While producing the pilot series Ben X-10 , the idea Den 10 as the new protoganist was thought . The production started on 2nd April 2013. Its promo art and logo was released on 3/4/13. The first season is still under production . A total number of 15 episodes have been ordered.

There were a few rumours about a Den 10 movie . On 30th May 2013 , a movie titled , "Den 10: The Prologue Chapters" was announced . It will not premiere big screen instead it will made into special 2 or 3 part episodes of season 5 . It will showcase how did all of this happen in the first place .

Its a whole new Ultiverse ! What more do you want ?

You have no idea what's in store for this series !

–Hanyfadil, Director,Creator & Script writer of Den 10

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