Mutant Drake
Season 1, Episode 3
Written by Brandon
Directed by Brandon
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City of Change
Night of the Living Mutant
Deep Below is the third episode of the series, Mutant Drake.


In the city, yet another day, the buildings stand tall as the scene lowers the street level as citizens are seen walking about as their day normally goes by.

New York City
October 24, 8:30 EDT

Drake, narrating: So... this is The City. Manhattan, actually. It used to be normal but then machines called Nanogenes contaminated every living thing. Some people are normal, their Nanogenes are dormant. Others-

A large, deformed, three armed, split mouth (shaped like a T) Human-Mutant is seen rampaging through the streets. It lets out a roar as it grabs a car and throws it at one of the buildings, exploding upon impact.

Drake, continuing narration: They're rampaging monsters that cause chaos in the city.

The scene transitions to the inside of a corridor where MCA Officers are seen running down, armed and ready.

MCA Manhattan Outpost
October 24, 8:31 EDT

Drake, narrating: This is MCA, The Mutation Containment Agency. They're an organization that protects the population from any forms of hazardous and dangerous mutation. That's what it says on the sign, anyways.

The scene cuts to a large, white, empty room. Two legs step into view.

Drake, narrating: I work for the MCA. I live here. It's also where I train. I'm also a mutant but unlike the others, I don't transform into a giant monster. As far as I know there are only three types of Mutants.

The scene cuts back to the city. An average citizen, adult female, light purple shirt, grey skirt, brown hair, blue eyes, is seen running and hiding behind a corner.

Drake, continuing narration: This is a Class 1-Mutant, Nanogenes are dormant so they pose no threat.

The large, deformed Human-Mutant then grabs the building with its right arm and look around the corner, roaring out load.

Drake, continuing narration: This is a Class 2-Mutant, Nanogenes are active... a lot. They're the monsters around here.

The Mutant attempts to strike the woman.

Drake, unseen: Hey!

The Mutant tries, arm still raised. Drake, hooded, is seen on the rooftop of a short building across from the Mutant. Drake looks up slightly with an upset expression on his face.

Drake, narrating: This is a Class 3-Mutant. These didn't exist until 5 years ago. By the way, that's me.

Drake then jumps from the rooftop, activates his fire fists and strikes the Human-Mutant in the face which, in result, causes the mutant to fall into the building behind it. Back at the Outpost, in the large room, Drake is seen, without the hood on, in a stance, as if ready for a fight. Across from him is Agent Owens with his blade in hand.

Drake, narrating: Basic training is roughly 3 hours. 5 on weekends. I know when it's a weekend or not because the training secession are longer than usual and only happen for two days straight. But I get more training when I disobey an order so I lost track of what day it is.

The scene then transitions to a dark room, dimly lit. Drake is seen leaning against the wall with the camcorder in his hands. Lens facing him. Drake's face is then seen through the camcorder's view, signs like Rec., in red, are seen overlaying his face.

Drake, talking to the camcorder: It's been about two weeks since I got this from Kate. Just figured out how it works by "hacking" it. Now I'm talking. Giving out details of what it's like to be me. I'm still doing it. I have to talk to Kate about this. It's probably a normal thing that I don't understand... or maybe don't remember.

There is a knocking heard. Drake looks up from the camcorder at the wall. He closes the camcorder, gets up, walks over to the corner of the room and stashes it under a pillow there.

Drake, to the wall: What is it?

John, voice muttered by the wall: It's John. Can we talk?

Drake sighs and rubs his face with his right hand.

Drake: Come in.

John, voice muttered by the wall: Not really sure how. I'm never really good with locks. Maybe it's this panel here-

As John is talking to Drake, Drake makes his way to the wall in which John's voice is emitting from and places his right hand on the wall. He then hacks the wall and causes a doorway to form, showing the corridor outside and John inside the corridor.

John: How'd you do that?

Drake: I don't need a button when I can hack into the system. No point in locking me in when I disobey an order.

John: What? I've only been here 12 days and now I find out they're grounding you.

Drake: Grounding? Like dirt?

John: No. Grounding. Like- uh this. When a guy does something bad, his parents ground him so you can't leave the house or anything. It's sort of like this.

Drake: They're not my parents.

John: I said sort of, Mister Specific.

Drake, to himself, quietly: Grounded...

John: I went over your daily biometrics today. Your Nanogenes were spiking slightly while you were fighting Quad-Arms.

Drake looks at John, confused.

John, realizing: Oh um it's the name I gave that mutant you were fighting.

Drake: They're Class 2-Mutants. They don't deserve names for their new forms.

John: Yeah but it's going to get awfully confusing when you're fighting two of the same categorized Mutants. If I was in charge, I'd change the system for sure.

Drake: If you don't like it, then why did you accept the offer?

John: They're paying for my education AND my materials for the inventions that will excell me into a proper inventor career. Plus I wanted to help you out especially since it's just really cool seeing you fight Mutants.

Drake, looking away: It had three arms not four.

John: What?

Drake: "Quad-Arms".

John: I- I knew that. Tri-Hands sounds cooler anyway. Anyways, like I was saying before you starting judging my awesome name giving, I worked out what's wrong with you.

Drake: I have machines inside me that can transform any part of my body into a weapon.

John: No. That's just normal, surprisingly. It's stress.

Drake: Stress?

