Decimus Prime

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Decimus Prime is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of a Cybertronian from the planet Cybertron.


Decimus Prime is a giant black and green robot, with silver parts around his body. He has green eyes, two cannons on his back, and the Omnitrix symbol is located on his chest, between the front glass panels. On his car mode, he looks like an altered version of Ben's car. Decimus Prime also has a battle mask. The car's front panel can be seen on his chest.

Powers and Abilities

Besides transforming into a sports car, Decimus Prime is able to alter his arms to create weapons, such as guns or swords. He also has enhanced speed on his alt-mode, enhanced strength on his robot mode and enhanced durability on all of his two forms. He can also create guns when in his alt-mode.


Decimus Prime can be affected by Dark Energon, becoming a mindless zombie until he reverts back to Ben.

If he is badly affected by an electrical charge while on his alt-mode, he is unable to turn back to his robot mode.

Due to his size, he cannot enter in small spaces.




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