DecaSystem Tech
Premiered TBA
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Created by CaT
Written by CaT
Seasons 2
Episodes 50

DecaSystem Tech is an upcoming series created by CaT. Though it superficially references his previous work, it has an original story that anyone can jump into.


Dex Archer. 14. Average build. Odd fashion sense. Weird hair. Dead for about a week.

Hold on, what was that last one?

After being brought back to life after an accident by a mysterious device called the DecaSystem, Dex is unwillingly drafted into a government-controlled tournament where himself and nine others with systems like his are forced to battle each other to claim a prize of $10,000,000 and return to their normal lives all while a secret plot brews underneath the surface.



Tournament Challengers

 Dia Valentine
Placeholder other
 Dr. Pearson
Placeholder other
 Lucius Raivent
Placeholder other
 N. Eldridge
Placeholder other
 Miguel Brook
Placeholder other
 Morina Tsuru
Placeholder other
 Kaia Fischer
Placeholder other
 Isaac Logical
Isaac Logical DSTBG
 Dex Archer
Dex ArcherBG

Other Characters



System Transformations

Non-Standard Systems

  • ZeroSystem Nil - N/A (Serves mostly as a communication device)

Related Aliens

  • Chromastone - A DNA Sample of Chromastone merged with a mackerel tabby to test permanent Alien DNA-induced alterations with the MatrixSystems; ultimately creates CaT.

Fan List

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  • The logo of DecaSystem Tech contains a QR Code that links back to the series page when scanned.
  • Some of DecaSystem Tech was inspired by certain elements from the Kamen Rider franchise, especially from Ryuki, Faiz, and Gaim.

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