John: You're suffering from stress. It's normal for a teenager like us. You are a teenager, right? Not like a rejuvenated old guy or a grown up baby.

Drake: 15. I think.

John: Okay well stress is normal for teens. It affects us mentally and psychologically but it affects your Nanogenes physically or erm- technically. The communication signal becomes unstable which causes you to loose form.

Drake: Explains how I broke my ribs from leaping from a rooftop a couple of days ago.

John: Which should be healed by now. Interesting. But, as your professional doctor and colleague, I recommend a day off at the beach.

Drake: Right... What's a beach?

Title Sequence

Outside the city, the MCA Jumpjet is seen flying through the sky.

Outside Manhattan
October 24, 10:29 EDT

Director, unseen: I'm not sure what you're trying to accomplish, Mr. Reed.

On board the jumpjet, John is seen sitting on a platform molded to the side of the ship. Across from them are several MCA Officers, fully suited, armed, seated on the same type of platform. A screen is seen retracted from the ceiling of the bay, viewing a transmission of the Director in her office.

Director, on screen: Drake has his moments of obedience but those last for so long. He is unstable and it's bad enough I had him stationed in a heavily populated location, now you want him outside of that heavily populated area and into an open environment?

John: Well, when you put it like that.

Director, on screen: The only reason why this mission is occuring is because there so happens to be a shipment of important equipment nessercary for studying Nanogenes in the same area you want Drake to be at. Without this equipment, the only new information we can gather is from you and that isn't completely reliable.

John, slightly offended: Look, I just want what's best for him. I don't even know him that well but something tells me you don't either.

Director, on screen: You better explain yourself this second, Mr. Reed.

John: Uh, well, scientifically speaking, putting him in an open environment is a perfect way for him to feel more free. That feeling is what excites his Nanogenes. Humanly speaking, he's a person too.

Director, on screen: As a person who plans on becoming a scientist-inventor, I expected better language than "Humanly". Do your tests. This is an experiment only, not something for your personal enjoyment, Mr. Reed.

The transmission then ends and the screen retracts back into the ceiling above. John then sighs in relief and looks down. He then looks up and sees the MCA Officers staring directly at them. John, with an awkward expression on his face, gets up and moves towards the cockpit of the jumpjet. In the cockpit, Drake is seated at the passenger's seat, looking outside of the window at his side, and Agent Owens is in the pilot's chair, piloting the jumpjet. John gets a good look around. The window expands to both sides, curved in the front, of course. There's a radio in the middle. Navigation above. Various buttons that have functions of some sorts and, of course, seat belts.

John: So I just had a word with the boss.

Owens, piloting, looking out of the window: Is it any of my concern?

John: Well, no but-

Owens, piloting, still looking out of the window: Then sit back down and keep quiet.

John then feels the need to say something but doesn't. He re-enters the bay and returns to his seat.

Owens, piloting, still looking out of the window: You've been looking outside of that window ever since we left Manhattan. Is something wrong?

Drake: It's nothing- Just... This is the first time in a long while that I've left the city. Aside from going back to HQ.

Owens, piloting, looking out of the window at his side: You're not missing much. We're approaching our destination.

Outside, the Jumpjet is seen lowering in height, still moving forwards in a curve motion. Later, on the ground, the Jumpjet is seen landing steadily. 

Coney Island Beach
October 24, 10:32 EDT
 The jumpjet doors open up and the crew, including Drake, John and Owens, step outside onto the sand.

Owens: This is where you'll do your experiments. You are not to go 100 feet away from the jumpjet, understood?

John: Yes, sir. (salutes)

Owens: Don't do that.

John lowers his arm.

Owens: We'll be retrieving the shipment further along the beach. You have until then. (to the Officers) Let's go.

Owens and the Officers then walk off down the beach.

John, noticing Drake's outfit: You're going out like that?

Drake: What's wrong with my look?

John: Well I mean, if you want to be a secret agent, you have to blend in with everyone else. I mean, you sort of are but anyone can call you out when you look like that hooded guy who fights Mutants.

Drake: I am the hooded guy.

John: Exactly, dude. We can't have people knowing that you're the guy. Don't you have any other clothes?

Drake: Not exactly.

Drakes removes his black hoodie which shows off a red shirt with an orange stripe in the middle. The shirt looks worn out, slightly torn at the sleeves.

Drake: What about this?

John: Perfect. Now you have an appearance for an alter-ego.

John reaches into the jumpjet and pulls out a red and blue backpack. He opens it up, takes Drake's hoodie and puts it in the bag. John the zips up the bag with now has a bulge indicating the hoodie inside.

Drake: Why couldn't I just pull the hood down? It's what I do.

John: Hood is like a mask. If you take off your mask, it's like giving your identity. But if there isn't a hood(ie), then you become your identity.

Drake: So it's like a lie.

John: To protect you from others. Imagine what people would think if I was hanging out with a guy who can punch a giant three armed monster in the face. But enough with all that, we came here to reduce stress in the funest way possible.

Drake: Not sure if that's a word or not. "Funest"

John: I'm making my own words. That's what inventors do. Now you need to check out the boardwalk.

John starts walking off and Drake follows him closely.

Drake: What's the boardwalk?

John: It's a really cool place. My mom used to take me here when I was a kid. There's games, food... hot babes. (nudges Drake)

Drake: "Babes"?

John: Wow you really don't know anything about the outside world. How long have you been with MCA?

