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The Decatrix was created by a mysterious scientist on Galvan Prime. Unlike the Omnimatrices of other universes, the Decatrix primary function was for combat. Hence, each of the DNA samples within the Decatrix have been slightly altered to be geared towards combat. Diego later upgraded the Decatrix to become the; Duomnitrix.


The Decatrix is a gauntlet that covered the upper forearm of the user. It is coloured red and dark grey. However, the core is able to change colours depending on the mode its in.






The Decatrix's default mode. In this mode, the Decatrix and all its functions can be utilised properly and without issue. The core glows red.


The Defense mode's main purpose is to assure the user's survival. It is activated whenever the user is in immediate danger. When activated, a protective bubble around the user that protects them from all physical and energy attacks. The core glows orange.


When activated, Decatrix is able to fire a bolt of energy on the users command. The power of these bolts can be modified by the user by pressing the holographic buttons on either side of the gauntlet. The core glows yellow.


When DNA not in the database is near the Decatrix, it automatically emits a green beam that passively scans the target's DNA and adds it to the database. This function can also be used to identify injuries and weak points of an opponent to use as an advantage in combat. The core glows green.


  • The Decatrix allows the user to transform into a large amount of alien life-forms that each have their own unique powers and abilities and in a selection of alien DNA that are in groups of 10. However, each of alien DNA sample has been slightly altered to be geared towards combat, which makes each of the alien transformations to be stronger in every way.
  • The Decatrix has a Master Control, which allows the user to switch between aliens without touching the Decatrix.
  • Once worn, the Decatrix could not be removed by any external means, unless the wearer commands it.
  • The Decatrix is able to protect the user from all forms of psychic manipulation, such as; mind control and hypnosis
  • The Decatrix can add extra equipment to an alien form to make it safer to use. This function can be disabled.
  • The Decatrix is extremely durable, being able to survive the harshest conditions.
  • When worn, the Decatrix is instantly bonded to the user's DNA, only allowing said user to properly use the Decatrix.
  • As a form of defense, the Decatrix can form energy shields and fire plasma bolts.
  • The Decatrix has an advanced AI that stores hundreds of alien martial art techniques and can provide tactical analysis and countermeasures. It is able to analyse fighting patterns and provide a programmed countermeasure.

Evolutionary Function

  • The Decatrix is able to evolve aliens into their Ultimate Form, granting them new powers and new abilities that are more powerful than their base counterparts.
  • The evolution works by running an alien's DNA through a combat simulation for a million years and altered to fit the current transformation
  • The Evolutionary Function can also be activated with the Master Control, allowing the user to directly transform into any Ultimate form without touching the Decatrix or turning into their devolved counterparts.


  • The Decatrix can be used as a communicator and is capable of receiving interstellar signals.
  • The Decatrix core had a highly complex artificial intelligence called; Decca which became sentient and formed its own body. The replica core has a less advanced but just as efficient AI.
  • It has a Universal Translator.
  • It has a voice command function.


  • Slamming down on the Decatrix too hard while transforming may result in a different alien to what the user initially selects.

Known Aliens

  • Tyrannotitan - Vaxasaurian
  • Cerebrocrab - Cerebrocrustacean
  • SonR - Sonorosian
  • Atomizer - Prypiatosian-A
  • XLR8 - Kineceleran
  • Refraktor- Petrosapien
  • Colossus - To'kustar
  • Frost Moth - Necrofriggian
  • NRG - Prypiatosian- B
  • Phantoma - Ectonurite
  • Arctiguana - Polar Manzardill
  • Armordrillo - Talpaedan
  • Sludge - Polymorph
  • Blitzwulf - Loboan
  • Alien X - Celestialsapien
  • Eatle - Oryctini
  • Swampfire - Methanosian
  • Chronos - Chronosapien
  • Gravattack - Galilean
  • Stinkfly - Lepidopterran
  • Wrapssassin - Thep Kufan
  • Electredusa - Amperi
  • Scorchshot - Pyronite
  • Hound - Vulpimancer
  • Chromastone - Crystalsapien
  • Deadlights - Terretnal Ogre
  • Arachnorilla - Arachnichimp
  • Short Circuit - Galvanic Mechamorph
  • Riptide - Orishan
  • Ball Weevil - Unknown Species
  • Jetray - Aerophibian
  • Cannonbolt - Arburian Pelarota
  • D.Void - Pae Sadilla
  • Hunger - Unknown Species
  • Wildfire - Infernasapien
  • Vanta - Myliobatid