The following content contains profanity that may not be suitable for readers of all ages. Please proceed with caution.

Denial, also called Lars Schmidt Vehemently Denies the Existence of the Order, is the twenty third volume of Attack on To'kustar. It is the first volume of Attack on Order, the sixth chapter of the series.


Denial was written and directed by Paper. It was written between April 16 and 23, 2017, and will be released on May 23, 2017. It is the first episode in the series to be written with a new script format, and also the first episode to contain "Previously on..." and "Next on..." sections at the beginning and end of the episode, respectively. These segments replace the non-existent theme song, which was listed in the script of previous episodes.

"Denial" means "the action of declaring something to be untrue." Spoilers: As the long title of this episode implies, this refers to Lars Schmidt's denial about the existence of the Esper Order, a group of Espers dedicated to finding Espers all around the world and helping them learn about their powers, and also to bridge the gap between Espers and normal humans.

The "Previously on Attack on To'kustar" is read by Sven Schmidt. The "Next on Attack on To'kustar" is read by Nathan Loretta.


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Previously on Attack on To'kustar:
[Open on the middle of Teviv. Sven Schmidt has transformed into a To'kustar, and he rushes forward, pushing the Talking To'kustar. It manages to stay on its feet and return the blow, knocking Sven back a few steps. It rushes forward and tries to punch Sven again, but he catches the punch and pulls the To'kustar down with him.]

[Cut to the sky; a flash of green lightning strikes down, hitting both the To'kustars and causing a massive explosion of steam. From far away, the soldiers react to the lightning.]

Tobias Clay

[Cut ahead to the smoke from the lightning strike clearing. Eventually, Vance Grace emerges from the smoke. He draws his weapons, realizing that the team now knows he's the Talking To'kustar.]

[Cut to Penny Blair flying through the city, fighting Vance, as Tuesday Smith and Maxwell Wagner fly just behind them. The two are fighting as an audio clip of a later conversation between Penny and Max is heard.]

Maxwell Wagner, narration
You really don't understand, do you? Just because you survive doesn't mean you win? The costs of victory are sometimes too high to be sustainable.

[Cut ahead to Max's fight with Penny. Max stabs her in the waist with a sword, clearly having already stabbed her previously.]

Maxwell Wagner
Your real enemy is chaos itself, not something which can so easily be defeated.

[Cut ahead again to Max flying off. As Penny heals, she notices that across the street, on a building rooftop, Tuesday has defeated Vance, who now lies unconscious on the roof.]

[Cut to a scene from an earlier episode, when Samuel Wright and Logan Fitzpatrick were talking about their suspicions about the team.]

Logan Fitzpatrick
I think we can both agree that neither Tuesday nor Nathan are to be trusted.
Samuel Wright
Agreed, but what are you going to do about it?
Logan Fitzpatrick
Well... there's someone in town I want to talk to.

[Quickly cut to Trevor Faraday, to signify that Logan was talking about Trevor. It is the scene of the fight after the tavern exploded in Proctor. Nathan Loretta is standing across from him, as Penny and Andrew Knowles fight behind him, with Penny's back turned towards Nathan. The two have their swords pushed against each other as Andrew slowly starts to spin the two of them around. After about a half way spin, Andrew draws his swords back, as does Penny.]

Penny Blair
This is pointless. You're not making any progress.
Andrew Knowles
Actually, you're not. I'm right where I want to be.

[He quickly turns around, carefully aims his sword, and then stabs it right through Nathan's back. Trevor, standing in front of Nathan, takes a step back.]

Andrew Knowles, whispering to Nathan
Try not using your powers now.

[Cut ahead to Trevor and Penny arguing with Nathan in Trevor's basement. Nathan is standing in the corner of the room farthest away from the stairs.]

Penny Blair
And so in the morning, you'll go back to explain to them, right?
Nathan Loretta

[He sits down in a chair.]

Nathan Loretta
As far as the team is concerned, Nathan Loretta is dead.

[Cut to another scene from the previous episode. Max, Troy Dieter, Aaron Cross, and Lauren Haber are meeting with Webster Grace, discussing Vance's capture.]

Troy Dieter
If you don't mind me interrupting, my lord, I believe that it's the official policy of the Knights to deal with captured agents by eliminating them.

[Webster doesn't respond at first, but then realizes what has to be done.]

