Ben wonders what might have caused the events that Ghostfreak and Veggie King (meaning Death Devil 1, 2 and 3). Ben was fighting with the Roboking (character in Episode "Gauntlet"), Vilgax, Ghostfreak, Veggie King, Hex, Animo, Forever Kings of the infernal Deus and Charmcaster. Azmuth had been captured. Plumbers are held captive on planet Encephalus I! Ben saved Azmuth and Plumbers but found out that the villians were just pigments. Ben found out that it was the Death Devil, who was the original villian, Darkstar and changed his name into Lucifer a.k.a Death Devil. Ben was fighting a fist fight with Death Devil. His hand grabbed the Omnitrix caused a feedback pulse that absorbed Death Devil bringing the club a new alien, Nightmare! Nightmare shoots out dark matter pulse that affect the planet and brainstorms ran to safety. Death Devil and his creation Pencil was destroyed. Vilgax and all other shattered into pieces. Ben then transformed into Squidchill and froze Darkstar. Plumbers take them to Null Void.

Aliens used