Deadbolt is an alien intended to debut in some Earth-1776 franchise in the near future.

Quick Stats
Owner Sol
Body Humanoid/Robotic
Powers and Abilities
Other Names Safeguard
Namesake Deadbolt lock


Deadbolt's body is largely composed of bronze/copper and silver metals, with bronze tending to be the primary color against silver undertones.

Deadbolt's face is ridiculously skull like. His eyesockets are filled with two silver screws.


Deadbolt is capable of locking objects in "stasis", preventing them from being interacted with. During this state, they cannot be moved or damaged by any means. Objects retain their tangibility, allowing Deadbolt to possibly use them as indestructible shields. 

When used by Sol Masquerade, Deadbolt activates these "locks" by finger-gunning an object and making a "tch-tch" sound. The galaxy's top scientists have yet to discern if this is a specific quirk of Deadbolt's species or if Sol is just socially awkward. 

In addition to his supernatural abilities, Deadbolt is also ridiculously durable and hurts if you punch him.

Weaknesses and Limits

Deadbolt fails at locking up objects that are ridiculously big.

Deadbolt is unable to lock groups of objects/objects that aren't physically "connected" or a singular mass, like grains of sand or raindrops. Speaking of water, he also fails at "pausing" liquids and gasses for long periods of time.

Being made of metal, Deadbolt can be melted at extremely high temperatures. Though, I guess everything can, including flesh. Huh. I guess it's not really a weakness, just more of a regularity.


  • The idea for Deadbolt was designed one summer afternoon while Sol was trying to shoulder-ram a door that had been deadbolted because he lost a key. Spoiler alert, it didn't work, and he ended up climbing through an upstairs window to head down and unlock the door from the inside. He can't remember if his shoulder hurt, but it probably did. 
    • If it left a mark, the author is unable to tell, because he sadly does not have the head-rotation skills possessed by owls. That would be kinda creepy-cool.
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