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The Unitrix Beta Transformation Driver, U.B.T.D, or Deimatrix for short is a level 18 device created to stabilize the DNA of Unitrix Beta, known as KN-8264 or his human name Kayden Deimos. He uses it to maintain his both cover at Yokai Academy and make peace with the monsters there.

The Initial State of the UBTD.


The Deimatrix is a level 18 genetic stabilizer crated by Azmuth for Kayden Deimos to allow him to stabilize his genetic makeup after an accident damaged his control circuitry. The device is constructed from the reclaimed parts from the decommissioned Ultimatrix, Albedo's recreated Ultimatrix, and the original Core from Albedo's copied Omnitrix.


Transformation - Using Kayden's own internal power core and genetic nanobots the Deimatrix can lock Kayden's DNA to one of the 1,000,920 available samples stored on the obsolete genetic storage vault, Primus.

Genetic Restoration - Utilizing a backed up copy of Kayden's genetic code, the Deimatrix has the capability to restore his DNA to it's default state.

DNA Scanning - Using internal sensors the Deimatrix can scan and collect new DNA samples for Primus to process, as the Deimatrix lacks the capacity to analyze it's own samples.

Recalibration - The Deimatrix has the capability to readjust and assume a different form based on the user's needs and experiences wielding the device.

Synchronization - The Deimatrix can detect and synchronize with compatible Omnitrix devices to download and unlock viable DNA samples. Should the user's life be in jeopardy in a compatible Omnitrix is within range, the Deimatrix will shuffle through all available DNA samples in both devices.

Playlist Customization - The user can reorganize Unlocked DNA samples into sets that are accessed in sequence starting wherever the dial last left off or at Transformation 1 of Playlist 1. This feature can also be used to create Semi-Locked lists for dangerous or excessively powerful forms to be accessed via Voice Command.

Secondary User - A failsafe added as a form of protection should the Deimatrix be malfunctioning or the prime user be unable to utilize the device. A secondary user is registered via voice command, and requires DNA sample and Voiceprint Identification to be recognized.

Core Protection - The Deimatrix can detect interference in the mental processes of it's user and defend him against the manipulation of outside sources. For Example, a Succubus' Charm, An Ectonurite's Possession, or a Vladat's Corrupturas.

Hidden Features

Ultimatrix Initiative - The Deimatrix has the hardware and programming to utilize a form Evolutionary feature, though this feature can only be Unlocked by the activation of Failsafe 26, 'Last Resort' in the event of the user's life being in such jeopardy no available transformation could save their life.

Master Control - It's confirmed that the Deimatrix has an advanced AI assisted program to allow for transformations at a thought, predictive transformations based on power-set required, and no time limit on transformations.


Active Mode - The default state of the Deimatrix, no malfunctions are occurring and Kayden is healthy.

Time Out - A safety measure added by Azmuth due to the possibility of burning out Kayden's irreplaceable power core located within his heart. It allows the core enough time to generate enough excess energy to power a Transformation. Lasts anywhere from minutes to days.

Grounded - Either through use of Kayden's original remote or the command of Azmuth the Deimatrix becomes inert until re-awoken by Azmuth or forced into activation by a threat to Kayden's life.

Shutdown - The Deimatrix becomes completely inoperable, all functions ceasing as the device locks itself in a permanent state of deactivation. Can only be disabled by Azmuth's intervention.

Shinso - An adaptation of the Deimatrix in reaction to the Vampiric blood flowing through the user's veins. This mode signifies a massive boost to all forms and the restriction of the negative effects of vampire blood. This mode was later combined with the Active mode via the addition of Holy Locks to the device.