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Fred 40: The Dawn of a New Hero
Season 1, Episode 9
Written by User:Charbel2001
Directed by User:Charbel2001
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Decisive Battle, Part 2


Fred runs to the crash and starts searching for Raiden in the remains.

Brock: Fred. I saw one of Anti-Omni's goons take Raiden just before we crashlanded.

Fred: Know you tell me!

Brock: It didn't seem important.

Fred: The final battle is near.

Theme Song!

Fred: We've gotta rescue Raiden. Dawn, you can teleport us to Anti-Omni's ship.

Dawn: I could.

Fred: Yeah!

Dawn: I said could not would.

Fred: But we have to rescue Raiden...and...we need a ship...and...we can find out where they're going.

Dawn: Fine. Let's go before I change my mind.

Fred: Come on Brock!

Brock:'s go.

Dawn teleports them to Anti-Omni's ship.

Dawn: This place is crawling with soldiers.

Brock: You're right. I guess we should just leave.

Dawn: Where? We're in outer space.

Brock: That's what I was worried about. I'll distract the guards.

Brock runs in front of the guards.

Brock: Nananananana! (shakes his butt)

Guard 1: That's not very nice! (sticks his tongue out)

Guard 2: Get him you idiot! He's the enemy!

Guard: Right. (chases after Brock)

In the pilot's room.

Fred spots Raiden in a bird's cage.

Fred: I've got you!

Anti-Omni: Not so fast! (shoots a mana blast on the ground in front of Fred)

Kraggus and a couple of humans grab Fred.

Fred: This isn't right. How'd you know we were coming here? Dawn! Help!

A door opens with 2 guards holding Dawn.

Dawn: Hey Fred.

Fred: This still doesn't feel right. (transforms) ROK!

ROK throws Kraggus and the humans off him. Dawn uses telekinesis to throw the guard holding her.

Dawn: I'll find out where this ship is headed.

ROK: You do that. (transforms) Gorillaphant!

Anti-Omni: Oh no you won't! (shoots a mana blast at the controls)

The Ship: Hyperdrive activated.

The ship crashlands on Aranhisimmia.

Brock: Run!

Fred: You said it.

Dawn: I think they were planning on invading Aranhisimmia.

Fred: But now that we know we can stop them.

The End!



  • Anti-Omni
  • Kraggus
  • Humans
  • Guard 1
  • Guard 2