DeathClaw is the Nemetrix's DNA sample of a Shaytan Chimerus from the planets Genesis V.


DeathClaw is a huge lion, with the head having 4 red eyes and having the body of a lion, the head of a goat, the head of a dragon, and a cobra as its tail. He has a brown mane and a Nemetrix placed on his hip.

Powers and Abilities

Deathclaw has the ability of enhanced biology and sharp claws. The lion part of his body is strong enough to break metal in seconds. The goat part can spit goo like acid which he contains in his horns. His horns are somewhat like an exoskeleton to contain the production of his goo, The dragon part of his body has a skin that has the appearance of magma. He can breathe fire and is able to melt most objects with his fire breath. His snake tail has the ability to put enemies to sleep by using his venom,


DeathClaw may be furious, but he can be easily defeated off by large amounts of fire and force power.

Deathclaw may be strong, but species like the Empyralians can easily defeat and hunt these creatures.


Thousands of years ago, DeathClaw's species lived on a planet in a solar system with other planets. They were furious predators that hunted other animals and beings on their planet. They specifically liked to hunt the Mantipithecus species. The system was highly advanced and was one of the advanced systems during its existence. These beings have traveled over other planets as zoo animals to be showcased which may have inspired some creatures in human mythology. Sadly, a war happened between the divine beings of the system that happened between various creatures which led to the destruction of the system and DeathClaw's species. However, some species were able to escape the system and start their own societies on other planets.


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