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These are all the chapters for the Death of Ben 10. The story is divided into 3 acts, each comprising of chapters. Together they form one whole story.

Chapter Act Summary Written By Airdate
Prologue Act 1 Professor Paradox discovers a Pyronite warlord attacking Bens across every timeline. Aaronbill3 02/09/2016
Chapter 2 Act 1 Ben and Rook find a lone Pyronite amidst a smoking crater in Yosemite park. Aaronbill3 02/16/2016
Chapter 3 Act 1 Realising the gravity of the situation, Paradox resorts to desperate measures. Aaronbill3 02/23/2016
Chapter 4 Act 1 Now that Sella is on their side, Ben and Rook try to learn why she fled from Pyros. Aaronbill3 03/01/2016
Chapter 5 Act 1 Eon, at the request of Professor Paradox, sets out to collect alternate Ben 10'000s to help. Aaronbill3 03/08/2016
Chapter 6 Act 1 Liam and Fistina are recruited by Rook to help look after Sella, but not all goes to plan. Aaronbill3 03/22/2016
Chapter 7 Act 2 Ben and the Plumbers prepare to face the full might of a Pyronite war fleet. Aaronbill3 06/07/2016
Chapter 8 Act 2 Professor Paradox sets out to recruit parallel Bens to help fight Apollo. Aaronbill3 06/21/2016
Chapter 9 Act 2 Ben infiltrates the flagship of Apollo's war fleet, But Apollo has planned for this. Aaronbill3 08/03/2016
Chapter 10 Act 2 Ben and Apollo meet at last, but can Ben win?

Or will this mean the Death of Ben 10?

Aaronbill3 08/29/2016
Chapter 11 Act 3 Apollo has Ben at his mercy, but can Paradox's plan save him in time? Aaronbill3 09/05/2016
Chapter 12 Act 3 The Future Bens arrive to save the day!

But can they save Ben Prime?

Aaronbill3 09/13/2016
Chapter 13 Act 3 Eon arrives, and the Bens work together to find out what happened to Apollo... Aaronbill3 10/18/2016
Chapter 14 Act 3 The Bens work together to infiltrate San Diego Ironworks and hunt Apollo, or will he escape? Aaronbill3 01/31/2017
Chapter 15 Act 3

At long last, The Bens confront Apollo!
But who will make it out alive?

Aaronbill3 02/09/2017
Trials by Fire: Part 1 Act 3 Ben 23, Ben 10'000, and Ultimate Ben 10 must fight powerful alternate versions of Apollo! Aaronbill3 03/19/2017
Trials by Fire: Part 2 Act 3 Only three more versions of Apollo are left to fight, but they might prove the greatest challenge yet! Aaronbill3 04/10/2017
Chapter 17 Act 3 Apollo finally unveils his master plan to Ben, but with the Omnitrix misbehaving can Ben still win? Aaronbill3 06/20/2017
Epilogue Act 3 The characters say their goodbyes. Meanwhile, new trouble arises in the Pyros system. Aaronbill3 07/21/2017