Drake: 5 years. I just started seeing the city about a month ago. Haven't gone anywhere other than HQ and Manhattan.

John: New York is a big place which means you have a lot of stuff to learn. But, I've got school then I have my own personal things to deal with, inventing stuff, Nanogene research, social life-

Drake: I get it. I get it. You're busy. You wouldn't be the first one.

John: Hey, I might be busy but that doesn't mean I won't make time for you, dude. I'm here for you.

Drake: I know you saved my life, John, but why do you feel entitled to me?

John: Drake, you saved my life too. Besides I might have lied about that whole social life thing. Despite you being a specialized Mutant that can transform any part of his body into a butt-kicking machine and me being, well, a guy who builds things from stuff in a dumpster, I could seriously use a friend like you. And in case you don't know what a friend is, it's somebody that looks out for someone else. Someone you can trust and someone can rely on.

Drake: You sure that's who I am?

John: Well I know that I can totally keep your secret under wraps and you can tell me anything and I'll try to do the best I can to help you out, medically speaking most of the time.

Drake: I'll have to think about it. For now, I'm alright with having you as my personal medical adviser.

John: A personal medical adviser with friend-like qualities.

They approach a boardwalk game where there are there rows of three bottles stacked in a pyramid formation at a short distance as there are three balls by the two. A man is behind the counter that the balls are rested upon. Green shirt with a purple circle pattern in the center, black shorts and black hair, curly, short.

John, continuing, now noticing the boardwalk game: -Who is also good at boardwalk games.

Drake: This is a game? It looks like some training equipment... just older.

John: I don't think they've bothered replacing anything around here.

Man, behind the counter: Are you gonna play a game or what?

John, removing money from his pocket: Yeah. (placing five dollars on the counter) We'll play a round.

Man grabs the money and slips it into his pocket.

Man, moving to the side, unblocking the bottles: You've got three shots.

John, grabbing one of the balls: Watch and learn, Drake.

John aims at one of the stacks and pitches the throw. The baseball then strikes into one of the stacks and the bottles fall over.

John: See? Boardwalk Pro.

Drake looks down at the counter and grabs a baseball. He then grips the ball and looks up at the bottle stacks. Drake then grabs the ball tightly and aims at one of the bottle stacks. He then throws but misses the stack, instead hitting the barrel it sits on. The ball then rolls down the boardwalk until it hits the side of the counter and remains underneath it. The Man behind the counter then chuckles and turns around to grab a broom. Drake then looks upset and grabs the last ball with anger. The man is still seen grabbing the broom when the baseball flies right past him and impacts with the bottles, shattering them into pieces. The man behind the counter turns around quickly and looks, in surprise, as the bottles shards are seen all over the barrel and boardwalk floor. The man looks at Drake who is breathing heavily. John is looking at him with some shock as well.

John, slowly turning to the Man behind the counter: He's uh... He's got a good throwing arm. It was just asleep... before.

The man looks behind him and sees a baseball-shaped hole in the wooden panels behind where the stack used to be.

John: We should get going.

John puts his hand on Drake's shoulder and helps him move away from the game. When they get a few feet away, John looks at Drake.

John: Dude, what was that?

Drake: I got it, didn't I?

John: Drake, it's just a game, dude. Doesn't matter if you win or lose.

Drake: Matters to me.

John: Okay. This doesn't seem like a good way to deal with stress at all especially with you using your powers in public.

Drake: That wasn't- (breaths out) I didn't do it on purpose. It just sort of... happened.

John stares at Drake for a moment then reaches into his backpack and pulls out his tablet.

John: Alright. Let's take a look at your biometrics.

John reaches into his pocket and retrieves a small, folded up device. He unfolds it and places the earpiece in his ear. He presses the side of the earpiece and it activates the small holographic screen that projects over his left eye. John then scans Drake and the Nanogene feed appears on his tablet. On the tablet, the Nanogenes are moving rapidly.

John, viewing the tablet: Whoa.

Drake: What is it?

John, still viewing the tablet: Your Nanogenes are spiking. (looks at Drake) You must be really stressed right now.

Drake: Not really. Just provoked.

John: Maybe it's the opposite. Maybe you're just getting excited.

Drake: I thought we were taking a break from the tests, John.

John: Sorry. It's still an experiment thing.

Drake: Right. And here I thought we were just going to spend time together like a friend would do.

John: Hang out.

Drake: Whatever it's called.

Drake goes to the railing of the boardwalk and leans against it. John then walks over to the railing and looks at Drake.

John: Look dude I-

Faint screams are heard. Drake then looks up quickly and puts his arm on John's chest, stopping him from continuing.

John, confused: Wh-What is it?

Drake, looking closely: ...Trouble.

By the shore, a couple of people, in swim wear, are seen running out of the water, in fear. A small fin is seen moving rapidly through the water heading towards the right.

Drake: I think we've got a Mutant in the area.

John: That's impossible. The Mutation was only limited to Manhattan. That's what the MCA told me.

Drake: They were wrong.

Drake prepares to climb over the railing.

John, noticing: Drake, wait. (reaching into his backpack) Your hoodie!

John grabs Drake's hoodie and throws it to him. Drake catches it and climbs over the railing. John gets up and sees Drake, with the hoodie tucked under his arm, running down the beach side, after the fin. Drake then puts the hoodie on, flips up the hood and activates his hoverboard form. He glides forwards at increasing speeds. At the end of the beach, Drake stops and simply hovers above the sand. He looks out and sees a ship rocking back and forth with MCA Officers firing around it. Drake deactivates his hover form and runs over to the scene.

