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Ben 10: Road Trip
Season 1, Episode 6
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Air Date N/A
Written by Aaron
Director Aaron
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Planet(s) Cranvius
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Dead London is the sixth episode of Ben 10: Road Trip's first season. It was written by Aaron.

This page was made after Road Trip was cancelled, and therefore exists only to summarise the intended events.


The Stardust encounters an Ophidian archaeology ship floating in orbit above Cranvius. Ben decides to help them raid an ancient tomb on the planet surface, hoping to find lost weapons from the Heaven Wars inside. Sadie decides it's not in her best interest to help Ben in this distraction of a mission.

A Bone Wraith attacks and Ben is forced to fend it off with Barrier Reef. They meet the local Cranvius Sapience, though the crowd do not talk and are highly cautious of the strangers even after Ben turns into Vertebrain to try and calm them. The "Archaeologists" brave the crypts. Ben's connection to the Stardust breaks down.

Ben scans one of the Ophidians to unlock Snakepit, seeing that they could easily climb across the walls and through some of the more awkward gaps. As they progress, he switches to Vertebrain and later Hivemind as he finds them progressively better suited to navigating the tombs.

Eventually they find the central tomb, and within it MALtruant awaits them. He awakens a statue-like figure before disappearing. The red figure made of tentacles advances on the Archaeologists and begins to slaughter them, as they beg for their lives and admit to being pirates. The creature leaves nought but husks of dead cells behind. Ben finds himself completely unable to stop the monster- it walks through Barrier Reef's shield, is unaffected by MindMatter's telekinesis, and absorbs Hivemind's drones. Boarswax manages to slow the creature down for a moment as the last of the pirates escapes, but it quickly breaks free. Powerhouse confronts it, but it near enough rips him apart and tosses him aside.

When Ben wakes up, he rushes to the surface- passing the bodies of the last Ophidians as he runs. The last thing he sees is the Stardust hovering up and shooting away, as Sadie desperately calls for help through the Omnitrix's call function. Her voice breaks up as Ben watches in horror.



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By Ben Tennyson