've heard about that guy before.

Citizen 2: Wait, who was he again?

Citizen: He helped out with several projects like that new security thing.

Citizen 2: Oh yeah, that's right. Well, I'm not opposed to a hard-working, honest man in the office.

Coco: These guys don't even know what they're talking about.

Sarah: This is bad, guys.

Brandon: No kidding. It's the Conqueror, of course it's bad.

Sarah: No, not just that. If the Conqueror becomes Mayor of Bellwood. He'll be treated on a whole other level of political power than what he received as Councilman.

Coco: Come on, it's not like he's the President. He won't be unreachable.

Sarah: No. But he'll be just as nearly as untouchable. If we go after the Mayor... then we won't have any hope of ever repairing our image. If anything, it'll show that we are nothing but villains in the eyes of the people.

Brandon: So that's his game... He's not using the system against us.

On the screen, an image of the Conqueror can be seen, peering outwards- as if it's staring right at them.

Brandon: He's using the people as well.

Brandon then looks at the screen, with an agitated and hard-pressed expression. The scene then cuts to the hideout they have formed within the abandoned building.

Brandon, walking in: He has to be stopped... before he becomes Mayor.

Coco: Look, man, that's easier said than done.

Sarah: Coco's right. We've been trying to find ways to take him down ever since we've been on the run. And so far, we haven't found any conventional means of doing so.

Brandon: What about having Gates as our inside man?

Sarah: There's only so much that he can do.

Coco: Besides, him gathering information for us is kinda pointless now. We already know about the induction.

Brandon: No... Our efforts can't have gone to waste. We can't... just let him win.

Coco: But what can we do? There's not enough if we just put everything on Gates. We need more than that.

Sarah: And there just isn't enough time.

Brandon: How much time do we have?

Sarah: Based on the circumstances... I'd say tomorrow. Evening, at best.

Brandon: ...Alright. So we need more than just Gates in order to take him down.

Coco: It's a start but I mean- come on, man. We're outmatched in terms of power and outnumbered too. He has the whole government on his side. People are cheering him on in the streets. For once, I think we might actually have won this. Out of all the times we faced him, there was always a chance- no matter how much force he hit us with- but this is different. This is-

Sarah: Technical. Tactical. He's not hitting us with brute strength and strategy. He's using people as tools and turning what we relied on against us. It's cunning... which makes him all the more dangerous.

Coco: We can't underestimate him.

Brandon: No. We can't. But he can't underestimate us either. Sure we may be on the run and living on the streets pretty much but there's something we have that he'll never have.

Coco: ...And that is?

Brandon: Each other. We're a team, right? So we take him on... as a team.

Sarah: I don't know if you noticed but we're a little short of extra members.

Brandon: Then we call for back up.

Coco: Back up? But if we call anyone else, they'll be targeted. We'll hurt more people if we get them involved.

Brandon: But what if they're already involved?

Coco and Sarah look at him questionably.

Brandon: Come on, you guys, think about it. We've may have been treated like criminals, running for our lives, but we've had a couple of adventures here and there. We've met a few people along the way too. People in situations like us, where they're being oppressed by the Conqueror and want to fight back. They only need the opportunity. And we'll be providing it to them. Imagine it, all of us working together... fighting together for one goal; to take down the Conqueror.

Sarah: Assembling a team out of outcasts. Heh. It just might work.

Coco: And a massive jerk face like the Conqueror is more than enough of a good reason to work together.

Brandon: And just when I thought I lost my touch when it came to coming up with plans.

Sarah: But we still don't have too much time on our side. If we're going to do this, we need to do it as soon as we can.

Coco: Not only do we have to recruit all these guys but we have to find them as well.

Brandon: That shouldn't be too hard. But then again... (thinks for a moment) What about that system you two created to monitor networks? Do you think you can recode it so it can scan for certain individuals?

Sarah: We can give it a shot. But what about you?

Brandon: Me? I'm going to make myself useful.

He says this with a confident smile. The scene then cuts over to the later with the sun, still rising, in the sky. The view then lowers to show Phoenix Labs. Brandon carefully approaches from the side and leans against the building. He peeks around the corner, seeing a security camera monitoring the exterior area. He then turns back and sighs. Some voices can be heard in an arguing fashion. Brandon turns his head with curiosity and sees Richard Remar on his phone, standing outside of the building.

Richard: Now you listen to me, I'm standing right outside your company right now and your security team keeps insisting that I have no business here when we both know extremely well that is incredibly so. Fracture Corporations is not an organization that you want to be messing around with. Now we've offered you a deal and you are inclined to accept it. (beat) Fine. We can talk more about it... I agree with that, at least. But let me just tell you, Councilman Kord will be expecting results real soon and they better be good news for him and myself, as well.

Richard hangs up and shoves his phone into pocket. He rustles his hair in frustrated manner. Brandon looks off to the side.

Brandon: That doesn't sound good.

He then looks around the area once more until he notices a ventilation shaft above him. He then smiles and moves ahead so that he is standing underneath it. Brandon then activates the Ultimatrix and rotates the dial a couple of times until he is at the hologram of his choosing. Remar then starts to approach the back of the facility when a green flash appears. He raises his arm to cover his eyes from the light then lowers it to look ahead.

Richard: Hello?! Who's there?

He rushes over to the area where Brandon had been standing but he is nowhere around. Richard then looks around, cautiously, while something can be seen crawling on the wall behind him. Up close, Tick can be seen scaling the wall and soon entering the ventilation shaft before him. The scene then cuts back to Coco and Sarah at the hideout. Coco is adjusting the system he had built on the wall and Sarah is sitting on the couch, hacking on the used laptop she had found.

Sarah: Anything yet?

Coco: Nothing. (sigh) You?

Sarah: I'm not particularly getting much results with this.

Coco: Gah! This system wasn't designed for something like this. It's supposed to monitor police activity, news feeds, that sorta thing- the sorta thing that keeps us out of the dark and stop us from looking over our shoulder every five minutes.

Sarah: I know but maybe we just add a few more zeroes...

Sarah clicks against the keyboard as her fingers move rapidly. Coco then makes his way over and leans on the couch so that he gets a good enough view of Sarah and the laptop's screen. Soon enough, however, the system on the screen changes- almost as if it had rearranged itself. Sarah stops clicking against the keyboard, in surprise.

Sarah: Whoa!

Coco: What'd you do?

Sarah: Rather than receiving output, I changed it so that we can add our own input.

Coco: But how would that help us find this guy?

Sarah: Simple. We can input codes that affect the local network. That includes security cams, traffic lights, bill boards, et-cetera.

Coco: So by inputting codes...

Sarah: We can use those codes to access systems that might have a record of his location. After all, we know he operates around here and in the city.

Coco: Alright! Well, it's a start, right?

Sarah continues typing against the keyboard, pulling up several different systems- including records and other data. As she scans through it, her hopeful expression becomes more watered down.

Sarah: This isn't good.

Coco: What? What is it?

Sarah: I can't find a trace of him. (grunt) Which I should've expected. He's always so closed off from society... going as far to conceal his identity. He wouldn't be this careless.

Coco: So we won't be able to find him this way then... Dang, just when I thought we had something.

Sarah holds a curved finger to her chin as she ponders on a thought.

Sarah: Hang on a second. I can still input other things than just codes.

Coco: Eh? What's that supposed to mean?

Sarah: It means I can also put messages into the network.

Coco: Oh, I see now. Rather than finding him, we let him find us.

Sarah: Exactly. If he's as great of a hacker as he claims to be, he'll be able to receive these messages.

Sarah types against the keyboard as she creates her messages.

Coco: But the network isn't just being viewed by him, y'know. If you give out messages, won't the Conqueror be able to track us?

Sarah: Only if the message is suspicious enough but if I encode it with something he'll be able to understand, then we can converse without anyone being the wiser. To the outside world, it'll look like nonsense but to a Conspirator like him... it'll be more than just a series of riddles I'm sending. It'll be a conspiracy; the one thing he can't seem to resist.

Coco: Heh. I ever tell you how much I love that big brain of yours?

Sarah: Not nearly as much as you should.

She glances Coco with a smile and the two share a kiss for a moment before Sarah turns back to the computer, typing out her messages. Elsewhere in the city, in a dark alleyway, a cloaked figure emerges with a blank mask covering their face. The Conspirator watches as people pass by from across the way but soon looks down, raising his arm to look at his watch. He then adjusts the sides for a moment before a holographic image appears over the screen. A series of riddles in the form of coded messages appear before him. He then leans forward slightly where the light reflects off his mask as he lets loose a low muttering grunt from beneath the mask. The scene then cuts once more to the inside of Phoenix Labs. Eli Wright can be seen working on a design when Tick crawls out from the air duct. A flash then appears behind Wright, catching his attention. He turns around and sees Brandon standing there.

Eli: Brandon! (looks around before looking back at him) You can not be here.

Brandon: I know, I know, the whole wanted thing- 

Eli: No. Well, yes, but actually no.

Brandon: Huh? What do you-

Eli: Richard Remar came by... he's talking about buying Phoenix Labs. For real this time! If he does, I lose everything- my research, my potential job here. Not to mention the fact that, if he is working with someone is malicious intent, the company will have no choice in working with them to achieve what they want.

Brandon: That's... not good.

Eli: Yeah, well, it doesn't take a genius to figure that out.

Brandon: Sorry, I just have other things on my mind at the moment. We might have a plan to taking down the Conqueror- that is, the person who Remar is working for. If we can do that before he sets up a deal, Phoenix Labs should be able to function on its own like it always has.