Drake: What's going on?

Owens, running into view: The mission's been compromised. We're under attack by something... big.

A green hand with black claws grabs onto the side of the ship. The ship then leans towards the water as if something is being pulled up. A large, green Mutant, resembling a sea monster. There are gills on its neck, its eyes are yellow, big and circular, and it's teeth are exposed and over-lapping. The Mutant, grabbing onto the ship more, roars out loudly.

Owens, drawing his blades: It's a Mutant.

Drake: Obviously.

Owens: We didn't prepare for an Class-2 this large. You have to take it down, the cargo is way too valuable.

Drake: I'm on it.

Drake throws his arms out and activates his enlarged hands. He clutches them into fists and runs towards the Mutant. The Sea Mutant tears apart of the ship off and throws it at Drake who breaks through it with his enlarged fist. Drake then stops in front of the large ship and slams his fists together into the sand, creating a large wave of flames emitted from his hands which hits the ships. The Mutant then releases the ship. Its large tail rises from the ocean and smacks against the water, sending a strong wave of water onto the shore, hitting Drake, knocking him over. The Mutant roars again and grabs the ship again. The ship then starts to move downwards into the water.

Owens: The Mutant is taking the ship. Take it down. Drake, move in for the main approach. (not receiving a response) Drake.

Drake is seen lying on the sand. He shakes slightly and breaths hard, gasping for air.


John, running to the scene: What happened?

Owens: The cargo got away as well as the Mutant. We're going to have to go after it.

Owens heads back to the jumpjet as John follows him inside. Inside the Jumpjet, John instantly notices Drake in the passenger seat, with a blanket over him.

John: Whoa. You look like you're in horrible condition. What happened?

Owens: He was going into shock. I gave him a shock blanket.

Drake: I was uh- hit by a wave of water. After, I felt- damaged inside.

John taps the side of his earpiece and the holographic screen projects over his eye. He examines Drake, visually.

John: Suppressed. Your Nanogenes are suppressed. It's like the water has completely shut down your Nanogenes for a limited amount.

Owens: Explain.

John: A small dose of water should be fine but a wave can do some serious damage. Now just imagine him in a lake or even an ocean. His biometric structure would instantly shut down.

Drake: So I can't touch water?

John: Large amounts? No. If you stay within water for too long, it could eventually kill you.

Owens: Then you're sitting out of this, Drake, no questions about it.

Drake: I'm coming. You can't stop that Mutant and retrieve the cargo without me.

Owens: We'll find a way. Not everything ends with a cure. How do you think we functioned before you?

Drake: I'm here now and I'm coming. I'll just as far away from water as possible.

Owens: When you're underwater. It's too risky.

Drake: If I shut down, I can wake up later but if the cargo is destroyed, future research is lost forever.

Owens: Fine. But you are not to go anywhere near water while we're on board any vessel.

John: There's another vessel?

Owens: The hijacked ship. It's built to withstand sinking to protect its content including the crew. We can breach the shielding and enter the ship, secure the cargo and escape through the same way we came.

Drake: Then let's go.

The scene cuts to a later scene where the Jumpjet, now prepped, is seen lifting off from the sandy beach. As the grains of sand blow from the wind originated from the engines, the Jumpjet rises off from the shore and into the air. On board, Owens and Drake are seen seated in the cockpit while John is standing in-between the seats, hunched over slightly because of the panel above him.

John: So where are we going? Back to HQ to get into some giant submarine?

Owens: This is the submarine. Now sit down and be quiet.

Owens presses a button on the control panel. As seen from the outside, The Jumpjet is approaching the water in a downwards direction. The Jumpjet then slowly forms into a more submersible vehicle rather than aerodynamic. Loosing its propulsion upwards, the Jumpjet drops into the ocean. It bobs up and down, remaining close to the surface as possible. Inside, Owens flicks some small, black switches above a circular meter with a red needle inside it. Owens then moves his arm downwards and grabs onto a throttle between the two seats. He pulls it back. The Jumpjet, at the surface of the water, then starts to decrease in height, moving past the surface of the water and moving downwards into the ocean.

John, holding onto the two seats, looking out the main window: Whoa...

The Jumpjet is seen swimming through the water as light penetrated the surface, lighting the ocean.

Atlantic Ocean
October 24, 11:18 EDT

Owens, piloting: How's his condition?

John presses the side of his earpiece, activating the holographic screen projected over his eye. He examines Drake, visually.

John: Nanogenes seem in check. You might have that chill up your spine feeling though.

Drake: Is that normal?

John: Well everyone, who isn't usually a Class 3-Mutant, feels it when they're frightened by something.

Drake: So I have a- a- fear... of the water?

John: Most certainly not but one never knows something without proper tests.

Owens, piloting: Tests that can be conducted after the mission at hand.

John: Right...

A beeping is heard.

Drake looks down and sees a screen retract from the dashboard. On the screen, there is a navy blue background with green lines crossed in a Plus-Sign representing a graph. A red dot, in the middle, is seen approaching another red dot in the direction its going to.

Owens, looking at the monitor: We're approaching the target.

Drake: I thought the Mutant had the ship.

Owens: There isn't another target in the area. I assume he let the ship go momentarily which means we don't have long until it returns.

