Deathvoid is a Phasmonourite from Planet Spatula X. He is the ninth alien to be used on the series.


Deathvoid Renews
Deathvoid is a bit like Ghostfreak, he has tentacles at the back of his body. He has one eye which he can use as telekinesis abilities. Deathvoid can go invisible and intangible making him invulnerable to any attacks. Unlike Ghostfreak, he doesn't have any true form. He has powerful claws and his tentacles can move every place which Aguas points out freaky.


Prestovoid resembles Deathvoid but not as freaky. He has blue skin with purple tentacles which shoots purple lasers.

Ultimate Deathvoid

Ultimate Deathvoid is renamed by Ben as Ultimate Darkclaw because his appearance changes into more hideous and devillish. He has longer claws and his head upside down. He still doesn't make mouth to speak strangely.



  • Shoot Black Laser (though prestovoid uses purple)
  • Telekinesis
  • Invisibility
  • Intangibility
  • Sometimes Superstrength
  • Healing (as Appeared in Rush Rescue)


  • Being tangled by tentacles
  • Some acid
  • Some Electricity
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