Den Pennyson is the main character and main protagonist in Den 10 Supreme Alien. He is 3/4 Human and 1/4 Conductoid and wielder of the Supremematrix


Den is a 15 year old boy with spiky/shaggy black hair, blue eyes, fair skin, and has a bit of muscle definition due to being athletic.

In Supreme Alien, Den wears a black shirt, dark blue jeans and blue and black jacket with number 10 on it, and white shoes. Den wears the Supremematrix on his left wrist.


Den is portrayed as innocent and to-himself boy when it comes to regular life. He tries to help others or comfort them when needed. He never likes to back out in a fight or give up easily, when it comes to both fighting villains or school life. He constantly makes jokes to both make others laugh, or to throw a villain off balance.

Power and Abilities

Den is a freestyle fighter but is skilled enough to hold his own against highly skilled enemies without the Supremematrix. He is also quite crafty.

Den is also extremely smart, scoring straight As for Science subjects, Math and others, although he tends to fail in languages.

Den also has advanced intuition.


Den is the wielder of the Supremematrix, which allows him to modify his own genetic code in order it turn into various aliens, making him an alien shape-shifter. He could only transform into 10 aliens, however he can gain more alien DNA by either unlocking them or by scanning other aliens' DNA.

When transforming into an alien, Den gets all the alien's features, including appearances, voice, unique and special abilities and powers, strengths and weaknesses. Though he usually retains his own personality,there are some cases where some alien transformations causes changes to it. Some aliens could even take over his personality.


Den's main ability with the Supremematrix is also his main weakness. Whenever the device times out, Den is left powerless until he either dodges or switches to a new alien form. Furthermore, in addition to gaining the selected alien's powers, he gains its weaknesses. He is also vulnerable to the alien's natural predator.

Despite his experience in using the Supremematrix, Den still does not know every function of them. Due to his inquisitive nature and impatience, he has accidentally unlocked new functions such as the Master Control and the Randomizer , which can at times do more harm than good.

Den appears to have a short attention span at times, and more often than not it can get him into trouble. Den tends to rely too much on his alien forms for combat.



  • Den has a crush on Euni Westly, who later becomes his girlfriend
  • Den's best friend is Tone Salazar
  • The creator of Den is very much like Den.
  • Den's favourite franchise is MECHATITAN UNIVERSE

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