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General Information
Species Catastrotaurus
Home World Aul-Turrhen
Body Animalistic
Prey Juryrigg
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Enhanced Strength
Enhanced Durability
Enhanced Speed
Sharp Horns
Powerful Tail

Demonisher is the Nemetrix's DNA sample of a Catastrotaurus from Aul-Turrhen and the predatory species of Planchaküles.


Demonisher is a red skinned animalistic alien, with a heavily reinforced head featuring two sharp horns. It has red eyes and chelicerae on each side of its mouth. Its long tail ends on a mouth with serrated edges.

Demonisher wears the Nemetrix on a red spiked collar around its neck.

Powers and Abilities

Demonisher possesses incredible strength, which when combined with its enhanced speed allows it to ram through and obliterate most of the makeshift structures a Planchaküle could make.

Its durable hide enables it to withstand multiple blows.

Demonisher's chelicerae and tail mouth can be used to pin down a Planchaküle, after which the follow-up is the dismemberment of the latter.


Much like the Planchaküles, Demonisher is obsessed with destruction. Its highly volatile nature can make it easily distracted.



Demonisher is a portmanteau between "demon" and "demolisher".


  • This predator is adapted from the 20th Nemetrix predator concept design created by Tom Perkins, in a collaboration between Ulti and Ultra.
  • Its working name was Madhorn.