Eli: But that's the thing, Brandon. The deal is already set up. Fracture Corporations is offering Phoenix Labs an overabundance of money. Denying that is just not possible when maintaining a company, especially if the request isn't too disruptive. We're running out of options here. And we're running out of time.

Brandon: Then work with me. We can stop him together.

Eli: Look, I want to. I really do, dude, but look around you. Everyone thinks you're a criminal. If I work with you, I'll become one too. I just- I can't take that chance. I have so much ahead of me.

Brandon: Even with the facility in jeopardy?

Eli: I don't know. I might still be around under new management. I can't throw that chance away, you know.

Brandon: So you're willing to put yourself through suppression? Working for someone that you don't want to? I know I'm not an expert on living your life and following society's expectations but I do know that you shouldn't have to put yourself down when you have the chance to do something good. That you shouldn't have to sacrifice your ideals because someone said so. It's like you said. Phoenix Labs helps ideas grow, there's a whole line up of future scientists who won't get to become who they want to because of Fracture Corp and the Conqueror. But we have the chance to make that right. This is that chance. I know you're worried and I know it's a risk I'm asking you to take, believe me- I wish I didn't have to. But I could use your help with this.

Eli looks off to the side, thinking.

Eli: I just want to help people... make the world a better place, y'know? (sigh) If we do this... Phoenix Labs will be able to help others, right?

Brandon: (nods) Yeah. Yes, it should.

Eli: I can't believe I'm doing this but... yeah. Alright, I'm in. I mean, I'm not much of a fighter or anything but I can definitely offer my scientific expertise.

Brandon, with a smile: I wouldn't have it any other way.

Eli: I have to warn you though. Remar is being especially persistent today, probably because the Councilman- erm, I mean Conqueror- is getting instated as Mayor. So I'll have to remain here to keep him from suspecting me.

Brandon: That makes sense. We can talk over comms then.

Eli: Alright but I feel like there's something else I can help out with here.

Brandon: Well, there might be something you can do.

The scene cuts ahead to Brandon and Eli standing before something. Eli, accesses a panel, and steps back- glancing at Brandon who looks ahead then looking back ahead at the view. The view then shows a pod before then, with the liquid inside draining away. The person inside, Lucy, can be seen clearly now, laying against the bottom of the pod without any of the liquid to keep her suspended. The pod soon opens slowly. Brandon soon reaches inside, removing the patches from her suit and lifting her to her feet. As he does, she stirs awake again.

Lucy: Hm? What- uh-

Brandon: Hey, hey, it's alright. You're fine.

Lucy: Did I seriously black out on you? Ugh...

Brandon: You had a bit of an accident. Your genetic structure was unstable so I brought you here to get you fixed up.

Eli: Probably best to note that I'm not actually a biology and have a lot of understanding with genetics.

Brandon turns to Eli, giving him a look, while Lucy looks up at him, giving him a vaguely similar look, albeit weaker.

Eli: S-Sorry. Probably shouldn't have mentioned that.

Brandon, turning back to Lucy: Can you stand?

Lucy: Y-Yeah. I think so.

Brandon helps Lucy out of the pod, carefully, and slowly lets go of her as she stands on her feet.

Eli, getting to a computer: Her diagnostics should be fine. She will have to readjust from being in the pod for a while but the effects should wear off soon enough. She's a strong one at any rate.

Eli starts typing up on the keyboard while Lucy cracks her neck.

Lucy: She's also still in the room.

Eli, stops typing: Uh- Yeah. My bad.

Lucy: Hmph.

Brandon: How do you feel?

Lucy: Anxious, honestly. I feel like I let you down... but, at the same time, I feel like you sort of let me down in a way.

Brandon: Lucy...

Lucy: Sorry, I didn't mean to sound rude or anything. I appreciate you... a lot. I'm just- surprised by what happened last time with, well, you know...

Brandon: I probably should have told you sooner. I guess wasn't thinking about it directly but, well, (sigh) whatever happens, I just want you to know that I'll always be there for you, no matter what. (putting his hand on her shoulder) Okay?

Lucy: Y-Yeah. Okay...

Brandon smiles softly while Lucy nods weakly. A voice then interjects and interrupts the moment they were having.

The Conqueror, unseen: This city has seen quite a lot in its recent years. Alien invasions time and time again, criminal threats imposing their will and even heroes that have fallen and turned their backs to our society.

Brandon and Lucy turn to the source of the voice.

Lucy: What's that?

Brandon, looking upset: Trouble.

Before them, on the computer that Eli was using, the Conqueror appears to be broadcasting a message, live.

The Conqueror, on the screen: Well no more, I say. After the unfortunate accident involving the Mayor and several other politicians in his office, I was appointed as the future Mayor of Bellwood. Now I know there is little known about myself, that much I will admit, but there is something that I will make publicly clear. I have no tolerance for alien threats. People who possess power they are undeserving of. The real power lies with you. The people of this city. And I know, by working together, we can stop the real villain here. Brandon 10 and his accomplices. All I need is your support at my inauguration ball, tonight. By helping me secure my place as Mayor, I will remain true to my goals and give this city... and maybe even the world a true and proper portrayal... of real power.

Lucy: He's feeding them nothing but lies!

Eli: Is there really nothing we can do about this?

Brandon: ...Maybe, we can. This broadcast just gave me an idea.

Lucy: Pray tell.

Brandon: Later. First, we need to meet the rest of the team. The whole team.

Eli: Alright, looks like you have things figured out but what about me?

Brandon: You said Remar is planning on proceeding with the deal to buy Phoenix Labs, right?

Eli: Well, yeah. If he acquires the organization before you dethrone the Conqueror then-

Brandon: He can use the organization to back-up his stance. And he'll get what he wants in the end.

Eli: So what do we do?

Brandon: It's more like what can you do.

Eli: Huh?

Brandon: You have access here. He doesn't. Just make sure he doesn't make that deal. Delay it as much as you can without tipping yourself off.

Eli: What? How do I even do that? I'm no hero.

Brandon: Eli, if you do this, you'll be my hero.

Eli: ...Alright. I'll- I'll try. Thank you for believing in me.

Brandon: I always did so why stop now, right?

Eli: Heh. Oh! Before you go-

Brandon: Hm?

Eli: I told you that I'd try doing something else to help your friend there, remember? Well, I finally managed to finish it off.

Eli moves over to a set of drawers at a desk and opens one of the drawers, before removing a narrow navy-blue box with the Phoenix Labs logo printed on one of the sides. He then walks over and hands it to Lucy. She looks at it hesitantly then looks up at Eli. He offers a short smile and extends it over to her. She then takes it into her own hands and, soon enough, looks inside. After looking within for a brief moment, she looks up- with a smile on her face.

Lucy: It's perfect.

The scene then cuts once more to the hideout.

Coco, unseen: Okay, run it by again-

Inside, a holographic projection of a tower can be seen- projected to the center of the room from the Conspirator's watch. He stands off to the side while Brandon is closest next to him by a few feet. Lucy stands besides Brandon, watching ahead with him at the projection, while Sarah remains seated on the couch and Coco leans against the side of it.

The Conspirator: The inauguration ball will be hosted in a private building that was bought with the Conqueror's money, or rather the Councilman whose lifestyle he had stolen. There will be security at all exits but no officers; not surprising all things considered. Apparently, he had this building set up for weeks, possibly even months. It's rigged with all sorts of set ups and systems that are more advanced than anything I've seen in Bellwood. At least, before I met you four.

Sarah: That means the systems are familiar to you. I'm assuming from the robotic factory that produced the Conqueror's Droids, correct?

The Conspirator: It's bold of you to assume anything, let alone foolish. Assumption is just a concept invented to draw off your instincts so you never actually believe the entirety of the truth. (beat) Which my statement was, in fact, actually the truth which also makes my statement a bad example of said concept.

Brandon: ...Anyways, we should be expecting more than just security guards. The Conqueror will definitely be expecting us to try and get the drop on him. But what he won't be expecting-

Lucy, finishing his sentence: Is all of us working together as a team to defeat him.

Coco: How could you be so sure? Last I checked, he's always one step ahead of us when it comes to scheming up plans.

Lucy: Yeah, well, last I checked, you guys beat him every time. At least, that's how I remember it.

Brandon: In any case, we can't underestimate him. He might be Human again but he's proved he can use all his tools at his disposal to get the upper hand.

Sarah: So we take out his tools and he's left vulnerable.

The Conspirator: Exactly on point. While he's using these "tools" for the building, they're also not as self-sufficient as he would like to believe they are.

He twists the dial on his watch which zooms in on the building, highlighting certain areas in red.

The Conspirator: The lower levels house the network he uses to run the droids in the area. They are connected to the tower and this network is the thing that binds them the two symbiotically. We severe that link-

Coco: And the security shuts down. But there's still the armed guards. And since we're all either wanted or of interest, we're definitely going to be recognizable.

Sarah: Well, we're not all on a wanted list. The Conqueror kept my name out of the open. I don't know why but we should use that to our advantage.

The Conspirator: I don't know... sounds suspicious, to say the least.

Lucy: Isn't it your job to be skeptical?

The Conspirator: I'm just saying. We can't take any risks with this guy.

Brandon: No, we can't. But we can't waste any advantage either. This has been a long fight. A fight for justice. Not just ours but everyone else's as well.

The Conspirator: But is that will really enough? Are we enough?

Everyone looks among one another, seemingly in doubt.

