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Dead End
General Information
Species Lipkoy Schupltse
Home World Gilli-Perambulous Promenade
Body Animalistic
Prey Walkatrout
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Adhesive Tentacles
Wall Scaling
Sharp Legs

Dead End is the Nemetrix's DNA sample of a Lipkoy Schupltse from the planet Gilli-Perambulous Promenade and the predatory species of Ickthyperambuloids.


Dead End is a six-foot tall red creature. Its head is split into two parts, with four red eyes of varying sizes on each one. Its neck, the underside of its head as well as the bottom of its four legs are white. Its body is oblong and covered in brown fur, with four long pink tentacles protruding from it.

The Nemetrix symbol is on a red collar around its neck.

Transformation Sequence

Powers and Abilities

Dead End's tentacles are adhesive and are coated in a substance that neutralizes an Ickthyperambuloid's slippery body, allowing it to grab them without them slipping out of reach.

Dead End can scale up walls, either by using its tentacles to stick to surfaces or by walking up them using its legs.

Dead End's legs are sharp and can easily pierce through an Ickthyperambuloid's skin.





Dead End's species name, Lipkoy Schupltse, comes from "lipkoye shchupal'tse", the Russian translation of "adhesive tentacle".


  • This predator was adapted from the third Nemetrix predator concept design created by Tom Perkins in a collaboration between Ulti and Ultra.