John: You don't think it was an accident. That this Mutant just sank the ship because it was in the way.

Owens: Impossible. We've picked up shipments here before except now it's something extremely valuable. Either there's a connection between the Mutant and the cargo or it is purposely attempting to keep our equipment at the bottom of the ocean.

John: Okay... I'm starting to get that chill feeling, now.

The Jumpjet is later seen approaching the Ship. Owens pulls the steering wheel back which decreases the acceleration of the Jumpjet as it starts drifting towards the ship, tipped on its side. The Jumpjet is facing the deck front-first, specifically a bolted, metallic plating which a door looks like it should be.

John: Let me guess that's the shielding.

Owens: We can override the shielding but it'll take some time. I'll lock us in with the entrance.

Owens navigates the controls which, in turn, turns the Jumpjet on a diagonal so that its side is facing the front of the entrance. The Jumpjet drifts carefully towards the entrance until completely stopping a foot in front of it. Owens presses another button the dashboard which, as seen on the outside, activates a mechanism in which a wall works its way out of the side of the Jumpjet with small drills on each corner. The walls circle around the door and make their way to the ship in which the drills penetrate the bolted door of the ship. Owens presses another button which drains out of the water from the extremely small space.

The Jumpjet shifts slightly.

Drake: Was that the Mutant?

John: It sounded like a tremor. Ow-

Owens stares directly into John's eyes with a grim expression.

John, uncomfortable: Uh- Agent Owens, may you please scan the um geographic structure of the area?

Owens turns back and presses two buttons under the circular meter in the middle of the dashboard. The map on the screen then simulates a red shape which resembles a roughly circular polygon underneath the middle red dot and the red dot in front of the other one.

Drake: What's that?

Owens: Unbalanced terrain. The ship is rested on an edge.

John: Which means it could fall off some sort of cliff any minute now.

Drake, getting out of his seat: We don't have time to wait. Open the door.

Drake makes his way to the door from the cockpit and opens the door, entering the small space slightly. Drake comes face-to-face with the bolted wall. He places his hand on it and hacks into it. The door then opens in a short moment.

Owens: Taught him something new, John?

John: Apparently.

Drake: Come on.

The three then make their way into the sideways corridor, minding the ladder on the wall. John, with his tablet in hand, looks at it. On its screen, a layout of the ship with three dots representing them.

MCA Cargo Ship
October 24, 11:48 EDT

Owens, walking forwards: We have to get to that cargo before the ship goes off the edge.

John, walking forwards: What about the crew?

Owens, walking forwards: There are escape pods on board. They'll be safe.

John, walking forwards: But why haven't they used them yet?

Owens, walking forwards: They're probably all dead then.

John, walking forwards: You must be real fun at parties.

John's tablet then starts pinging. John looks down at his tablet and sees more dots appearing as the dots, representing them, approach those new dots.

John, walking forwards: Whoa hang on. I've got new life forms just ahead. Could be the crew.

Owens, walking forwards: Could be...

John continues looking at his tablet with Owens grabs his jacket, pulling him back. John, startled, looks at Owens who is looking directly down. John looks down and sees a former hallway now drop.

John: Right. Forgot the boat was turned on its side.

Drake activates his hover form as his legs mechanically transform.

Drake: Get on.

The scene cuts to Drake gliding across the gap with John and Owens, as seen from a view at the bottom of the drop. Now focused on the other side of the gap, the scene shows Drake arriving to the other side and reforming his legs back to the normal which drop John and Owens back on their feet after being an inch off of the wall, now floor. They then continue until they approach another drop, slightly smaller, more curved. At the bottom are three men in uniform. They're wearing a white outfit with an orange symbol on the left side of their chest, it's small and triangular, sticking out of a circle of the same color. One of the men notice the three approaching them and pats the shoulder of another man who turns around to notice them. Owens then draws his blade.

Man: Whoa. Whoa. Whoa. Easy there.

Drake: You're the crew?

Man: Yeah. Who are you guys?

Owens: We're with MCA.

Crewman: How'd you get in? The entrances are bolted shut.

Owens: We have a protocol for over-riding the lock without bringing any outside materials into the structure.

Crewman: Of course you do. MCA doesn't tell us anything anymore.

John: Aren't you guys a subdivision of MCA?

Crewman: Glad someone remembered. We're mainly used for shipping and receiving nowadays.

Owens: Where's the cargo?

Crewman: Cargo bay. We were getting ready unload when we were attacked and the ship went flip side.

Owens: We need access to the cargo bay.

Crewman: Yeah, well, we've been breached somewhere close to the Cargo Bay. Water rushed in and the emergency system locked us out. There's absolutely no way to get in. Maybe we can use that protocol of yours.

Owens: We have to make sure the amount of water is manageable and won't spread into the rest of the ship. Otherwise, we'll have to find a different way. John: What about the vents? I'm noticing some ventilation shafts throughout the layout the ship.

Second Crewman: We've thought of that but we don't have anything to break the seal with. It's right over there. (points)

Drake looks to where he's pointing and sees a ventilation shaft on the wall, formerly a ceiling. He makes his way over to it and squats in front of it. He places his hand on the seal and hacks into it. The men look bewildered by it. The seal then breaks off of the grate covering the shaft. Drake then grabs the grate, putting his fingers in-between the holes, and pulls it off of the now loose bolts.

Drake: Let's go.