Webster Grace
Yes, I suppose you're right.

[He looks Troy right in the eye.]

Webster Grace
Then you'll take care of it?
Troy Dieter
Absolutely, my lord.

Denial -
Lars Schmidt Vehemently Denies the Existence of the Order

[Open on a shot of Teviv from afar. The city of Teviv remains on edge, in the midst of a great battle, but the fighting is currently at a stand still. It is the middle of the day, on the day after the battle began; the day after the wall was broken. Different areas of the city are shown: at the wall, Connor Yan, Kathryn Wesley, Krista Renth, and Wynne Holst patrol the area where the Talking To'kustar broke through, making sure no one leaves or enters the city. For a city this on edge, it is surprisingly quiet and peaceful; it is surreal.]

[Across the city, the police station is quiet. While there are officers and army soldiers resting inside, there is little activity, as most of them are preparing for a fight to reclaim the city from the Forever Knights. In another part of the city, Penny Blair and Tuesday Smith walk down the street. After a few moments, she turns and walks up the steps of a house. She lets herself in, but it is not her home; the house belongs to Trevor Faraday, whom Penny and Tuesday find sitting in the kitchen along with Olivia Faraday, his wife.]

Trevor Faraday
Is it time?

[Penny nods her head. Trevor stands up from the table and walks past Penny and Tuesday. He heads to a staircase and heads for the basement as Penny and Tuesday follow him. When he arrives in the basement, he turns on the lights to look at Nathan Loretta sitting at the far side of the room, eyes wide open, staring at the ground, as he has been doing non-stop for the past several days. Trevor starts to walk over towards him, causing Nathan to break out of his seeming trance and look at him. Tuesday takes a single step forward, while Penny remains at the bottom of the stairs.]

Trevor Faraday
Nathan, you can't stay here forever.

[He doesn't respond. He is still ashamed over the events that led made him want to live in a basement.]

Trevor Faraday
I don't understand why you're doing this.

[Trevor is clearly angry with Nathan's situation.]

Trevor Faraday
This isn't the first time you've done things like this either! You go days without eating because you don't have to! You spend weeks doing nothing because you have endless time to figure things out! I'm surprised you got off your lazy ass and joined the military! What made you want to do that?

[Trevor stops for a moment and then realizes he was getting slightly angry.]

Trevor Faraday
You didn't think that there would be any hard times in the military, especially as someone keeping so many secrets? You thought you'd be perfect, right?

[He embraces his anger and raises his voice.]

Trevor Faraday
What did you think was going to happen when one of your squad mates noticed your injuries healing? How were you going to explain it to your branch captain when you got crushed by a To'kustar or stabbed by a Forever Knight, but somehow miraculously survived? Listen, Nathan, maybe there are some secrets worth keeping, I get that. But this is a secret you shouldn't have valued so highly, and it's a secret no more, so maybe you should just move on.

[Nathan has minimal reaction to Trevor's monologue. He simply goes back to staring at the ground. Trevor turns around, not sure what to do next.]

Trevor Faraday
If one of you wants to reason with him, be my guest. The sooner he gets out of my basement, the better.

[Trevor heads up the stairs. Tuesday walks over towards Nathan and sits down just in front of him, in front of where he was staring at the ground. They make direct eye contact.]

Tuesday Smith
If you're worried that the others won't accept you... I think they will. I know you're an Esper, and it doesn't bother me, but that's because I know the truth, and the whole truth. I know what you're capable of, so I'm not afraid of the unknowns.

[She breaks eye contact and smiles.]

Tuesday Smith
I think now that you've refused to show yourself people are getting suspicious, but I know you're really just a nice person. When I was stupid and went back to the Knights, you rescued me, and I'll never be able to make that up to you, you being an Esper and all, you know...

[She looks back right into his eyes.]

Tuesday Smith
The wall is broken, Nathan! The Knights are going to try and take the city! To'kustars could surround the city at any moment. We could really use your help.

[He doesn't react. Tuesday stands up, in visible anger.]

Tuesday Smith
Fine, maybe you're not as cool as I thought you were.

[She turns around and storms off. She heads up the stairs, leaving Penny and Nathan alone in the basement. Penny finally moves from right at the bottom of the stairs and stands right in front of Nathan, looking him straight in the eye. Nathan tries to avoid making eye contact, but after a few moments looks her in the eye as well.]

