Decibel is a character in the series Plumbers. He usually rocks on the guitar all night, annoying his neighbors. His friends are Ledus, Peixes, Exypnos, and Sartan. He speaks with a Australian accent. His name comes from the word Decibel, shortened to dB, a measure unit of sound.


Decibel is a really bad plumber-in-training, and really hates it. He cares only about his music. He is selfish, and really hates Magister Pupe.


Decibel has of course powers, but uses them only for his music, not for attacking.

  • Creating sound disks that shoot sound
  • On the disks he can change the type of sound and strength for the music
  • Flight through blasting sound from his legs
  • Forcefields through sound


  • Possibly void through which he can't attack


Rock Stars

  • Cibus: We will find a tune the way all famous writer find!
  • Decibel: And that is?
  • Cibus: We will put a chicken in front of a piano!
  • Decibel: Are you crazy? That's not how you do it!
  • Cibus: So how do you do it then?
  • Decibel: You put a monkey instead.
  • (sometime later)
  • Peixes: Okay listen wat we got here: (put a recording of the monkey playing music, horrible random piano noises are heard, and then dummmmmmmmmmmmmm)
  • Cibus: What is the dummmm at the end?
  • Peixes: The monkey fell asleep.

Subsitute Creature

  • Sartan: If you want Magister Pupe away, then I can cut his arm off so he can't teach!
  • Decibel: Nah, then I will get expelled.
  • Sartan: If you hate the academy so much, why did you come here?
  • Decibel: Well, in many places, you can get in free if you are a plumber. Plus it will look good in my biography.
  • Sartan: Decibel, half of those places are museums.
  • Decibel: WHAT!?! NO!!!
  • Sartan: At least you still have the biography thing.

Species and Planet

Species: Evolved Sonorosian

Planet: Sonorosia


Decibel is like a normal Evolved Sonorosian

He takes almost always his guitar on his back



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