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Death Trap is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of a Void Spider from the Aranea Supervoid.


Death Trap has no defined appearance, and is portrayed as a reddish-black sphere attached to a triangular deltaplane.

In two dimensions, Death Trap looks like a black circle with green border.

In three dimensions, Death Trap looks like a spherical black spider with eight transparent invisible legs. The deltaplane becomes fully functional.

In four dimensions, Death Trap becomes "inside-outed", and his border is on the inside and all the parameters are changed to the opposite value, from the point of view of geometry.

Death Trap's fifth-dimensional appearance is unknown, as three-dimensional beings are unable to perceive any fifth-dimensional being at all, so he becomes transparent, which makes him both invisible and intangible to low-dimensional entities.

Powers and Abilities

Death Trap is able to change the dimension he is viewing from. He can rapidly switch from "dimension n" to "dimension n+1" or "dimension n-1".

Death Trap is able to create limbs from his body, although he can utilize them only in the third and fourth dimension.


Death Trap owns a deltaplane, which allows him to use and travel though cosmic webs he creates directly. He may transform these webs in matter while in third dimension, or in energy while in fourth dimension.


Death Trap cannot interact with low- or high-dimensional beings with a gap of at least two dimensions. He also can't change dimensions indirectly, meaning he must pass though "dimension n" if he switches from "dimension n-1" to "dimension n+1".


If Death Trap is going to appear in your series, write it down here.


If Death Trap is going to appear in your series, write it down here.


Death Trap's name pays an allusion to his power of his cosmic web ability, as he can literally trap someone in these webs.


  • Death Trap can perceive the sixth dimension, although he can't view from it.
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