Penny Blair
Trevor may not like this, but you're definitely right about one thing.

[She sits down right in front of Nathan.]

Penny Blair
You can spend weeks, no months, years even, doing nothing, because as an Esper you have endless time.

[She grins.]

Penny Blair
Well you're in luck, because I'm an Esper, too. So I'm going to sit here with you, until you decide to leave.

[Nathan doesn't react as the two Espers continue to look each other in the eye.]

Penny Blair
So I hope you weren't counting on your privacy by staying down here, because that's a luxury you've just run out of.

[Around the same time, the police station can be seen from afar. After a moment, the inside is shown. Lawrence Carter, Ryan Thames, and Tobias Clay walk down a hallway.]

Ryan Thames
It's only going to be so long before the Knights make a move. We know they're still in the city; we should be ready.
Tobias Clay
And I agree with you, but we have a lot of responsibilities. Guarding the hole in the wall being the first one of those.
Ryan Thames
Again, all I'm suggesting is that we get more backup. Bring in more soldiers. Get in contact with police departments from other cities. Do something, anything.
Tobias Clay
I understand your disappointment, but we're doing everything we can. Commander Revirik is insistent on fortifying areas that are still secure, especially closer to the capital.
Ryan Thames
I'm sure he doesn't wish it was that way...
Tobias Clay
No, he's surely complying with the Prime Minister's wishes.
Lawrence Carter, laughing
Yeah, but he made sure to add the part about the task force. I'm sure the Prime Minister didn't come up with that.
Tobias Clay
No, the Counter Forever Knights Task Force has Revirik's signature all over it. I'm surprised he succumbed to the pressure and bent the rules to allow the kids to train.
Lawrence Carter, annoyed
Yeah, he allowed it, but I still don't think it's safe.

[They arrive at a staircase and head downstairs. Once in the basement, they find Felix Upton, John Ziegler, and Sven Schmidt waiting in a cell block. In one of the cells is Vance Grace. His left arm is cuffed through a special barrier in the cell door such that he can't reach the device on his wrist that allows him to transform into the Talking To'kustar. The device is similar to Sven's, though it is black and red instead of black and green.]

Lawrence Carter, confused
Why is Sven here?
John Ziegler
Because of that.

[He points at the device on Vance's wrist. Sven holds his arm up and looks at his own device. Vance chuckles but doesn't speak.]

John Ziegler
Wait until we're done; then you won't think this is funny.
Felix Upton, serious
Alright John, enough bantering.

[Felix steps up in front of Vance. They look each other in the eye.]

Felix Upton
I'm going to cut right to the point. What's the Knight's next move?

[Vance doesn't respond.]

Felix Upton
Alright, last chance before we do this the hard way. Tell me what the Knights are going to do next.
Vance Grace
Even if I knew, I wouldn't tell you.
Felix Upton
So you claim you don't know?
Vance Grace
You're smarter than this. They had to have changed plans after I was captured. So I actually don't know what they're planning.
Felix Upton
I don't believe you.
Vance Grace
Well let me help you out. You can be certain that the Knights will come to rescue me. We never leave a man behind.
Felix Upton
We figured as much.

[Felix turns to Sven. He then turns back and holds the device on Vance's wrist at the bottom.]

Felix Upton
And what's this...?

[Vance again doesn't respond.]

Felix Upton
We know what it does. What we want to know is who made it, and how does it work.
Vance Grace
I have no idea.
Felix Upton
We know who you are. Vance Grace... Son of Webster Grace, leader of the Knights. If the Knights made this thing, then certainly you know who in the Knights made it, at the very least.
Vance Grace, smirking
Sure, you know me more than you know your own people.

[Felix looks at him, as do the others; they are all confused.]

John Ziegler
That's nonsense?
Vance Grace
Oh yeah, and what about Nathan Loretta?
Felix Upton
Name rings a bell...
Vance Grace
Nathan Loretta, member of the 12th Squad of the Regional Squad Corps. An Esper.
Felix Upton
An... esper?

[Felix clearly isn't buying what Vance is saying.]

Vance Grace
Forget everything you think you know about him...

[Felix turns to the others.]