Brandon: We have someone on the inside... and the outside working to help us stop the Conqueror. Between all of us, that makes a team. And a team is all we need to make this work.

Lucy: So what's the plan?

Brandon: It's like he said. The security is going to keep the building on lock down so our main focus should be on the server room.

Coco: But first, we need into the building, itself.

Brandon: Gates is our inside man, right? Can't we send him a message?

Sarah: Well sure but what exactly do we tell him? Get us some disguises, just like that?

Brandon: Exactly like that.

Sarah: Brandon, I know you dress up from time to time but seriously we need to-

The Conspirator: No, no. This could work. The Conqueror is working with the Fracture Corporations as a sort of sponsorship partner program. Which means they will definitely be Fracture Corporations members attending this event with clearance cards to the building. If you're in disguise, you can probably swipe one of their cards to access the private elevator.

Brandon: Sarah, once you have the clearance card, you can access the server room. Do you think you can disable the security droids?

Sarah: I was a bit rusty but with the recent practice I've been doing... yeah, I should be able to get it done but it won't be quick with just myself doing it.

Brandon: Well, the Conspirator is pretty handy, himself.

The Conspirator: And if it's a hand you need, (tips fedora) a hand you'll receive. We'll crack down the security in no time.

Sarah: Now we just need a way for you to get inside.

Coco: Leave it to me.

Brandon nods.

Brandon, looking over at Lucy: That just leaves us.

Lucy: Right... (looking ahead, thinking) We won't be able to sneak in like Coco and Sarah will because we'll be too noticeable. And Brandon will be at the top of everyone's attention aside from the Conqueror, that is.

The Conspirator: While that is true, the Human perception is often blocked by the unseen.

Lucy: Uh come again?

The Conspirator: What I'm trying to say is that if I can get in unseen, you should be able to enter the same way.

Brandon: Good point. Alright, we'll come in with you, Conspirator. Now that we're all inside of the building, Coco, Lucy and I will head up to the upper levels to wait for the Conqueror to give his opening speech. Now that his office is clear, we can subdue and sneak past the security guards and then hit the office, itself. Once there, we should be able to search through office for anything incriminating to show off to the police.

Sarah: Then they'll come in to arrest him before he ever becomes Mayor.

Coco: And our names are cleared.

Brandon: That's the plan, guys. Seven of us, three targets, one shot. Tonight's the night the Conqueror is instated for Mayor. If we don't stop him now, he'll use his power to seal his position and move up the chain. We won't be able to stop him, no matter what we do and no matter what we say. I know we all haven't worked together as a team before and we're all different for various reasons but today we have something to bring us together... something to fight towards. Everyone thinks we're outcasts. That we're criminals. So this isn't just about stopping him. It's about proving him wrong. So let's get out there and show them why we're heroes.

Coco smirks while Sarah smiles softly, the Conspirator gives a firm nod and Lucy grins, looking up at Brandon besides her. The scene then cuts to later, as Coco uses his interface to contact General Gates. Sarah, sitting besides him on the couch, re-configuring some technical adapters with the Phoenix Labs brand on it. The Conspirator, leaning against the wall in the corner, whips out a certain gadget and shines the edge with the sleeve of his coat. Across from him, Lucy takes a look inside the navy-blue box from Phoenix Labs and removes some kind of article of clothing. She smiles subtly but then appears hesitant. She looks over at Brandon who can be seen standing outside from the doorway, looking up at the evening sky. Brandon can be seen, looking unsure of himself for a moment when a gloved hand appears on his shoulder. Brandon turns around and sees the Conspirator comforting him.

The Conspirator: You... alright?

Brandon: Yeah. Just thinking, that's all.

The Conspirator: I feel like I already know what your thoughts are.

Brandon: How come?

The Conspirator: Because I'm thinking of the same thing. You're thinking about the Conqueror.

Brandon: Yeah... But also about this plan.

The Conspirator: It's pretty straight forward. As far as plans go.

Brandon: That's the thing. Coco said this earlier. He said the Conqueror is always one step ahead of us. And he's right. Sometimes I forget that he's not just some run of the mill bad guy, he's a genius. An evil one but a genius, all the same. He obtains items of power to defeat me, he outmatches me with his robot armies, he even used the law to challenge me before all this even happened. And now again. But if there's one thing he's known for, it's using myself against me. He knows how I think. He exposes my weaknesses. My ambitions of a hero.

The Conspirator: He might do all that. After all, it is a decent strategy. But that doesn't mean those are your weaknesses. You want to save people, that's what heroes do. You're a good kid and the Conqueror is a bad guy. But that doesn't mean we can't use his own game against him.

Brandon: The Conqueror has no weaknesses. I usually just try to out think him.

The Conspirator: His ambitions for power are his weaknesses. I don't know him as well as you do but to me, he's just another crook spreading lies and using people to get ahead in life. It's my job, as the Conspirator, to undo his web with a conspiracy of truth. That's why I'm here. Now what are you going to do?

Brandon: ...If he's a step ahead of me than I just have to be a step ahead of him by thinking like the Conqueror.

The Conspirator: And what's that telling you?

Brandon: That we're going to need a change in plans.

The scene cuts to Brandon walking back inside with the Conspirator following him in.

Brandon: Alright, guys. Slight change in plans.

Everyone then turns to face him, slightly surprised and confused. Brandon then looks ahead with a smirk. The scene cuts once more to the back of Phoenix Labs. The side door then opens and Eli steps outside, carrying a brief case with Phoenix Labs branded on the side. He then hands it over to the Conspirator while Sarah is seen explaining something to him; their voices unheard. Elsewhere, the Police Captain is sitting in his cruiser, with a review going over Brandon's file. He has a cup of coffee in one hand and a doughnut in the other. As he reads, he prepares to take a bite out of his doughnut when the cruiser shakes slightly as if something had hit the roof. The Police Captain looks ahead, shaken, when a figure drops from the roof of the car as if preforming a flip- placing a note on the windshield. The Police Captain looks ahead surprised and quickly places his food down, as well as the report. He then steps out of the car and looks ahead, seeing the feminine figure soar off with grey wings underneath her arms. The Police Captain then turns and takes the note from his windshield. He reads the note, looking more surprised while reading it. He then gets back in the cruiser and using the vehicle's radio, calling into it; his voice unheard also. Back at the hideout, Coco has a cheap looking camera at the ready while Brandon stands at a clearing in the hideout. He asks Brandon something, his voice unheard as well, to which Brandon responds with a smile. The scene then cuts over to the city streets where people are walking around, attending to their own business when the digital billboard start to glitch out with static effects. Some citizens then stop walking and look ahead at the billboard, with curiosity. As the glitching increases, so does the amount of attention it gathers. An image soon starts to appear on the billboard. The image of the Ultimatrix symbol.

Distorted Voice, over the screen: Testing, testing- is this working? Can everyone hear me?

Citizen 1: Huh? What the-?

Citizen 2: What's going on here?

Distorted Voice, over the screen: Hello, people of Bellwood! As some of you might know, tonight is the night that the Councilman is planning on becoming Mayor of this town. And while that might not seem like a big deal, it is. The truth is he's using you... all of us actually in order to get what he wants. And that's power. Power over the government which results in power over you. He's hurt people to get to his current position. Including the Mayor.

Citizen 2: The Mayor?!

Citizen 3: No way....

Citizen 1: This is a prank, right?

Distorted Voice, over the screen: You have no reason to believe me. After all, I am labeled as a criminal. But I used to be seen as a hero and I will never stop fighting to save people even if they turn against me. So tonight, I'm going after the Councilman and ending his reign of terror. Right here, right now. Because I am-

The image of the Ultimatrix symbol distorts through static before displaying Brandon, standing his hideout.

Brandon, on the screen: Brandon 10.

The chattering and muttering among the many people gathered together increases.

Brandon, on the screen: The Councilman has been spreading lies about me and my friends. And I'm going to prove it. I'll make sure that he doesn't get his hands on power and take advantage of all of you. I can't sit by and let him take over. This might seem like a lot to take in but all I ask if you to believe in me... in all of us just as we're believing in you. As if the "Councilman" is watching this...

The scene cuts over to an office where the Conqueror is seated by a desk, watching the broadcast being projected by his secretary from its hand.

Brandon, on the projection: We're coming for you.

The projection then dies out. The Conqueror looks upset then scoffs, looking off to the side.

The Conqueror: So he's trying to threaten me. He really has changed.

Conqueror Droid: We should prepare for his arrival.

The Conqueror: It's no matter. I've made all of the necessary preparations. Let him come. Heh. It won't change a thing. I'll crush him like the insignificant brat he is and then the position of Mayor of this town will be mine.

Back at the hideout, Coco puts the camera away.

Coco: Hey, do you think it worked?

Brandon, stopping: Hm?

Coco: I mean- do you really think they bought that the Conqueror is the Councilman?

Brandon: We'll see. They won't turn their heads right away but it's still important to have them at least thinking for themselves. Even if we succeeded and the Conqueror was arrested, the public might think we tampered with something and framed him.

Coco: They still might. This got them thinking but... that doesn't mean it changed their minds.

Brandon: I know... but maybe that's all it takes.

The Ultimatrix face plate flashes green and Brandon turns the dial.

Lucy, over the Ultimatrix: Alright, it's done. The transmission went through just like planned.

Brandon: That's great, Lucy. We'll meet you over at the Conqueror's Tower. It's time to finished this.

Lucy, over the Ultimatrix: I wouldn't miss it for the world. I'll head right over! I'll see you guys there.

