Deer Crossing is an alien designed by Sol for an upcoming project. 

Deer Crossing
Quick Stats
Owner Sol
Body Humanoid
Powers and Abilities
Powers Super speed
Weaknesses Can't stop running


Deer Crossing wears bright green goggles and a green track suit. Shin guards adorn his... well, shins. Two long, green bright horns extend from his forehead.

Deer Crossing is covered in brown fur.

Across his waist, he wears the transformation device, which resembles a fanny pack.


Running Man moves at an exceedingly fast pace. Using his momentum, he can run on walls and force his way through objects using his horns as a high-speed battering ram.

Additionally, Deer Crossing can deliver powerful kicks with his shins and feet.


Deer Crosssing's transformation is incomplete. If he loses a significant amount of momentum or is otherwise impeded, his transformation will denature.

Deer Crossing is weakly armored and not too physically tough.


  • Deer Crossing's biggest inspiration was The Flash.
  • Deer Crossing's inability to stop running is a reference to the movie Speed.
  • Deer Crossing takes design inspiration from cross country runners and soccer players (the cleats and shin guards).
    • The symbol on Deer Crossing's chest is a nod to the numbers track athletes wear. 
    • If Sol would have been allowed to play any sports in high school, he probably would have played one of these.
    • He also takes inspiration from parkour artists (the gloves).
      • His powers were heavily inspired by freerunners.
  • Despite his name, Deer Crossing more closely resembles a gazelle or antelope based on his horns.
  • Deer Crossing's name was finally decided on thanks to the Deer Crossing viral online video. Other names brainstormed for Deer Crossing included:
    • Running Man
    • Roadkill
    • Godspeed
    • Excelsior
    • Excelsatyr
    • Gazoomer
    • Anteleap
    • Gazelous
    • Gazealot
    • Pumped Up Kicks
    • Agizelle
    • Tae Kwon Doe
    • Billy Go Gruff
    • Goatspeed
    • Kickstart
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