The Deltamatrix (mostly referred as the Deltatrix) is a version of the Omnitrix created by Alex Fausey in an attempt to change their past and avoid becoming a hybrid.


The Deltatrix is very similar to the first prototype Omnitrix, with a few key differences: The faceplate, buttons, and tubings are all orange and instead of the intergalactic symbol of peace, it's Gebo, the rune of Gifts. When selecting an alien, the whole faceplate turns orange, and a silhouette of the alien appears.


Orange: Active. The Deltatrix has an unlimited use.

Red: Recharge. This only happens if Alex stays as an alien for a very long period of time (around a full Earth day). Recharge lasts around 5 minutes.

Yellow: Self Destruct. This only occurs if Alex commands it to.

Black: Shutdown. This only happens if Alex commands it to, or someone besides them tries to use the Deltratrix.


The Deltatrix lets Alex transform into different aliens.

The Deltratrix is locked from everyone except Alex, requiring their exact DNA pattern.

Alex can quick-change if they're in another alien form by selecting the alien and hitting the Deltatrix symbol.

Alex can give several commands to the Deltatrix. Each and every command must be said in Alex's voice, or the Deltratrix refuses:

  • Command 001: Information. (Informs Alex about the Deltratix.)
  • Command 002: Shutdown. (Causes the Deltratrix to become unusable by anyone, including Alex, and locks the alien DNA inside.)
  • Command 003: Revive. (Turns the Deltratrix back on.)
  • Command 004: Self-Destruct. (Starts a day-long timer that, when it reaches 0, detonates the Deltratrix. The explosion would be large enough to destroy a Earth-sized planet.)
  • Command 005: Abort Self Destruct. (Turns off self destruct.)

The Deltratrix can release a large pulse of energy if tampered with.

The Deltatrix can be removed by pressing a button on the bottom of the watch, which makes it larger so it can slide off, similar to the Ultimatrix.

The Deltatrix is waterproof.

The Deltatrix can create clothing for each alien, using Alex's own clothing molecules to do so.

The Deltatrix has an onboard female AI, which responds to the commands they give it.

The Deltratrix has a Universal Translator.

The Deltatrix has a low-level frequency unique to it, letting Alex or anyone else track it as long as they know the frequency.

The Deltatrix can self-repair.


#1: Pyronite

#2: Tetramand

#3: Kineceleran

#4: Galvanic Mechamorph

#5: Arburian Pelarota

#6: Splixson

#7: Thep Khufan

#8: Gourmand

#9: Ectonurite

#10: To'kustar

Alien Names

  • Pyronite: Matchstick
  • Tetramand: Heracles
  • Kineceleran: HI-PR-SPD
  • Galvanic Mechamorph: V2.0
  • Arburian Pelarota: Ixion
  • Splixson: Duplex
  • Thep Khufan: Al-Mummy
  • Gourmand: Loogie
  • Ectonurite: Rasper
  • To'kustar: Skyscraper

Alien Clothing and Forms

  • Matchstick wears a short orange jacket with rolled up sleeves. Otherwise, they look exactly like Heatblast.
  • Heracles wears black pants with white lines on the sides, which wrap around their feet similar to Four Arms' pants. They have no shirt, have red skin, and the black lines on their chin and back of head.
  • HI-PR-SPD wear a black jumpsuit with an orange stripe around his front and back. Their visor is also colored orange, and is a straighter X.
  • V2.0 look like Classic Upgrade, except they are slightly orange tinged, and their mechanical lines are bright blue instead of green.
  • Ixion looks like Classic Cannonbolt, but with slightly more orange shell plating and black pants.
  • Duplex looks like Classic Ditto, but the green parts colored orange.
  • Al-Mummy looks like The Mummy, but the red parts are colored orange, and orange light came from their insides instead of purple.
  • Loogie looks like a Murk Gourmand with a X-shaped orange sash.
  • Rasper looks like to Classic Ghostfreak, with slightly orange-tinged skin, as well as an X of orange chains around their torso.
  • Skyscraper looks like Way Big, but the red armor is colored orange.


If the faceplate is broken, the Deltatrix will glitch and combine Alien DNA randomly.

  • Matchcles(Matchstick+Heracles)
  • Mumplex (Al-Mummy and Duplex)
  • Ixion2.0 (Ixion+V2.0)

The Deltatrix is not hack-proof, and can be used to change aliens randomly, or even activate voice commands without Alex's voice.


The Deltatrix always relocates itself to different parts of the alien's body:

  • Matchstick, HI-PR-SPD, Loogie, and Skyscraper wear it on their chests
  • Heracles and Al-Mummy wear it on their waist.
  • V2.0 wears it on their eye
  • Ixion and Duplex wears it on their forehead.
  • Rasper wears it on their lower left chest, just like Classic Ghostfreak.

The Deltatrix symbol is orange instead of green or white.

The Deltatrix symbol is an X instead of an hourglass while on the transformed aliens.

The eye color of each alien will always be bright blue, like Alex's own eyes.

The Deltratrix does not mistransform, as Alex made it where the dial locks in place after picking an alien to transform into.

The Deltatrix noise is the same as the Ultimatrix, and the transformations are like the Omniverse ones. The transformation flashes are colored orange.

The Deltratrix does not have a scan mode.

The DNA for the aliens is directly stored in the Deltratrix instead of in the Codon Stream.

Alien Trivia

Rasper is a joke on the name of Casper, and the raspy voices of Ectonurites.

V2.0 is usually said as Version 2.0

Ixion is a reference to Ixion, a Greek king punished for trying to seduce Hera. His punishment was to be strapped to a flaming wheel, spinning around forever.

Al-Mummy is a reference to Snare-oh's original name, Benmummy.

Duplex refers to the type of house, which is split in two.

HI-PR-SPD is pronounced as Hyperspeed.

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