The transmission ends and Brandon looks over at Coco.

Coco: So we're finally doing this. We're taking on the Conqueror again.

Brandon: Don't worry. He won't get the drop on us this time.

Coco: Y'know this kinda reminds me of the old days. Just the two of us against him before all this fame and on the run stuff.

Brandon: Pretty sure you're the one that wanted to get famous as soon as I got the trix.

Coco, laughing: It was a different time, man.

Brandon: (chuckle) Yeah, I guess it was. But at least there's one thing that stayed the same. We're still a team.

Coco: Well, I don't know what you would do without me.

Brandon: (laughs) Okay. If you say so.

Coco: So you really ready for this? Asking as a friend, not just a teammate.

Brandon: We don't really a choice. If we don't stop him now, it's-

Coco: Game Over?

Brandon: Pretty much, yeah.

Coco: Yeah, I know the drill. Conqueror has a dirty plan and we kick his butt and save the day. We've been through this before so why do I feel like it's different this time. Is it... because we're going against the law this time?

Brandon is silent for a moment.

Coco: I guess I would have been okay with that about two years ago. When I was making a profit through crimes across the galaxy so getting back at someone who done us wrong should make this so much more easier than that.

Brandon: You changed since than, man. We all have. Breaking the law isn't supposed to be easy, neither is any of the things we do. But we do them because they're the right things to do. People need saving and we have to be there for them. Whatever it takes.

Brandon places his hand on Coco's shoulder and he looks over at him.

Brandon: We're going to get through this. All of us.

Coco: Yeah. Alright, let's do this, Tennyson. Let's get that guy.

Brandon nods firmly. The scene then cuts over to the Conqueror's tower, now at night. Around the tower, there are Conqueror Surveillance Droids hovering around the perimeter. On the ground level, there are security guards keeping watch while many patrons and guests dressed in formal clothing make their way indoors. From an alleyway, the team is assembled together, looking ahead from a safe distance at the tower.

Brandon: There's the tower.

Lucy: It's uh- bigger than I expected.

Coco: That's what corrupt money buys you. Of course, he would want to look down on everybody else.

Sarah: Everyone remember their part of the plan?

The Conspirator: I never forget a thing.

Sarah: Alright then...

Brandon: How's it going with Gates?

Coco: He's hanging in there. Should be out with the package right about...

Soon enough, Gates steps outside, carrying a briefcase. While he walks out, he's talking with a member of the Conqueror's security team. However, he stops at a different alleyway, setting the case down as if to tie his boot. He then stands and catches up with the other person before they reach him. The attention remains on the briefcase in that alleyway.


Sarah: Well, he is punctual.

Brandon: Alright, the package is all yours. We'll wait out here for your cue.

Coco: Got it.

Sarah: Be careful, alright?

Brandon: You too.

Sarah nods and moves out with Coco.

The Conspirator: So far so good. This plan might actually work out.

Brandon: I'm surprised you haven't tried anything like this before.

The Conspirator: It's like you said. This plan requires all of us to work together. I'm usually a solo act because of my-

Brandon: Trust issues?

The Conspirator: I was just going to say independent nature. If it weren't for that, we'd be pretty similar in the way we think.

Brandon: Why do you say that?

The Conspirator: The thing with the Billboard. Pretty inventive with a hint of style. I probably wouldn't do something so open but calling someone like the Conqueror out... that's something the people needed to see.

Brandon: You can thank my friend, Eli, for that. He's the one that hooked me up with that device. It's capable of hijacking networks and overwriting them long enough to input commands from another source. All we had to do was plug it into to a Billboard and bam- signal sent.

The Conspirator: Impressive. Though, I might've been able to pull it off better.

Brandon: Heh, right...

The Conspirator looks ahead, seeing Coco and Sarah walk into a different alleyway out of view with the case.

The Conspirator: Alright, they have the package. We'll wait for them then when the signal is given. I'll secure the entrance and you two can follow in.

Brandon: We'll be ready. Right, Lucy?

Lucy steps from the shadows. Brandon turns his head and looks ahead, eyes widening slightly. From the darkness of the alleyway, Lucy stands basking a new suit. This suit appears more like a jacket with a more teal-colored green. There are technical lines etched onto the suit, including the gloves and pants. She also wears more practical boots rather than flat footings. Her mask consists underneath the jacket, however more thicker and tactical as well, appearing almost like a hood. She adjusts her glove, showing off a device around her wrist; similar to a sports watch. Brandon's surprise turns to a smile.

Brandon: New outfit?

Lucy: Special gift from Phoenix Labs. It's more practical for hero-ing. Apparently, the fabric responds to my DNA so it can shift whenever I do. It's also more fitted so I can perform more stunts plus it can keep track of my vitals in order to prevent another genetic attack. At least now I'll finally be able to improve my limits with a suit like this.

Brandon: That's awesome.

Lucy: Right? Maybe now I'll surpass you as a hero.

Brandon: We'll see about that.

The Conspirator: Alright, they're in position. We should be ready for whatever may happen.

Brandon: Don't worry. They've got this.

The Conspirator: We shall see.

He turns and sees Lucy standing behind him.

The Conspirator: Oh, did you change or something?

Lucy: ...Really?

At the entrance, Sarah walks past the security in a red dress, holding a masquerade mask to cover her face. She then enters the building, with Coco, dressed as maintenance worker, following in after her. He pulls his cap down to cover his eyes while security continues scanning the entrance area as more guests come in. Inside, Sarah looks around at the lobby, seeing a big area before her with many guests outfitted in suits and dresses, with different masks. Coco approaches from behind, walking past her.

Coco: Good luck, alright?

Coco walks off to the side without looking back as Sarah watches him leave. She holds her hand to her chest.

Sarah, softly: You too...

She then readies herself and heads forward. She looks around the area and soon spots a group of people in more standard outfits compared to everyone else. Sarah then approaches them. She looks off to the side and grabs a glass from a nearby table while the people there are talking with one another. Sarah then bumps into one of the employees, spilling their drink over a second one.

Fracture Corp Employee: Hey!

Sarah: Oh my- I am so, so sorry about that, Miss! Please, let me get a towel.

Fracture Corp Employee 2: It's alright. I think you've done enough.

The second employee takes a cloth from their table and reaches over to clean the woman's suit. While he leans over, Sarah reaches over- taking the card at his side. She then walks away, with a smirk on her face. Elsewhere, Coco passes by a couple of other maintenance workers, keeping his head low. As they pass on through, he looks back- checking the coast- before moving off to the side. He then reaches the maintenance exit and opens the door. He waves his arm outside which is seen by the Conspirator.

The Conspirator: That's the signal. I'll go ahead and you follow after, got it?

Brandon: Go, we'll be right behind you.

The Conspirator nods and heads off to the maintenance area- keeping to the shadows. When he makes it over, the Conspirator passes by Coco, tipping his fedora once more in a gentlemanly manner. Coco waves again but the Conspirator stops as voices can be heard approaching. He then grabs Coco and pulls him from the doorway before closing the door. He moves him off to the side, behind a column.

Coco: Hey, what are you-

The Conspirator, covering his mouth: Shush! Listen.

The voice gets louder and more clear until two security guards can be seen approaching the maintenance area exit.

Security Guard 1: So you've seen the game last night?

Security Guard 2: Nah, not really. I was busy watching one of those new shows on the Internet.

Security Guard 1: Is it the one about hopping through time and other worlds keeping track of records or something?

Security Guard 2: No, no- but it does have something to do with time. I think it was based on a franchise but it's set in an alternate timeline or some sci-fi concept like that. I think it's called Exon or Expo. I forgot the name actually.

Security Guard 1: Well anyways, did the boss say anything about those intruders?

Security Guard 2: Just to keep our heads up. But we can talk about that after our break.

Security Guard 1: Sure, sure. So about that show-

The two then exit, closing the door behind them.

Coco: That's not good.

The Conspirator: You don't have to be a conspiracy theorist to figure that out.

Coco: Oh shut up you. How are we supposed to get them in now?

The Conspirator: They'll figure out a way. Right now, I have to head to the server room.

Coco: You still want to go along with the plan?

The Conspirator: I get it. You're young, scrappy and hungry. But I am not throwing away my shot.

Coco: Your shot? This was Brandon's plan.

The Conspirator: Look, this is our one chance. We can't afford to make mistakes. We have to work around them. Brandon knows this. He'll find a way inside but all we can do now is stick to the plan. Now do your job and I'll do mine.

The Conspirator leaves Coco in the maintenance area. He then looks at the door, concerned but then grows a determined look as he rushes off. Back outside, Brandon and Lucy over at the maintenance area, seeing the guards standing there, conversing.

Lucy: That was not part of the plan.

Brandon: No. No, it wasn't. Now we don't have a way of getting inside.

Lucy: I can subdue them.

Brandon: No. It might alert other guards or people in the area.

Lucy: Come on, I'm stealthy.

Brandon: I'm not doubting you, Lucy, it's just- if someone saw them, it would cause a panic. Besides, the door only opens from the inside unless you have the clearance code. And knowing the Conqueror, he's probably got the whole tower wired up to only let his people in.

Lucy: So what do we do?

Brandon looks around the area before his gaze moves upwards.

Brandon: ...The only thing we can do. We're going to climb the tower.

Lucy: But the security-

Brandon: -will be disabled if Sarah and the Conspirator reach the server room.

Lucy: That's banking on if they made it.

Brandon: I have to have faith in them. This is a chance we have to take.