Felix Upton
What is he talking about?
Lawrence Carter
Actually, before you got here, there was an incident involving Loretta. He was stabbed by Andrew Knowles, a member of the Knights, fatally through the chest with a sword. The injury healed almost immediately on his own, and then Nathan ran off.
Felix Upton, shocked
The hell?
Vance Grace
Maybe you should be asking him the questions instead of me.
Felix Upton
I mean, I knew that Nathan was missing, but I didn't know that's why.
Lawrence Carter
We're all confused, but maybe what Vance is saying is true. Whatever an Esper is, maybe they have healing powers or something.
John Ziegler
You're saying Espers are real?
Ryan Thames, interjecting
Actually, I know they're real. And, I know someone else is an Esper.
Lawrence Carter

[Ryan pauses for a moment.]

Ryan Thames
Your daughter...
Lawrence Carter, extremely confused
Ryan Thames
When Nathan brought Hadria to the abandoned coliseum as part of the plan to rescue Sophia Faraday, he shot her point blank in the head with a gun, and she survived.
Lawrence Carter, outraged
Ryan Thames
I know it's hard to believe, but I saw it with my own eyes.
Vance Grace
There are Espers all around us, don't you see? The Knight of Percival is an Esper too! So is Sophia's father!
Felix Upton
This is all absolute shit. Who would believe any of this?
Ryan Thames
I do, sir, and I don't know what to think of it. Part of me wants to be afraid, but part of me wants to learn about the Espers and work with them.
Vance Grace, trying to create conflict
But they clearly don't trust you. Nathan kept his secrets, and when his secret got out, he fled.
Felix Upton
That's enough out of you.

[He turns to the others.]

Felix Upton
Let's go upstairs and debrief the others.
Lawrence Carter, still in disbelief
Yeah, good idea.

[The soldiers, chiefs, and Sven make their way out of the cell block and back up the stairs.]

Vance Grace, laughing
They'll be coming for me! Just you remember that!

[Cut to another building in Teviv. It is now the late evening, and the sun has set below the wall. Inside, several of the families of the children from Ateria are sitting around; this is where the families are living, all in one house. Soichiro, Naomi, and Mikoto Hikami sit on a couch as Teru Hikami stands by his father, finally reunited with his family after weeks away. Michael James stands behind the couch, as the Hikamis are like a family to him after what happened to his parents. Arik Iverson stands near Michael; his father is dead, and his mother was not in Ateria when the To'kustars returned.]

[At another couch, Lily Scott sits between Paul and Lucy Scott, her parents. Over in the next room, Noelle Williams sits at a table with her parents, Zak and Julia Williams.]

[Cut to upstairs, where Sven Schmidt is standing across from his father Lars Schmidt, as Viola and Sonia Schmidt, his mother and sister, sit on the side of the bed. Sven hugs his father, having not seen him for weeks.]

Lars Schmidt
Sven... I've missed you so much.
Sven Schmidt, tearing up
I have too, dad...

[They stop hugging. Sven turns to his mother and then walks over and hugs her as well. He hugs his sister as he continues to shed a few tears. Lars watches his son as he finishes hugging his sister and then turns back around to face him.]

Lars Schmidt
So how have things been going?
Sven Schmidt
It's been... fun. Actually, really fun, and really interesting too.

[He holds his left wrist behind his hand. The device on his wrist is fully covered by a sleeve, so his father can't see it.]

Lars Schmidt
Well, that's good. Your mother's been very worried.
Viola Schmidt, laughing
Your father's been worried too. In fact, he's probably been more worried than me.
Lars Schmidt
I've been more worried than I'd like to admit... But I really have been worried Sven, and now that there's a hole in the wall here... What if we have to leave this city, too?
Sven Schmidt
I hope you don't have to. The military's strong; I hope they can protect the city.
Lars Schmidt
Yeah, me too.

[Things are quiet for a few moments. Sven looks at his father, unsure as if how to proceed in the conversation.]

Lars Schmidt
Is something wrong, son?
Sven Schmidt
Actually, I had a question about something... unusual.
Lars Schmidt, surprised
Oh, what?
Sven Schmidt
It's actually about someone. A group of people actually.
Lars Schmidt, confused

[Sven pauses again.]

Sven Schmidt
Have you ever heard of Espers?

[Lars widens his eyes.]

