The Deamonos are species in Genetic.They live in an alternative dimension.


Deamonos' appearances are that or various mystical monsters. Some of them are giant muscular demons with horns and wings, while other are small, and look almost like skeletons. Their number of arms, and legs varies from zero to infinity.


The different Deamonos have different powers, and even though they have every existing ability in their DNA, they have accept only to a small number of them. Mastering new powers is possible, but doing so normally takes a whole life of training, or unlocking them in battle. Deamonos have the ability to evolve when their life is in danger and because of this they are always battling until only one of them survive.


Because each Deamono has different powers, their weaknesses are different too.

Known Daemonos

Known Daemonos Hybrids

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