Lucy: ...Alright. I'm with you, Brandon. So how do you want to do this? Fly style? Super leap? Fastball special? 

Brandon: No... we have to stay close to the tower itself. If we just fly over, we'll be picked up as some sort of-

Lucy: UFO?

Brandon: Heh, yeah- I guess so.

Lucy: So we're actually climbing. You got an alien for that? If you do, I'll follow your lead.

Brandon: Actually. I just might.

The scene then cuts ahead to Agilmur climbing up the back side of the tower. Lucy follows suite with green webbed hands and feet similar to Leap Frog's limbs.

Agilmur: There's some surveillance droids up ahead so be careful. If they spot us, we'll have to fend off the security.

Lucy: What about Sarah and that other guy?

Agilmur: They'll come through. I know they will.

At the private elevator, Sarah arrives on the scene placing the clearance card over the scanner. She then turns around, with the Conspirator standing directly behind her.

Sarah, startled: You're late.

The Conspirator: Time is relative to Human perceptive. It's a concept constructed by companies to keep people at bay between day and night cycles. Hence time zones.

Sarah: Well, it looks like it's time to get on the elevator.

The doors then open and the two of them step inside.

Sarah: Do you actually believe that stuff?

The Conspirator: I'll be honest, half of these are just theories. But theories are what brings us closer to the truth.

Sarah: This is going to be a long ride down.

The doors then close. Later, the doors open again and they walk out into the room before them. There are several servers lined up with access points at desks with computers. Some servers are propped with antennas and small satellite dishes.

Sarah: Here we are. The server room.

The Conspirator, looking around: I've never seen anything like this before.

Sarah: But I have. This is alien technology.

The Conspirator: Well, not entirely. Some of the technology comes from other tech companies and industries; Knight Corporations... Future Technologies...

Sarah: So this is what he's been doing with all those resources.

The Conspirator: Don't be so sure. This server room and the tower's security is a minor job. He could have blackmailed or assimilated two or three companies at most to cover this. But he insisted on several others. He must have enough resources to create a nuclear plant if he wanted to. Note to self: Look into nuclear detergent.

Sarah: We have focus on that later. Right now we have to disable the security for everybody else.

The Conspirator: Right. Let's see what we can do.

The two of them rush over to the access points and work on the servers. On the upper levels, Coco runs up the stairs in a hurry before bolting out from one of the stairways. He then looks around and runs off again.

Coco: Come on, come on. Where is it?

Outside, Agilmur and Lucy continue climbing up the side of the building. The droids start to approach in the area.

Lucy, climbing up: Those droids are getting close, Brandon!

Agilmur, climbing up: I know. But we can't stop now otherwise all this would be for nothing.

Lucy: But they'll spot us.

Agilmur, climbing up: Come on, Sarah...

The lens on the droids flare up as they fly over towards Agilmur and Lucy. Lucy starts to look worried and Agilmur bears his teeth with fret. The droids then deactivate and hover silently. Agilmur and Lucy then let out a sigh in relief and look over at each other.

Lucy: It looks like Sarah and the Conspirator were able to disable the security, after all.

Agilmur: Come on, let's head up. We might be able to find a way inside.

Lucy: (nod) Right!

The two continue scaling upwards. Soon enough, a window cracks open. Lucy looks up with surprise.

Lucy: Brandon, look.

Agilmur looks ahead and sees the open window.

Agilmur: A window. That's just our way inside!

Lucy: Let's head in!

Agilmur leaps upwards and clings onto the bottom of the window. Just then an arm reaches out and grabs his; pulling Agilmur inside. Agilmur looks up at the figure holding him in surprise.

Agilmur: It's you!

Coco: Of course, dude. Couldn't just leave you hanging, right?

Agilmur: Heh.

Agilmur presses against the Ultimatrix symbol on his chest and transforms back into Brandon. Brandon stands up and looks over at Coco.

Brandon: How'd you even know we would be climbing up the side of the building?

Coco: I wouldn't be much of a friend if I didn't know how you think.

Brandon, correcting him: Best friend. 

The two smile at each other for a brief moment before Brandon's eyes widen.

Brandon: Aw dang, Lucy!

Brandon hurries over to the window and helps Lucy inside.

Lucy: (huff) Thanks. I thought my powers were going to fritz out again. (looks up) Oh hey, Coco. What's up?

Coco: Nothing much. About to kick some bad guy butt. You two ready?

Brandon: For sure. Let's do this, guys!

The three of them walk out of the conference room into the hallway. 

Coco, quietly: The Conqueror's Office shouldn't be too far ahead.

Lucy, quietly: Then what are we waiting for?!

Brandon, quietly: Lucy, wait!

Lucy runs up ahead but Coco grabs her mask from behind, pulling her back.

Lucy: Ack! H-Hey!

Coco: Shush. Look.

The three of them look over the edge and peek out, seeing the Conqueror and his droid secretary approach from a different hallway. The Conqueror appears to be conversing on the phone.

The Conqueror: Now you listen to me, Remar. You make sure the project is under works. Otherwise, it's your neck on the line, you got that?!

The Conqueror hangs up and places the phone into his coat pocket before adjusting his tie.

The Conqueror: How's my evening looking, Droid?

Conqueror Droid: You have your opening speech in a few moments. After a brief intervention, you'll be appointed Mayor of Bellwood. Then your plan will proceed as you have predicted.

The Conqueror: Now that's exactly what I want to hear. Heh. My moment of power approaches, Droid. And there'll be nothing anyone can do to stop me.

The two proceed ahead, passing by the three of them who hide within a different room. They look out, seeing the two of them walk over to an elevator and enter. The doors soon close before the elevator descends. Brandon, Coco and Lucy then step out into the hallway once more.

Coco: He's going downstairs to do his stupid speech.

Brandon: Now we have a chance to check out his office for evidence. Come on.

Brandon and the others run up ahead, down the hallway. They stop and hide behind the corner as more security guards walk on by.

Coco, quietly: Rgh! This ain't gonna be easy with all these security guards.

Lucy, quietly: Maybe one of us should draw them away while the rest of us head to the office.

Brandon, quietly: I don't want us to split up but that just might be the best idea right now.

The three of them are silent for a moment before Lucy looks over to the side.

Lucy, quietly: ...I'll go.

Brandon, quietly: Hm?! Lucy... are you sure?

Lucy, quietly: Y-Yeah. The mission is important, right?

Coco looks over at the two of them then off to the side.

Coco, quietly: You don't have to do that, Lucy. I'll go.

Lucy, quietly: But, you and Brandon worked together often! I'm new to the team and better at taking out targets. That's how I was raised.

Coco, quietly: But that doesn't mean that's who you have to be. Besides, you two seem like a way better duo than we ever were. We're a team, all of us- which means we all have to pull our weight. So far, all I've done was open a door and window...

Brandon, quietly: Hey, you've got nothing to prove, man.

Coco, quietly: Heh. I know. But still, I gotta have my shot at looking cool during this mission.

Brandon, quietly: (chuckle) Classic Coco. Alright, we'll see you in a few. Try not to get caught, alright?

Coco, quietly: Right back at you.

Coco heads into the hallway, going after the security guards, while Brandon and Lucy turn to each other and nod. They then move out into the hall and moves towards the right side. Coco runs towards the two guards before him and extends his arms out to the side. His fingertips just barely slide against the wall as he absorbs the material- gaining a steel form. He then jumps up ahead and throws himself at the guards, knocking them down to the ground. He then tumbles against the floor and stops himself, looking up with a grin on his face. However, his grin fades and is replaced with a look of surprise. The guards stand up almost effortlessly and tear their outfits with one hand; revealing themselves to be humanoid Conqueror Droids.

Coco: No way!

The droids then rush Coco as he swings his arm to block their attacks. Brandon and Lucy stop sneaking ahead and look behind them, seeing Coco battle with the Conqueror Droids.

Brandon, surprised: Conqueror Droids?! Here?

Lucy: But I thought the security network was disabled.

Brandon: The network was set for the surveillance models. These are humanoid droids. They're designed to be soldiers for his robotic army that he used to pillage planets. Looks like he's mixing up his designs to catch us by surprise.

Coco starts to struggle with defending himself.

Brandon: Grk! I've gotta help him!

Lucy: No!

Brandon: Lucy?

Lucy: You need to get into that office and find those documents! I'll help Coco. My powers are just as powerful as yours so I should be able to take them on with him.

Brandon: But-

Lucy: If we all go... and we get overwhelmed... then all this would be for nothing. Please, just go. I'll be alright.

Lucy gives a weak smile. Brandon's surprise then wanes, in place for a determined look. He nods at Lucy and her smile appears more confident, or rather relieved. She then turns to the droids and runs towards them, forming her arm into one with brown fur and claws. She slashes one of the droids' legs, knocking it down while Coco strikes the other in the head. Brandon watches them for a moment before turning towards the office. In the elevator, the Conqueror looks ahead with a grim look on his face while his secretary stands besides him with a blank look. It looks up slightly then off to the side.

The Conqueror: Something wrong?

Conqueror Droid: Yes. It appears that your intruders have made it to the top level of this building. They've encountered the second phase of your security, sir.

The Conqueror: Ah. The second model droids. This should be interesting. Why don't you be a good secretary and take care of them for me, will you? I have a speech to deliver.

Conqueror Droid: Of course, sir. They will be dealt with... swiftly.

The Conqueror, smirking: Excellent.

