Dejavians are Flashback's species in Simien 10. They live on Dejavia.

Flashback, a Dejavian


  • Making time go backwards, but not so much at a time
  • Mirror skin that can make any laser bounce back to the one who shot it
  • Absorbing radiation (including light and lasers) through a purple circle on his belly and releasing it through his arms
  • Shapeshifting to the one that is in front of him

Ability explanation

Dejavians mirror skin is built so they could reflect the deadly amounts of burning light from the sun. They can also absorb the radiation emitted too. Dejavia, is exetremely deadly as a planet, so not many creatures live here. Dejavian built giant mirrors to reflect the light, and even if some creatures die, they can reverse time to save them.

However, their shapeshifting is still a mystery.

Known Dejavians

Home Planet

The Dejavians live on Dejavia, and are one of the only who do.

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