The scene cuts to the six of them crawling through the ventilation shafts. A metallic noise is heard as their weight presses against the surface underneath them.

Cargo Ship Ventilation Shafts
October 24, 12:32 EDT

Third Crewman: How were you able to do that-that thing back there with the lock?

Crewman: I know how. He's a Mutant. That Class-3 we've been hearing about.

Owens: I thought you said MCA didn't contact you as much.

Crewman: Word is word. Do you have any idea how many shipments we go through with other MCA Officers?

Owens: I'm an Agent. Remember that. How much closer till we reach the cargo bay?

John, looking at his tablet with difficulty: I've zoomed on the layout so I can see clearer. We have to make an- um up.

Crewman: How are we supposed to climb up a ventilation shaft?

The six then stop at a metallic wall moving upwards. Drake looks up and sees a small platform higher up within the shaft leading into another shaft.

Drake: It's not too high up.

Drake activates his hands and transforms them into the sharp, crystalline fingers. Drake crawls towards the shaft moving upwards. He enters the opening, squeezes his legs through the roof of the shaft and stands inside the shaft. He stabs the wall with his fingers with his right arm and grabs into the metal. He then does the same with his other hand on the left side. He removes his right hand from the wall, leaving behind punctured holes in the metal wall, and breaks into the metal slightly above the holes he created. He does the same with his left. Drake is now reaching upwards with his legs still on the bottom surface of the shaft. He grabs into the metal tightly and hops his feet onto the surface, uneasily. He then continues to scale up the shaft until he approaches the platform. Drake then removes his right hand from the metal and turns slightly to face the platform. He tries reaching for it but the distance between him and the platform is too great. He fires a shard from his fingers at the platform edge which gets stuck into its side. Drake loosens his grip on the metal for his left hand and presses against the surface with his feet. He then jumps from the wall and grabs onto the shard, kicks against the surface behind him and pushes himself upwards, swinging into the shaft above him. He then reaches out of the shaft, still inside, and fires shards from his hands at the area he scaled from. After numerous shots, he creates a roughly made and small stepping area leading upwards to the platform.

Drake: I made a way up. Come on.

Owens, approaching the makeshift ladder: Impressive.

John: That he made a ladder out of crystals?

Owens: That he managed to think of something like that.

John: Maybe you're just not giving him the credit he deserves.

Owens, looking back at John: John-

John: Just hear me out. He might be a little dull minded but that's only because he never really experienced anything. Deep now, he has the best intentions and I think that's what matters.

Owens, turning back to the wall, approaching it: John, if I ever need your opinion, it'll probably be for medical reasons. And strictly that only.

Owens climbs up the diamond ladder while John gives off a disappointed expression on his face.

The scene cuts to them crawling through the corridor again.

John, crawling forwards, looking at tablet with difficulty: We should be close but we might not be able to reach certain areas without-

The ship shakes slightly.

Crewman: The ship tipping over?

John: Something like that...

Owens: We need to keep moving. (crawls forwards)

In a large room, matching the design of the tunnels throughout the ship, there are various crates and equipment such as a dark yellow fork lift thrown against the wall which now the floor.

Cargo Bay
October 24, 13:14 EDT
The vent door is thrown off of its hinges onto the floor. Agent Owens climbs out of the vent and drops onto the floor. Drake follows him out of the vent, followed by John and the three crewmen. Agent Owens looks around.

Third Crewman: We're finally in the cargo bay.

Crewman: Cool it. I get the point.

John: Other than the equipment, what's so important about the-

The ship shakes once again. The handling equipment and the various cargo shift slightly. The ship rocks even more dramatically.

Owens: The ship's tipping over. (draws blade and strikes it into the ground) (grips tightly to the handle) Hang on to something.

The ship then starts turning over. As seen from the outside, the ship turns until it is back on its bottom, pushed onto the very edge of the cliff it is rested on. On board, Agent Owens is still seen hanging onto his blade, now in the wall. He places his foot on the wall and pushes the blade out which throws him backwards. He then performs a back flip and lands on the floor.

Owens, standing up straight: Is everyone alright?

Drake drops down next to Owens. Owens turns to face him. Drake lifts his arm showing his diamond fingers which he then deactivates, returning them back to normal.

Drake: Where's John?

John, unseen: Over here...

Drake turns around and goes over to some crates. He sees John lying on a couple of broken crates, with a cushion underneath them.

John: The crates broke my fall.

Owens: This must be the equipment for the research.

John: Oh yeah the equipment's fine. No need to mention my possible broken spine.

Drake helps John off of the busted crates. Owens then removes the cushion with his blade which then shows two big, green-brown colored eggs with small, purple veins.

Owens: This isn't the equipment.

John, getting a look at the content: Whoa... It's like some type of mutant egg.

Drake: The egg was mutated?

John: Or it's um- naturally mutated.

Drake: What?

Owens: These eggs belong to a Mutant and I'm assuming it's the Mutant trying to attack us right now.

Crewman, unseen: Good guess.

Drake and John turn around and see the three Crewman, now armed with specialized MCA weapons.

Crewman: You can see why we were in a hurry to get to the Cargo Bay.

John: The Mutant outside isn't after the equipment or any of the other cargo. It's been after you and the eggs you've stolen.

Owens: There's too much at stake to take samples, Officer.

Crewman: I wasn't taking a sample, Agent. I was getting my paycheck.