The elevator doors then open and the Conqueror steps out, adjusting his tie once more. The Conqueror Droid remains in the elevator, looking ahead with its blank stare as the doors slowly close before it. The scene then cuts over to the Conqueror's Office where Brandon steps inside. He looks around, seeing a desk with a computer as well as a couple of filing cabinets. Brandon approaches the desk with an unnerved look.

Brandon: The Conqueror's Office. Hmph. So this is it...

Brandon moves behind the desk and starts going through the drawers.

Brandon, searching through the desk: Come on... there has to be something here. Ggh...

Brandon continues searching. Just then, the scene cuts over to the elevator doors opening with a couple of security guards stepping out. Sarah continues typing against the keyboard, hacking the building's security systems.

Voice: Danger... You need... to move... 

Sarah, holding the side of her head: N-No... I have to help my team...

Voice: Danger, Sarah!

Sarah: Stop! Ngh!

Sarah stops completely, holding her head with both hands. The Conspirator turns to Sarah from his own access point then his head turns slightly with a step back as well. The guard raises a taser towards Sarah.

The Conspirator: Sarah, move!

Sarah, however, continues holding her head with his knees weakening actually before she is shot with the taser. The shock courses through her body before she falls unconscious onto the floor. The Conspirator steps forward with a hand extended then turns his attention to the guards who approach him. He throws up his hands in a boxing stance, taking a step backwards once more.

The Conspirator: Ah shoot, here we go again.

The scene cuts to the hall where Coco continues fighting against the humanoid Conqueror Droids with Lucy- now using an Astro-like arm to blast them away. However, more Conqueror Droids emerge and the drone model are soon disrupted from hidden ports in the walls. The two of them very quickly become surrounded and overwhelmed by the onslaught of droids.

Coco: Gah!

Despite this fact, Coco continues pushing against the oncoming droids. Lucy also fights back but she is grabbed from behind and pulled down under the amount of droids in the hallway.

Lucy: AH!

Coco, pushing through the droids: LUCY!

Coco starts to make a path through the droids to reach Lucy but the attacks from the droids keep hitting Coco until he drops to the floor, unable to carry on any longer.

Coco: No...

Now in the Conqueror's Office, Brandon continues turning up files and such from his desk but a frustrated look persists on his face. The area around the desk is in a bit of a state of distress already. Brandon goes through another file but soon stops. He looks up and, ahead of him, sees the Conqueror's Secretary. He looks off to the side for a brief moment then places the folder down on the desk.

Brandon: So it's just you and me then?

Conqueror Droid: You won't find what you're looking for.

Brandon: I can't stop trying. The Conqueror needs to be stopped. I'm sure you wouldn't understand.

Conqueror Droid: It's my function to understand... and to carry out the Conqueror's will. You want to defeat him... in the same fashion he wants to defeat you. Through conviction and determination. One might find your attempts as admirable.

Brandon: One like yourself?

Conqueror Droid: I am a Droid. I carry no admiration.

Brandon: Yeah, should've seen that coming...

Conqueror Droid: Like I had already mentioned, it is my purpose to carry out the Conqueror's will. And his will indicates that you will continue no further. Your allies have fallen and your hope for survival is minimal at best. I suggest you surrender.

Brandon, walking out, in front of the desk: Sorry, but I'm not giving up. Not today. Not after everything we've went through. They're all counting on me. I'm not going to let them down!

Brandon slowly pulls up his sleeve, revealing the Ultimatrix. The Droid's eyes lock onto it for a brief second before fixing back onto Brandon, himself.

Brandon: You know what I'm capable of. Maybe you should be the one backing down.

Conqueror Droid: I recognize your power. But it's you who will soon recognize my own.

The Conqueror Droid raises its arm and fires an energy blast at Brandon who dodge rolls out of the way. Brandon activates the Ultimatrix but the Droid strikes again with another energy blast from its hand. Brandon falls off to the side, just barely missing the blast. He then smacks the face plate down and transforms into Bio-Shock.

Bio-Shock: BIO-SHOCK!

Bio-Shock slams his hands against the floor and releases a wave of electric energy towards the Conqueror Droid, who then pushes off from the floor and swirls through the air. It then blasts a wide laser from their hand- which extends out slightly for a wider spread- just before touching down behind him. Bio-Shock is blasted ahead, struggling to get up from a blast like that. However, he does. The Conqueror Droid rushes towards him, in an attempt to catch him off guard. But Bio-Shock generates a field of electricity around him, which gets the Conqueror Droid caught up in it before it can turn away in reaction. Bio-Shock sizzles momentarily before turning back to the Conqueror Droid, who stands before him- looking down, holding their arms up to minimize the damage. As the smoke clears, its right arm is shown to have been burnt from the electricity- revealing only a metallic skeleton underneath. Half of the secretary's face is burnt off as well, showing the true design of the Conqueror Droid underneath its false feminine exterior. Its robotic eye glares before it throws its arm ahead, turning it into a full-on blaster. It fires rapidly at Bio-Shock who throws up an electric barrier. The energy shots, however, continue to pummel Bio-Shock; only dulling the effect rather than negating it completely.

Bio-Shock, taking the hits: Grgghh...

The barrier then soon dissipates with Bio-Shock taking on the full force the blasts before the Conqueror Droid lowers its blaster arm, with a sizzling effect leaving the tip. The Droid then approaches the fallen Bio-Shock, sparking from the robotic bits ever so slightly. Bio-Shock stirs slightly before turning back into a weakened Brandon. As the Droid comes close to Brandon, he flips over- showing his back to it. The Conqueror Droid then grabs Brandon by the shoulder and throws him over; throwing up its blaster arm as if to strike him.

Conqueror Droid: Your attempts were ineffective and your defeat... inevitable.

The arm then comes down for the attack and the scene cuts suddenly to the elevator doors which soon open slowly to reveal the Conqueror. He steps into the hall and reaches into his coat pocket, removes a smart phone. He taps against the side and a hologram props up from the screen, showing the lobby. In the security guard's custody, Sarah, the Conspirator, Coco, Lucy and General Gates are seen being arrested. The Conqueror smirks then taps the button again, turning off the display. As he tucks the phone back into his coat, he approaches his office. He then turns the knob and pushes open the door. As he steps inside, he looks ahead.

The Conqueror: Well then. This is definitely unexpected.

Before him, Brandon stands with the Conqueror Droid. The Droid has its robotic hand clamped on his shoulder while his arms are bound. Brandon appears to have been roughed up.

The Conqueror: The great Brandon 10... here in my office... on the night of my acceptance of power. Finally and utterly defeated by my hands. How does it feel? To know that you have lost?

Brandon remains silent, just looking ahead at him.

The Conqueror: What? No comment? Maybe the situation hasn't really cemented in yet.

The Conqueror checks his coat pocket once more, pulling out his phone again.

The Conqueror: After all, you're so used to playing the role of a hero. But in reality...

He shows the phone to Brandon. Brandon's eyes look down at the screen where he sees his friends being held captive.

The Conqueror: You never really were a hero, now were you?

Brandon looks up at the Conqueror, with resentment.

The Conqueror: And now... you'll be handed to the police who just so happen to be on the way here. Maybe it's because they got a call from someone who expected to find something incriminating about myself? Something to help prove your innocence so to speak. But there's nothing here for you. There's no file, no data, no evidence to prove your innocence because there was never anything to prove. You... aren't innocent. You put lives in danger, you get in the way and you waste that power on your wrist. You don't deserve to be a hero.

The Conqueror walks off to the door.

Brandon: And you do?

The Conqueror stops in his tracks. Then turns to face Brandon again.

The Conqueror: You think I want to be a hero?

Brandon: Isn't that what you keep saying? That you're going to make things right as Mayor? Isn't that why you're after me?

The Conqueror: I don't want power to help people. They are all beneath me. Everyone had their chance but now, the only person I think about is myself. You think Mayor is where I'm stopping? I've held power that made me challenge the likes of you and heroes from other worlds. Yes, it costed me my sanity but it gained me a reputation across the galaxy. There isn't a soul out there who doesn't know the name, Conqueror. I made sure of that.

Brandon: That explains the Bounty Hunters that attacked General Gates... and the people at the courthouse.

The Conqueror: But you already knew that. Just as I knew that Gates would betray me. But still, it was entertaining to keep him around. Just so I can get this chance to watch your defeat. Now, after knowing all that... all that we've been through, why would you think I would settle for power over a single town when I can keep doing what I've been doing here and rule over the entire country? Maybe even the world eventually.

Brandon: I just didn't figure you'd have the patience for it.

The Conqueror: Oh good things to come to those who wait. I may be power hunger but I'm smart enough to figure some kind of strategy. Besides... if politics doesn't work out, there's always Plan B.

Brandon: And that is?

The Conqueror: Don't worry about it. You won't be around to stop it, after all. It would seem that your ignorance has lead to your failure. Maybe once you're in custody, and the Ultimatrix, was it? Maybe once they remove that, I can come to possess that. Then ruling the world will come much easier than waiting for these mindless idiots to sway to my words.

Brandon: You can't just use the people like that.

The Conqueror: It's not like they think for themselves anyways. Once you start to do that, the world turns against you. It's much easier to hide in the crowd and think like everyone else. Follow a system that you can rely on only to be used in the end. Except now I am the system. And everyone is simply a tool in my gain for power. Even you when I framed you for assaulting me, a politician. Funny how a couple of lies can turn you heroes into villains in the eyes of the public. That's all I needed to keep you off my trail back when I was posing as a crime lord.

Brandon: The Extreme Bikers... their attacks... they were funded by you.