Lars Schmidt, suspicious
Who talked to you about Espers?
Sven Schmidt
So they are real?
Lars Schmidt
Oh, they're real, why?
Sven Schmidt
Apparently Hadria's an Esper. And two of the soldiers. And one of the kids from Teviv who's on the team's dad. People are arguing over something that no one understands.
Lars Schmidt
They're arguing because they don't understand it.

[He pauses for a moment.]

Lars Schmidt
Wow, I'm surprised there are that many all in one place.

[He clears his throat.]

Lars Schmidt
But listen carefully, Sven; Espers are dangerous.
Sven Schmidt
But you know a lot about them, right?
Lars Schmidt, confused
Yeah, why?
Sven Schmidt
Because you should talk to the team about the Espers. If no one understands, maybe you can help them understand.
Lars Schmidt
I don't know.
Sven Schmidt
Come on, dad.

[Lars pauses to think for a moment.]

Lars Schmidt
Okay, I'll go with you first thing in the morning.
Sven Schmidt, anxious
Dad, I want to do this right away, to end the stupid arguing that's happening.

[Lars sighs.]

Lars Schmidt
Okay. I'll tell them all about the Espers...

Though none of the real-world countries exist in this world, the population is pretty diverse, with people of many different ethnicities living together in peace.

Though there is a plurality of Caucasians, there are also Africans, Slavs, Asians, Arabs, Hispanics, and more.

[Open on the police station, in the lobby area. Lars stands alone, surrounded by Sven, Lawrence, Ryan, Felix, Tobias, John, David Crawford, Lucas Miller, Richard Turner, Samuel Wright, and Logan Fitzpatrick. They are also joined by Arik, Michael, Teru, Lily, Noelle, and Hadria Carter, all but the last of whom came with Sven and Lars from the house back to the station. They eagerly await Lars to talk to them.]

Felix Upton
Lars Schmidt
Well what do you want to know?
Felix Upton
Espers... are they real?
Lars Schmidt
Yes, they are.

[He looks at Lawrence.]

Lars Schmidt
My son says your daughter is an Esper.

[Lawrence still doesn't believe that claim. Hadria steps forward.]

Hadria Carter
It's true.

[Everyone turns to Hadria. Lawrence is especially confused.]

Lawrence Carter
What the hell is this? Who...

[He drops to his knees.]

Lawrence Carter
Why? How is she an Esper? How does anyone become an Esper.
Lars Schmidt
It's something you're born with apparently... You can't control it, and no one knows what causes it.

[Lawrence looks at Lars. He is starting to get suspicious.]

Lars Schmidt

[Lawrence stands up and rushes over to Lars. He puts his hands on his shoulders.]

Lawrence Carter, visibly angry
I don't believe you. How do you know all this?

[Lars is surprised at the chief's behavior, to the point where he doesn't know how to respond. Lawrence begins shouting.]

Lawrence Carter
This all just sounds like one big lie! I don't believe it...

[He sheds a few tears.]

Lawrence, shouting

[There is the sound of a gun being fired. Lawrence turns and sees Ryan holding a gun, having just fired it. Suddenly, Hadria drops to the ground. Lawrence turns to see who Ryan shot, and when he realizes it's Hadria, he turns back to Ryan, and tackles him.]

Lawrence Carter

[Ryan pushes Lawrence off him.]

Ryan Thames
She's fine, Lawrence

[Ryan points at Hadria, who has already stood back up. There is a visible wound in her forehead, but it quickly heals. She looks at her father.]

Hadria Carter

[Lawrence stops shaking Ryan. He turns and looks at his daughter, who he is certain was just shot.]

Lawrence Carter
Is my mind playing tricks on me?
Hadria Carter
Dad, I'm an Esper. You have to calm down and believe me.

[Lawrence is shaking in fear.]

Lawrence Carter
I don't understand what this means... Why...?
Lars Schmidt
I told you sir, Espers are real, and your daughter is an Esper.
Lawrence Carter
Is that how she survived being shot?

[He turns to Tobias.]

Lawrence Carter
Is that how Nathan survived being stabbed? He really is an Esper.
Tobias Clay
At this point, we have no choice to believe it.
Richard Turner
I'd heard rumors about powerful beings that live among us... But never did I think that one of the soldiers in my own branch was one of them... Espers, huh, that sounds like a bunch of hogwash... But I guess they're real, aren't they?

