Delta Modulator
General Information
User Nicole Lasaron (Present)
Creator Myaxx
Type DNA modification device

Universal translator

Similar Technology Prototype Omnitrix




Recreated Ultimatrix

Alpha Charm

First Appearance Beneath the Ice

The Delta Modulator, code-named Delta-X is the "more-complete" version of the original Omnitrix, created by Myaxx shortly before the original Omnitrix crashed on Earth, and is used by Nicole in 2035.

Known Aliens

These are all the known aliens the Delta-X has access to, or will at some point.

Alien Species Status
Hothead Pyronite Unlocked
TemperatureMoth Necrofriggian Unlocked
Cle-ohpatra Thep Khufan Unlocked
Speed Demon Kineceleran Unlocked
Nuclear Titan Unknown Locked
Frightnight Ectonurite Unlocked
Override Galvanic Mechamorph Unlocked
Spitfire Gourmand Unlocked
Rough Appoplexian Unlocked
Slime Polymorph Unlocked
Crystalshard Petrosapien Unlocked
Duplix Splixson Unlocked
Colossasaur Vaxasaurian Unlocked
Skyscraper To'kustar Unlocked
Shortstuff Galvan Unlocked
Livewire Conductoid Unlocked
Pyro-Ivy Methanosian Unlocked
Rapidjam Sonorosian Unlocked
Vampress Vladat Locked
Ribbitleap Incursean Unlocked
Stitchshock Transylian Unlocked
Supernova Prypiatosian-B Unlocked
Frostbite Cryosian-C Unlocked
UmbraLantern Unknown Unlocked
Missappear Merlinisapien Unlocked
Sludgespy Lenopan Locked
Seductress Unknown Unlocked
Squidhips Chimera Sui Generis Unlocked
Extremight Acrosian Unlocked
Celestia Celestialsapien Locked
Florafist Florauna Unlocked
Chemiqueen Unknown Unlocked
Revesleeper Nemuina Unlocked
Blizzardlizard Polar Manzardill Unlocked
Cerebabe Cerebrocrustacean Unlocked
Acrocat Revonnahgander Unlocked
Glados Aperturian Locked
Terra Unknown Locked
Astradite Anodite (Energy Sample) Locked


  • Active
  • Recharge
  • Scan/Capture
  • Deactivated
  • Life-Form Lock
  • User-Defense
  • Self-Destruct


  • The appearance of the Delta-X is based on the Xtransceiver from Pokémon Black and White.
    • The idea of a pop-out screen also originated from the Xtransceiver.
  • Several of the aliens have alternate powers, appearances, and names when used by Elocin
    • For example: Hothead when used by Elocin is called Cooldown, and has ice powers.
  • The Delta-X is fully customizable, with the ability to change the outer colors, the symbol color, etc.
  • The first species added to the Delta-X was Chimera Sui Generis, with the sample taken directly from Myaxx herself.
  • The Delta-X does not receive regular updates from Galvan Prime, and requires manual fixes or changes by Myaxx or Azmuth.
    • Myaxx had considered wireless updates, but was unable to, due to her sending it to Earth while it was still being worked on.
  • Since the original was "lost", several other models have been made, attempting to recreate it, though none have truly accomplished this.
  • One early concept was to have the Delta-X be able to transform into an Apple Watch/iPhone like design, a purely blank device. However, this was scrapped.
  • The Delta-X holds the DNA of at least 10,000 species.
    • The Delta-X also holds energy signatures/samples, allowing for transformations without DNA.
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