The Conqueror: I told them. The next time we meet, they will meet their doom. Little did they know that I had a Human form and planned for you to annihilate their forces. Predictable as always, Brandon.

Brandon struggles but the Conqueror Droid holds Brandon firmly.

The Conqueror: Everything has gone according to plan. And now, all I have to do is wait and the position of Mayor will be bestowed onto me... along with the power that comes with such a title.

Brandon: I won't stop fighting. Even if I'm arrested, I won't stop until I defeat you!

The Conqueror chuckles slightly before turning to a rather grim expression.

The Conqueror: You really won't, will you?

The ferocity in Brandon's expression dims as the Conqueror glares him down, approaching him slowly. He then raises his hand off to the side, still looking ahead at Brandon intently. Soon enough, the Conqueror's red staff flies off from the side and reaches the Conqueror's hand as he snatches it from the air.

The Conqueror: Then I suppose... no one will be none the wiser if you were disposed of after as a case of "self-defense".

The Conqueror leans his staff close to Brandon's face which he looks at with some concern. He then looks over at the Conqueror with a lofty manner.

Brandon: Well... about that.

The Conqueror: What?

There's a pounding at the door before it opens. It looks like a security guard making his way into the room in a hurry.

Security Guard: Sir! (huff)

The Conqueror: What is it? I would like to return to dealing with this intruder... in private.

Security Guard: T-That's the thing, sir. Your privacy has been breached somehow. They know.

The Conqueror: What?! What are you saying, man?

Brandon: Didn't you hear him? They know... Everyone knows all about the things you're doing behind their backs.

The Conqueror, eyes widening: Impossible! That's completely impossible!

Brandon: Well, I do have a tendency of doing the impossible.

The Conqueror: You planned this? How?!

Brandon: Really, it's you that you have to thank, Conqueror. After all, it was you that was keeping tabs on me. That's how you knew about my dispute with the government, the Anthron Invasion and even the temple. You were spying on me. But you couldn't do it in person. Being councilman prevented you from leaving the area often. But you didn't have to, now did you? Not when you had a Secretary to keep notes for you.

The Conqueror turns to the Conqueror Droid.

Brandon: Except she's not just a regular secretary, is she? She's a droid- probably the best one who have. You programmed her... or I guess it with the best features imaginable... including a camera function to record me and make those quick broadcast to promote yourself as Mayor earlier.

The Conqueror: You're lying. There's no way you could have reprogrammed my Droid. You're not that clever! Besides, this isn't some simple machine that can get shorted out by a simple blast of electricity or whatever your alien forms can produce. I built it! 

Brandon: That's why I didn't use one of my aliens.

The scene flashes back to when Brandon lays against the floor as the Conqueror Droid approaches. He turns over and reaches into his pocket, removing a small handheld device. The Conqueror Droid then grabs him by the shoulder and turns him over forcefully. It then swings its arm down to attack when Brandon activates the device. It releases a pulse of energy that causes the droid to drop to its knees. Brandon then gets up weakly and moves over to the side of the droid. He presses against the side of its exposed head and a panel opens, revealing a series of chips and ports. Brandon carefully analyzes the design and removes a certain chip before replacing it with the mechanism in his hand.

Brandon, voice over: It's a device capable of shortening a device's connection to a network- even a self-driven one. Once the droid was disabled momentarily, I replaced one of the chips and gave control over that function to my seventh ally.

Conqueror, voice over: Seventh?

The scene then shows Eli back at Phoenix Labs, processing the incoming data from the Conqueror Droid and uploading it to several other networks. The scene then shows the billboard in the city section once more, however, the advertised product glitches out and shows the image of the Conqueror talking with Brandon from the perspective of the Conqueror Droid.

Brandon, voice over: Right now, people are watching your confession live. It's like they say in court- if you don't have evidence, you might be able to make a point with testimony alone.

The Conqueror slams his fist against the desk.

The Conqueror: They can't be! I was... so close! I was one step ahead of you and you still have the advantage?!

Brandon: I knew that you knew how I think. So I decided to think like you for a change. This whole plan was inspired by your own ideas. Everything you used against me... was just enough to make you a person of interest.

The Conqueror: Ha. You think that's enough to stop me? I'm the Councilman! I am just say this was fabricated by outside sources. By manipulating the media, I'm still the one in control.

Brandon: And that's why I made that announcement earlier. I needed the people to start thinking for themselves. To see past your lies. So matter what you tell them, they'll still have that idea that you're up to no good. Even if this takes a while, there's no way you're regaining their trust. People you can manipulate systems and command people around but you can't stop the people from thinking.

The Conqueror: No... No! NO!

The Conqueror grabs his desk and flips it over. He breaths in heavily as Brandon watches, smugly.

Brandon: Now you have two options. Surrender and accept your defeat or you can fight me but, well, what's the point anymore, right?

The Conqueror trembles with rage as he grips his staff.

The Conqueror: Oh, I'll show you my point, Tennyson!

The Conqueror raises his staff when the doors burst open. The police swarm in aiming their weapons at the Conqueror.

Police Captain, walking in: Put down the staff!

The Conqueror pauses for a moment as he holds the staff over his head, ready to pulge it into Brandon. Brandon, however, smiles. The Conqueror then sighs and lowers his arm, dropping the staff onto the floor. The police then approach them and place the Conqueror in handcuffs.

Police Captain: Councilman Kord, you are under arrest under suspicion of attempted murder, fraud, embezzlement and a list of other serious offenses. You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say will be used against you in the court of a law.

The Conqueror, looking over at Brandon: This... This is far from over.

Brandon: I dunno. It looks pretty over to me.

The Conqueror growls as he is pulled away from Brandon and escorted out of his office. The Police Captain walks over to Brandon, looking down at him.

Police Captain: Do you have any idea how much trouble you have put me through?

Brandon: Hey, I can be saying the same thing, Captain.

Police Captain: Just so you know... this doesn't clear you of your charges. But it does... give you a chance to explain yourself. Maybe even prove yourself innocent if your story matches up with his... confession.

Brandon: Believe me, that's all we've been asking for.

Police Captain: Heh. (to the Officers) Somebody get this robo-nanny off of him, already, will ya?

Police Officer, rushing over: Yes, sir!

The scene then cuts over to the outside of the tower, where the police continue moving the Conqueror outside. The building is surrounded by reporters and people. The commotion escalates when he actually steps outside. Reporters press ahead to get a word from the Conqeuror but he remains silent as he moves ahead. Some others throw trash in his direction with shouts from the crowd. The Conqueror's silence persists underneath a dark expression. He's then loaded into the back of a police van. A disposal team can be seen taking apart the deactivated droids and moving them into seperate trucks. The team then emerges from the inside of the tower with the exception of the Conspirator.

General Gates: Well, I'll say Brandon, I don't think I actually believed this would have worked out. But I suppose it was my faith in you that made me go along with this plan.

Brandon: I'm just glad we were able to see eye to eye again, after everything.

General Gates: For the sake of justice. Yes. (looking over at the police van) That man... it's about time he had gotten what he so rightfully deserves. Not power, but the punishment for causing so much harm to so many people.

The van then drives off with the Conqueror watching them from behind the door windows.

Coco: Here, here. (stretches) I'm just glad we're not on the run anymore.

Sarah: Seriously, your assistance in clearing our charges was a big help, General.

General Gates: Don't mention it. It's the least I can do. I will like I have a lot to make up to you. This is just my way of getting started with that.

He smiles then turns to walk off.

General Gates: Now to find that blasted masked vigilante who had gotten away. The rules still apply to him, after all!

Brandon looks up at a rooftop and sees the Conspirator leaning on the edge. He tips his fedora in their direction before moving away from the edge and, soon, out of view.

Brandon: Oh, I'll sure he'll come around. (looking back down) Eventually.

Lucy: We did it... We finally took him down. I knew we would do it! By working as a team and all!

Brandon: Yeah, we couldn't have taken down the Conqueror without one or the other.

Coco: You really think this is it? He's never one to go down so... quietly.

Brandon: That's just because he knows he lost.

Sarah: Normally, I'd be overthinking it but right now... I think we owe it to ourselves to relax for once.

Coco: (sigh) Agreed. I could go a proper burger.

Brandon: And milkshakes...

Sarah: Um- I was thinking more like an actual shower. Trust me, you two could use one.

Coco: What? No way!

He pauses for a moment before sniffing himself.

Coco: Okay... maybe just a little one.

They all laugh for a moment. The scene then fades to a road, later on, with the police van driving down it through the rest of the night. The van rattles slightly as he drives against the road. The Conqueror, remains cuffed in the back of the van with some officers. In the front, there are two more officers- one the driver and the other the passenger.

Police Van Driver, driving: Alright, buckle up people- it's a long ride 'till we reach the prison.

Police Van Officer: Makes me wonder why we can't just lock this guy up in one of those jails like the other crazy costumed guys.

Police Van Driver, driving: You didn't hear? This guy schemed this whole plot to kill the Mayor and take his place. He even framed Brandon 10. This isn't someone we mess with. We have him captured, right? So we're taking him to a serious maximum facility prison. He's never going to see daylight ever again.

The Conqueror turns his head away from the port and stares at the floor, in silence.

Police Van Officer: Yeah. I guess you're right. The van continues driving before they stop before a blockage in the road. Apparently, there's a semi-truck before them. As the van comes to a stop, the headlights shine on the side of the truck before them, revealing that it's a Fracture Corporation truck. The driver honks his horn.

Police Van Driver: Come on!