[He turns to Hadria, then rethinks are turns to Lars.]

Richard Turner
But I've also heard rumors that Espers have a secret organization that's trying to raise an army to take over the government...

[Everyone is confused as to how Richard knows this.]

Felix Upton
Where'd you get that from?
Richard Turner, ignoring the question
The Esper Order... A secret organization trying to take over the world...

[He turns to Lars.]

Richard Turner
So, is that true? You seem to know a lot about Espers, don't you?
Lars Schmidt
I've never heard of the Esper Order... I doubt it exists.
Richard Turner
Liar, it does.
Lars Schmidt
Even if it did, I've never heard of it. I'm sorry, I can't confirm that.
Richard Turner
You know about the Esper Order! Stop lying! Why are you lying!?
Trevor Faraday, arriving
Because I told him to.

[Everyone turns around to see Trevor, arriving in the lobby of the station. Samuel and Logan look at each other, as they've been trying to talk to Trevor about Nathan and Espers ever since Logan saw Trevor electrocute someone who attacked Nathan.]

Richard Turner
Who the hell are you?

[As he turns to see Trevor, he relaxes suddenly.]

Ryan Thames
Lawrence Carter
Trevor Faraday?
Trevor Faraday
You can relax, Lars. No need to keep our promise.
Lily Scott
Wait, Faraday? Like, Sophia Faraday?
Lawrence Carter
Trevor Faraday
Yes, I'm Sophia's father... I'd like to thank all of you for your hard work is rescuing her from the Knights a while back, but that's not really why I'm here.

[He sighs.]

Trevor Faraday
Lawrence, you'll remember a terrible night three years ago in Ateria, the night we first met.
Lawrence Carter
Yeah, the night my wife was abducted... The night Tuesday's parents died.
Samuel Wright
Yeah, I remember that too.

[Cut to a flashback, re-showing part of a scene that has been shown previously. At the Smith's house in Ateria, Samuel runs up the stairs as he hears a scream from the bedroom. He arrives at the bedroom just as Daniel Fermi finishes killing Juniper Smith, and she radiates away into nothingness. A young Tuesday, who had looked away in fear, now looks back, and sees that her mother is gone.]

Daniel Fermi
Well, the job is done.

[As Samuel and Tuesday watch, a younger Wendy Smith continues to sleep nearby. Eric Sullivan teleports into the room, links hands with Daniel, and then teleports away. Tuesday can be seen breathing heavily as Samuel stands in the doorway, unsure of what to do. Suddenly, Andrew Knowles appears behind him, and hits him in the back of the head with his elbow, knocking him to the ground. Unsure of who he is, Tuesday backs away from him.]

Andrew Knowles
Don't be alarmed...

[He drops to a knee in front of Tuesday, ignoring Wendy as she continues to sleep.]

Andrew Knowles
I'm--er, I was—your parents' boss. Knowles... Andrew is the first name.

[He pauses to think.]

Andrew Knowles
The man that killed your parents tonight is an evil, evil man.

[He reaches his hand out.]

Andrew Knowles
And I promise I will do everything in my power to bring him to justice.

[Tuesday, slightly confused, reaches her arm out and shakes Andrew's hand, not knowing that Daniel was part of the same organization as her parents.]

[Pan ahead to about half an hour later. Samuel stands up, and sees that Tuesday, and whoever knocked him out, are gone. Wendy is still sleeping, so he decides not to wake her. Samuel runs downstairs and as he arrives in the basement, he sees Trevor, whom he recognizes as one of the suspicious men he encountered with Lawrence earlier that night. Samuel draws his gun when he sees him.]

Trevor Faraday
Don't worry, I'm not here to harm you.
Samuel Wright, suspicious and confused
Tell me what's going on.
Trevor Faraday
My name is Trevor Faraday, and I am an Esper.

[Cut back to the present. Samuel has just finished explaining the last little bit about finding Trevor in the house. Logan looks at Samuel with a half-angry, half-confused look.]

Logan Fitzpatrick
So you knew about Espers this whole time? You knew that Trevor was an Esper.
Samuel Wright
My mind was foggy, and I wasn't sure.
Trevor Faraday, interjecting
And I told him not to tell anyone. We're supposed to be as secretive as possible... But maybe that should change; no, that needs to change. It caused Nathan to run away...