Drake: You're a double agent.

Crewman: And you've never seen it coming.

Owens: Who's paying you?

Crewman: A special man like that kid over there. He said if I got him the eggs, he'll make sure my daughter never gets mutated.

John: Wait, you risked our lives for a vaccine shot?

Drake: Forget the shot. What about the man?

Crewman: What about him? He's no concern for you.

Drake: Not unless his name is Ryden Kurtzman.

Crewman: You know Dr. Kurtzman? I shouldn't be that surprised, freak. I bet you wanted a cure too.

Owens: There is no cure and there is no place for a double agent.

Crewman: That's where you're wrong, Agent. I'm gonna walk out of here with these eggs and you're going to let me unless you want someone getting shot.

Owens: We can defend ourselves.

Crewman: Not all of you.

Owens tilts his head slightly to get a small glance at John behind him. He then turns his head back to face the Crewman.

Crewman: Heh. Just like I thought. (chuckles)

The Crewmen start stepping back away from the three. Owens slowly reaches for his blade. A giant green arm barges through the ship's wall behind the three.

John: It broke through!

Second Crewman: Let's get out of here!

Crewman: What? No! I need those eggs, man.

The two other Crewmen run out of the Cargo Bay as the main Crewman turns to look at them leave. Owens then back flip kicks the Crewman's weapon out of his hand. The Crewman turns to face Owens and Owens punches the Crewman in the face. The ship then shakes violently as the arm makes the breach larger. Water spills in around the edges of the large arm. Drake backs away from the water.

Drake: We need to go, now.

Owens nods and grabs the unconscious Crewman, carrying him by placing the Crewman's arm over his shoulder.

John then heads for the exit with Drake following behind him. Owens, with the Crewman, exit the Cargo Bay. John approaches the exit when the arm removes itself from the Cargo Bay, itself, releasing the ocean's waters into the Bay. Drake turns around and sees the water flooding in and the ship tipping over slightly. He turns back to John and pushes him through the exit as the doors instantly close and bolt down. Drake attempts to hack into the door by placing his hand on it but the flood reaches him first and Drake is pulled out of the ship, into the ocean. Drake looks out and sees the Sea Monster Mutant tearing away at the ship then diverting its attention to the Jumpjet, now released from the ship. Drake attempts to activate one of his forms but fails to do so. He then starts to close his eyes as he drifts off towards the bottom of the ocean. When Drake finally closes his eyes, the scene transitions into a flashback scene where there is a small, stone bridge over a lake. In the lake, a small child is seen splashing around in the lake.

Nora Lake
7 Years Ago
At a closer view, the child is actually Drake, struggling to remain above the water.

Young Drake, calling out: Help! Help! Somebody help me!

Drake then starts going under the water, drowning, until a pair of arms reaches into the water and pulls him out. The scene then cuts to the inside of a house, by the entrance. The front door opens and the Tall Kid walks in, carrying Drake, his arm over his shoulder. The Tall Kid helps Drake onto the couch in the living room as Drake coughs.

Tall Kid: What were you thinking, Drake?

Young Drake, weakly: Where am I?

Tall Kid: You're home. I can't stay but she'll take care of you.

The kid then gets up and walks back to the front door as a woman comes down the stairs from an upper level of the house. Some of the details are missing from this woman, as if it's hard to remember who she is. The woman approaches Drake in the living room. She's wearing a sweater, black pants, hair- hair was brown, possibly. Eyes were- also brown- probably. Any other significant details were simply blank or, at least, carved blankly.

Woman: Drake, are you okay?

Young Drake: I'm fine, Mom.

Drake's Mom: What happened?

Young Drake: I got into a- a fight again... Some guys were picking on another kid so I tried to stop them. So we got into a fight and- and they- they pushed me off the bridge. Told me to take a swim.

Drake's Mom: It's okay, Drake.

Young Drake: Why can't I swim, Mom?

Drake's Mom: You can, sweetheart. You just have to learn how to. Everyone can float above the water.

Young Drake: So why do I keep sinking?

Drake's Mom: You just have to stop thinking about the water and start moving forwards. And even if that's too much for you, never, ever, give up.

Drake's Mom rubs the side of Drake's face and Drake smiles.

The scene then starts to transition back to the scene with Drake drifting to the ocean. Drake then wakes with a sudden jolt and a mechanical noise awakes with him. Drake then activates a new form which grows from his back, resembling an oxygen tank, which then grows outwards, like wires, towards his head. The wires then wrap around his head until they take the form of a make-shift helmet. Drake then breaths deeply as he catches his breath. A faint roaring is then heard in the distance above him. Drake looks up and sees a faint shape swimming above him. Inside the helmet, Drake looks around and holographic circles appear over his vision.

Drake, noticing them: What are these things?

The circles then align and enhance of the faint shape showing it to be the Sea Mutant, swimming towards something. A secondary holographic circle slides over to the other faint image, enhancing it and showing it to be the Jumpjet, firing at the Sea Mutant, with very little effect. Drake then starts moving forwards, towards the Sea Mutant. He looks surprised at how he is moving. Outside of the helmet, it is seen that the tank aspect of this form is releasing force, accelerating him forwards. The Sea Mutant then grabs the Jumpjet and shakes it. Drake moves forwards at the Sea Mutant and punches it in the side, which ultimately has no affect. Drake then places his hands on the Mutant and attempts to cure it, which also has no affect, however, it does attract the attention of the Mutant, whom strikes Drake with its tail. Drake is then thrown into the side of the ship, with the tank aspect of the form, protecting his back.