Police Van Officer: Seriously?

Police Van Driver: Out of all the days- you wanna check this out?

Police Van Officer: Yeah, yeah...

The police officer gets out of the van and approaches the truck after closing the door behind her. The driver watches the officer investigate the truck from inside but as the officer continues examining, she is soon blasted away from the side.

Police Van Driver: What in the-

The driver reaches down for the radio. He grabs it and looks up, only to see the Conqueror Droid on the van's hood. The arm of the droid crashes through the glass, grabbing the driver.

Police Van Driver: GAH!

The driver is then thrown out of the van. The officers in the back then turn to the port in surprise.

Van Guard: Hey, what's going on up there?!

Van Guard 2: Are you two alright?

Footsteps can then heard be heard outside. The officers look down the side of the truck until their gazes meet at the back door where the footsteps stop. After a moment passes, there's a bang against the door. Then another, creating an indent in the door. Then one more. The guards raise up their arms at the door while approaching slowly. However, the doors blast open with the force knocking the guards down. The Conqueror then looks down at the fallen guards then up at the opening to see the Conqueror Droid standing before him. It then climbs into the van and breaks the Conqueror loose from his handcuffs.

The Conqueror: You remain as loyal as ever, Droid.

The Conqueror stands and leaves the van with the droid by his side. Before them, another figure approaches.

The Conqueror: ...Of course. So it was you who rebooted my droid. I suppose, you have my thanks, Richard.

Richard steps ahead, holding the Conqueror's staff.

Richard Remar: Well, I couldn't just let my boss get thrown in prison. Not when there's so much to be done.

The Conqueror: Good on you, Remar. There's a reason I placed you in charge of Fracture Corporations.

Richard Remar: Believe me, retrieving your droid from the scene was no easy feat. But never the less, there's work that needs to be done. Shall we?

The Conqueror: Yes. Let's.

Remar hands the staff to the Conqueror, who takes it in his own hands. The two of them then head back to the semi-truck. The scene then cuts to the afternoon, the next day, at Phoenix Labs. At the lobby, Brandon, Coco and Sarah enter- looking around.

Brandon: Feels good to come in through the front door again.

Coco: Why are we even here in the first place?

Henry the Security Guard: Yeah, that's what I would like to know.

Brandon: Heh, come on Henry. It's me, Brandon 10.

Henry the Security Guard: Yeah, I know who you are. But that doesn't give you the right to just walk into a highly advanced science facility. I don't care if you were cleared of suspicion or not.

Brandon: Well then, it's a good thing we have a reason for being here.

Henry the Security Guard: (chuckle) Yeah. That would be a good thing, wouldn't it? Eli's up in his usual room. As far as I'm concerned, you three have as much clearance to the place as he does. 

Brandon: Awesome, thanks a bunch, Henry. (to Coco and Sarah) Come on.

Sarah: I wonder what Eli would have wanted. His message made it sound pretty urgent. The scene cuts to a moment later with the three of them arriving at Eli's laboratory.

Brandon: Eli?

Eli, turning to the door: Oh hey, Brandon. Sarah, Coco. Thanks for coming.

Sarah: Of course. What can we do you for?

Eli: I just wanted to let you know the good news.

Coco: What good news?

Eli: So y'know how Fracture Corp was trying to seize our assets? Well, due to the Councilman being ousted as the Conqueror, his association with their company has lead to many properties returning to their rightful ownership. So you don't have to worry about any more resources falling into their hands.

Sarah: That's fantastic!

Brandon: But what about Phoenix Labs? Did the deal go through?

Eli: No. I managed to slow it down long enough for your plan to come into action. The board members rejected Remar's offer and cut off any ties to him and Fracture Corporations.

Coco: Hey, hey- nice. About time things started going our way.

Eli: Yeah. Thanks to you three, Phoenix Labs can continue being the facility for developing bright, new ideas. And my job is no longer in jeopardy and you three are all cleared of your charges. So, as a thank you, I'd like to offer you access to the facility.

Brandon: Seriously?

Coco: Wait, you can just do that?

Eli: Well, I had to pull a few strings here. But you're Brandon 10. Besides, if someone can out think someone like the Conqueror, you can definitely work in a think tank like us.

Brandon: Wait, work as in a job? No offense but I kinda have hero work to do.

Sarah: Not to mention school work on top of that.

Eli: Oh don't worry about the details. I just figured you might be able to use our resources to help on one of your adventures. Kinda like how you needed it for Lucy's suit and disabling that Droid.

Brandon: I guess having some gadgets around wouldn't be so bad. Plus, making technology at a place like this? (squeel) It's like a dream come true.

Sarah: Heh, did you just-

Coco: Yeah, I think I heard it too.

Brandon: W-What? It was nothing.

Eli: Pretty sure it was a squeel in delight.

Coco: Haha. You're such a fan boy.

Sarah: It was pretty cute.

Brandon, covering his head: Ugh... you guys are embarassing the heck out of me right now. Coco and Sarah laugh while Eli lets out a chuckle. Brandon sighs then turns his attention to Eli once again.

Brandon: Seriously though, thanks for this. I know it'll come in handy later on.

Eli: Anytime, man.

Brandon's phone then rings momentarily. He looks down, slightly surprised before reaching for his phone. He then answers it, placing the phone close to his ear.

Brandon: Hello?

Soon enough, Brandon's eyes start to widen as he takes a step back in disbelief.

Brandon: Y-Yeah.... I understand. Thank you.

Brandon hangs up. He looks as though he's about to fall before he takes a seat.

Sarah: Is everything alright?

Coco: Who was that on the phone?

Brandon: It was Gates. It was telling me about the prison transfer for the Conqueror.

Coco: ...Don't tell me.

Brandon: Yeah. He escaped police custody. Everyone is looking for him as we speak. They were searching for answers all morning.

Sarah: Just when I thought we were done with him.

Coco: So what do we do now?

Brandon: ...We find him.

The view then shows the four of them inside of the lab as it slowly zooms away before fading over to the interior of a facility of some kind. There are a couple of Fracture Corporations signs on the walls as well as some scientists in lab coats along with armed guards. The view pans to one room in particular- a central room where some kind of generator is seen. The Conqueror stands with Remar in the room, looking out at the generator.

The Conqueror: Is the assembly ready?

Richard Remar: Just about, sir.

The Conqueror: At long last... true power will finally be within my grasp. Before them, the generator can be seen carefully connecting three separate items together; the Raineon Cub being placed towards the back, the Lesko Engine being placed in the middle and the Immensity Crystal being placed at the front. With all three items combined evenly, some kind of machine had been constructed; it appears almost like an emitter.

The Conqueror: With the Raineon Cub as the battery, the Lesko Engine as the converter and the Immensity Crystal as the lens... the generator will finally have what it takes to reach into the unknown and reveal the power that rightfully belongs to me, the Conqueror!

His laughs echo through the chamber as the assembly finishes its completion.

Brandon 10 will return for an upcoming special event.


Noteworthy Events

Major Events

  • Brandon unites a team together to take down the Conqueror
  • The Conqueror unintentionally confesses to his crimes, making him a guilty man
  • Brandon and the team are cleared off their charges
  • The Conqueror escapes police custody with the help of Richard Remar
  • The Conqueror moves ahead with a secret project at Fracture Corporations

Minor Events

  • Lucy, The Conspirator, Eli and Gates are all associated with each other.
  • Brandon thinks like the Conqueror to construct a plan against him
  • Lucy sports her new suit, which can monitor her health
  • Remar fails to secure Phoenix Labs because of Brandon
  • Brandon and the team are given access to Phoenix Labs' resources



Aliens Used


  • Some lines said by Brandon during the breakdown of the plan are an allusion to the lines said by Captain America in the film, Avengers: Endgame, as seen in the trailer; including "Whatever it takes".
    • This wasn't fully intentional however. Despite that, all but one of the lines can be heard in the trailers for the film as to avoid spoiling the movie.
  • When the security guards arrive unexpectedly, their conversation consist of this new show that one of the guards is watching online. Their descriptions of a show about "hopping through time and other worlds to keep track of records or something" and "based on a franchise but it's set in an alternate timeline" are references to Project Deca and Ben 10: ExOS, respectively.
  • When Coco protests to moving on with the plan, the Conspirator responds with "I get it. You're young, scrappy and hungry but I am not throwing away my shot". A reference to the lyrics from the song, My Shot, in the musical, Hamilton.


  • There was a scene planned with Brandon being the one in disguise and sneaking inside in order to get a look of the area, then after examining the facility on the inside, he'd undo his disguise and transform into Portal, opening a portal within for everyone to access. However, this scene was cut because it felt way too convenient and limited the potential character interactions with this new team.
  • The billboard announcement scene was inspired by a certain scene in Persona 5.
  • While the Conspirator was always going to talk with Brandon about the Conqueror always being a step ahead, Lucy was considered to be included within that scene as well. There was even a set up for her involvement by her looking over at Brandon in the doorway. However, she remained not included. 
  • Brandon and Lucy scaling the side of the tower was supposed to be in the initial plan however the plan going awry and the team having to think of something on the spot would have given the story more gravity and intensity.
  • The setting of the sneaking mission would have been set at City Hall but, gaining some influence from the infiltration scene from Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, the setting was changed to a tower.
  • The end goal was always going to be getting the Conqueror's confession to prove their innocence by using the Conqueror Droid, most of the planning went towards explaining how it all connects and how the characters would manage such a feat.
  • The end of this episode actually leads into the next special rather than the episode.
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