[He turns to Lars.]

Trevor Faraday
And it caused Samuel and Lars to have to lie about what they knew.

[Lars steps forward.]

Lars Schmidt
I learned about Espers years before that, even; I learned about the Order and everything.
Felix Upton
So this, Esper Order does exist?
Trevor Faraday
It does, and I am one of its leaders. Our goal is to unite all Espers to protect us from those who might want to control our powers for evil purposes, and to teach new Espers about their powers.

[He pauses and looks at Lawrence standing near Hadria.]

Trevor Faraday
One of those powers is to know who around them is an Esper; we call that dowsing. One of the reasons Nathan joined the military was to travel the world and dowse for Espers.
Tobias Clay
What about Penny?
Trevor Faraday
Penny Blair is an Esper, too.

[He is still looking at the Carters.]

Trevor Faraday
Look, let's make a deal. You convince Nathan to get out of my basement, and he can tell you everything you want to know about Espers.
Lawrence Carter
He's in your freaking basement?
Trevor Faraday
Indeed. Some of you should probably go over there and check up on him.
Hadria Carter, stepping forward
I want to.
Lawrence Carter
Hadria Carter
Can you calm down now dad? It's alright...

[Lawrence hugs his daughter.]

Lawrence Carter
I don't know, Hadria. I've always been so worried that something might happen to you, and now the force that's driving me... is just suddenly gone. You really can protect yourself, all this time.
Hadria Carter

[Lawrence is still shedding tears.]

Lawrence Carter
I'll still keep fighting... To make the world a better place for you.

[He stops hugging his daughter to look her in the eyes.]

Lawrence Carter
To find your mother.

[Hadria nods her head. Trevor steps towards the Carters as much of the group, sensing that the conversation is over, begins to disperse.]

Trevor Faraday
I can take you to Nathan.

[Hadria turns to Trevor. She begins to walk with him without saying another word as Lawrence, still teary eyed, watches them leave the station.]

[Cut to Trevor's basement. Penny is still sitting on the ground as Nathan sits across from her in a chair. They are mostly quiet, and Nathan even has his eyes closed, not having spoken a word the whole time. After a few moments, the sound of three people walking down the stairs can be heard. Penny turns to look over her shoulder, and sees at first Tuesday, followed by Trevor, and then after another few moments, Hadria. Nathan stands up when he sees Hadria, finally moving from the position he spent the last several days in.]

Nathan Loretta, surprised
Hadria Carter, angry
You're so stupid!
Nathan Loretta, sternly
No-- I was--
Hadria Carter
Why'd you even do any of this? Why couldn't you just tell me what I wanted to know!?

[Nathan takes a long pause. He closes his eyes and opens them again.]

Nathan Loretta, sad
Because I was afraid.

[Hadria opens her mouth to start to speak, but Nathan interrupts her.]

Nathan Loretta
I was afraid you wouldn't believe me. I was afraid you'd get angry. I was afraid you would be the one to run away. I was afraid about what your father's reaction would be.

[Hadria looks away at the last one. She realizes that he's partially right.]

Nathan Loretta
I just needed some time to think, some time to be away. I'm coming back now, and I'm going to tell you everything you want to know.

[He smiles, for the first time in a while. Hadria smiles back. Penny then punches Nathan in the arm.]

Nathan Loretta
Penny Blair
That's for making me sit with you for the last 13 hours.
Nathan Loretta
Alright I'm sorry.

[They laugh and smile.]

[Pan to another part of the city, specifically the Forever Knights' backup base. In the basement of the base, many Knights are standing around, but there are also Knights filling the whole base. At the center of the group are Maxwell Wagner, Troy Dieter, Aaron Cross, Lauren Haber, and Pietro Czeswin. The Knights' forces all seem to be focused on Troy.]

Troy Dieter
Tonight, the city falls!

[The Knights cheer.]

Troy Dieter
The army will bleed!

[They cheer again, more intensely this time.]

Troy Dieter
The world will bow to the Knights!

[Another cheer, more passionate than before. The cheering continues as Troy talks to the other four main Knights standing near him.]

Troy Dieter
And you know the plan, to rescue Vance...
Aaron Cross, interrupting
Or kill him trying.

[Troy grins, clearly ready for bloodshed.]