Drake, to himself: How do I stop this thing?

Drake looks around and the holographic circles enhance on a certain spot, showing the mutant eggs. Drake then propels himself towards the eggs. The Sea Mutant is seen, still, shaking at the Jumpjet, denting the exterior.

Drake, unseen: Hey!

The Sea Mutant turns around and roars at Drake who is now seen carrying the two mutant eggs.

Drake: Go and get your eggs back-

Drake's helmet then indicates a significant point with the holographic circles. Drake then throws the eggs in that direction, turns around and uses the tank to release high amount of force at the eggs, propelling them forwards at high speeds. The Sea Mutant roars out again, releasing the Jumpjet and swims after the eggs, until it is no longer in sight.

Drake, continuing: -and stay out of my city...

The scene then transitions to later on, on the shore.

Coney Island Shoreline
October 24, 15:22 EDT
MCA Officers are taking the double agent Crewmen on board another Jumpjet, Agent Owens is having a conversation over his earpiece and Drake is seen sitting on the sand, leaning against his bent up legs. John approaches him from behind.

John: You alright?

Drake doesn't respond.

John then sits next to Drake and looks at the shore.

John: Not sure if it's wise to sit next to your only weakness. Still not sure how to managed to survive that.

Drake: I adapted.

John: Oh.

Drake: John, I just found out that water isn't my weakness. It may shut down my Nanogenes but I'm still me.

John: Owens sounds upset that you let Nessie go.

Drake: Nessie?

John: That's what I named the Sea Mutant.

Drake: And would it be any better if he risked your life just to take out that Crewman?

John, thinking about that: ...Guess not.

Drake: I'm not willing to kill anything but it's not like I had a choice in the first place.

John: Okay. Staring at the ocean isn't helping the situation at all. (gets up) We're going to hang out. For real. Not now because you're in shock, I think. But later. I got video games and snacks and stuff. What do you say?

Drake: I'll think about it.

John: Alright... Okay...

John then walks off towards the beat up Jumpjet while Drake continues staring at the ocean. The scene then cuts to night at an alleyway.

October 24, 22:12 EDT
Kate is seen waiting, leaning against a brick wall. Drake then jumps in, hood up, and approaches Kate who then notices him.

Kate: Hey. What's up?

Drake: It's about the camera.

Kate: You mean the camcorder I gave you? What about it?

Drake: It's doing something to me. I can't stop the need to talk to it. Is this normal?

Kate: Depends on how you feel about it.

Drake: I don't. It's an object, it's a machine.

Kate: So it means what to you?

Drake: Nothing.

Kate: Alright so if you're talking to nothing then you must be talking to yourself.

Drake: You think I'm nothing?

Kate: No. That- That is not what I meant, at all. What I'm trying to say is that there isn't anything there except you. So the only thing that you could be talking to is yourself.

Drake: Why would I talk to myself?

Kate: People normally do it when they're lonely.

Drake: I'm not alone. I'm surrounded by people.

Kate: Being surrounded doesn't mean you're not alone. In order to be not alone, you have to be with someone you can trust and talk about how you feel.

Drake: Like a friend?

Kate: I was going to say me.

Drake: Friendships and Partnerships aren't the same thing, Kate.

Kate: They can be if you want them to be.

Drake, thinking about it: ...Same place?

Kate: I'll be waiting. (smirks)

Kate turns around and walks off. A clanging noise is then heard which causes Kate to stop. She then turns around and Drake is gone. She looks around and then turns back to face the street. Kate then walks off on the pavement as the view rises above the building next to the alleyway, to the roof, and shows Drake standing there, looking down at Kate. He then looks up, right at the view.


Noteworthy Events

Major Events

  • Drake and John acknowledge the fact that water harms Drake's biometrics.
  • Drake unlocks the Smart Swim.

Minor Events

  • Drake leaves the city to go somewhere other than MCA HQ for the first time.
  • Drake goes to a beach for the first time.
  • Drake's shirt is seen for the first time.
  • John now knows the name, Ryden Kurtzman.
  • Drake considers befriending both John and Kate.


  • Drake
  • John
  • Agent Owens
  • Kate
  • The Director
  • MCA Officers
  • Young Drake (Flashback)
  • Tall Kid (Flashback)
  • Drake's Mom (First Appearance) (Flashback)
  • Boardwalk Game Manager (First Appearance)
  • Citizens


  • Mutants
    • Class 2-Mutant/Tri-Hands (First Appearance) (Cured)
    • Sea Mutant/Nessie (First Appearance)
  • MCA Crewmen (First Appearance)

Forms Used

  • Fire Fists (x4)
  • Crystal Claws (x2)
  • Techno-Speed (x2)
  • Smart Swim (First Appearance)


  • "Quad-Hands", the name John gives the three-armed Mutant, is a reference to the Ben 10 episode, Goodbye and Good Riddance, when a kid at Ben's school calls Four Arms, Quad-Hands.
  • The quote about The Krakken was a reference towards the creature in the Ben 10 episode with the same name.


  • Despite the title name, the original plot was meant to be set on the surface with little action on going underwater. This was revised into the final version.
  • The reason why Drake's mother wasn't completely seen in the flashback was because Drake didn't remember her enough to establish all of her details.
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