As Dayjob- Heightened focus and intelligence, pyrokinesis;

As Nightshift- Heightened agility and speed, ice powers

First Used In:

Dumped (Part 1)

Dayjob/Nightshift is an alien available to Kristen in the show KrisTen.


This alien has two forms, the first known as Dayjob (the white skinned, black suited side) and the other Nightshift (the black skinned, white suited side). Each of the sides has a different abilities.

As Dayjob, this alien becomes extremely focused. It is able to work for hours on end without any breaks. It doesn't matter the project, Dayjob will produce good results fast. She also is equipped with pyrokinetic abilities, allowing her to generate and control fire. Her intelligence is also upped in this state.

As Nightshift, she is less focused on productivity and more focused on staying alive. Her senses are all given a substantial boost, giving her amazing night vision and superhuman smell and hearing. Because most of the muscle is in this body and it was weighing Dayjob down, her speed and agility are increased in this mode as well. She also gains the ability to freeze objects, as well as make hasty ice constructions from the moisture in the air.


The cycle at which Dayjob and Nightshift switch off matches up with the day/night cycle of their fast rotating planet- meaning that she changes modes every four hours. She cannot change consciously. This makes this alien extremely risky to use. Not only does the user not know what she's going to become most of the time, but if she's Dayjob and night or Nightshift during the day, the results can be disastrous.

Dayjob has horrible night vision, and requires a good amount of light to see her hand a foot in front of her face. She is also the weakest physically, and is rather clumsy due to the weight of Nightshift on her back.

Nightshift's eyes are made for the dark, to the point where the amount of light that our sun gives off is enough to temporarily blind her. She runs much more off of primal instinct than intelligence and logic, leading to animalistic behavior and a trademark lack of strategy besides "fight or flight".


  • Nightshift is the first ever alien that Kristen turns into.

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