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Delivery is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of a member from Pakmar's species.


Delivery is a little green alien with warts on his face. His green eyes are on the side of his face similar to birds. Delivery wears a small black, white and green suit. The Omnitrix symbol is located on the middle of silver tubes connected to a green, black and silver pack on his back.

Powers and Abilities

Delivery is quite agile due to his low weight.

He has enhanced economics knowledge, and has very logical thinking.


Due to his small size, Delivery can be easily knocked down by any mild attack.

He is not very strong or durable, and can get easily irritated.




  • Delivery's DNA was already unlocked in The Omnitrix when Azmuth gave it to Ben, but Ben first used it to apologize to Pakmar, who had a mirror shop at the time, for destroying all of his previous shops even if indirectly. After that, Pakmar broke all of the mirrors on his own and went on vacation with his family for a year.