To Be Continued

Created, written, and directed by Paperluigi ttyd

Cameron Bowen as Sven Schmidt
Lauren Landa as Tuesday Smith
Morgan Garrett as Penny Blair
Khary Payton as Vance Grace
JK Simmons as Lawrence Carter
Richard Epcar as Felix Upton

Special Guest Stars:
Michael Trucco as Trevor Faraday
Alan Tudyk as Lars Schmidt

James Arnold Taylor as Tobias Clay
David Faustino as Ryan Thames
Jeff Bennett as Logan Fitzpatrick
Wil Wheaton as Samuel Wright
Crispin Freeman as John Ziegler
Mary Elizabeth McGlynn as Viola Schmidt
Seychelle Gabriel as Hadria Carter
Caitlin Glass as Lily Scott
Richard McGonagle as Richard Turner
Matthew Mercer as Nathan Loretta
Clancy Brown as Aaron Cross
Jason Isaacs as Troy Dieter

Next, on Attack on To'kustar:
[Open on the Teviv police station, where a large group is standing in the kitchen. All of the children, the police, and many of the soldiers are standing on one side, as Nathan Loretta stands across from them. Richard Turner is standing father forward than the rest of the group, and Nathan is looking specifically at Hadria Carter.]
Nathan Loretta
You'll learn, Hadria, that it's sometimes hard to have the will to go on when you know your life can never end.

[Cut to a shot of Nathan standing in the armory of the police station. He reaches out for the last pair of Skywings remaining, his hands visibly shaking as he does so.]

Nathan Loretta, narration
You don't need to do anything to protect yourself, so sometimes life feels meaningless. I know it always has for me.

[Cut to Vance in his cell in the basement. John Ziegler, Tobias Clay, and Felix Upton stand outside the cell, guarding their prisoner. Michael James's dialogue from another scene narrates.]

Michael James, narration
What are we supposed to do? We've barely trained for this.

[Cut to near the lobby, where all of the children except for Sven Schmidt and Hadria Carter are standing behind Samuel Wright, as a battle between the army and the knights begins in front of them.]

Samuel Wright
Stay back, and stay out of danger.

[In the battle, Lawrence Carter, Ryan Thames, Logan Fitzpatrick, Susan Quell, and Prescott Martin each fight a knight. Off to the side, Penny Blair duels with Aaron Cross. Troy Dieter's dialogue narrates.]

Troy Dieter, narration
Children? That's the best you could do?

[Cut to a bedroom upstairs in the station. Tuesday Smith stands with her back to the door as Hadria sits on a bed.]

Hadria Carter
All I know is that he was saying one thing, but it felt like he was thinking another.

[Cut to another scene of Nathan running through the police station as Tuesday narrates.]

Tuesday Smith, narration
So you're saying he was lying?

[Cut back to Tuesday and Hadria in the bedroom. Tuesday is now standing closer to Hadria, facing Pietro Czeswin, who is now standing across from them.]

Pietro Czeswin
Actually, in that regard, I'm not that different from Tuesday. You see, the Forever Knights killed one of my parents as well.

[Tuesday stares at him with an empty look.]

[Cut to the scene in the lobby, more of the fighting is shown. The five officers who were fighting before seem to be doing most of the work.]

[Cut to a shot of Troy walking down the stairs into the cell area followed by Maxwell Wagner. David Crawford and Lucas Miller lie at the bottom of the stairs, hurt but alive. Troy is holding Sven with one hand, as he arrives at the bottom of the stairs and turns to the three soldiers guarding Vance. Troy's dialogue from another part narrates.]

Troy Dieter, narration
So here's the deal. Someone's going to die; it's either going to be you, or him.

[Cut to a brief shot of Tobias and John fighting Max.]

Troy Dieter, narration, startled
Do you want to die?

[Cut to a shot of red lightning striking down from the sky.]

[Cut to inside the station. The whole station begins to collapse. Tuesday grabs Hadria and runs away from the crumbling floor as Pietro scrambles to follow her to safety. Tuesday's dialogue narrates.]

Tuesday Smith, narration
And if he is lying...?

[Cut to a shot of Hadria's face as she utters the next line.]

Hadria Carter, narration
How old is he really?

[Cut to black.]

Battle -
Nathan Loretta Shares Some of His Secrets but Keeps Some Others Private

Premieres on June 2, 2017

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