Overlordmake a new amor and ready to revange on Ben.








Alien Used


Big Chill x 2

Jetray x 2




Overlord is making his new amor in a broken factory.

Overlord:Now,Tennyson.Soon there will be your end.Ha ! ha ! ha ! ha !

(Ben 10 ultimate alien intro)

In a street,Kevin ,Gwen and Ben(Diamondhead) is fighting some computron.


Diamondhead cut the computron into half.

Kevin:Heah!!! Gwen behind you!


Diamondhead:To many of them.(press the ultimatrix and transform into Big chill)

Big chill:Big chill!!!!!!!! Its about to cold down.

Big Chill blow ice at the computron and freeze all the computron.

Kevin:Good Job!

Big chill:Any time.(transform back to Ben)

Gwen:Now is the biggest problem.

A group of ben 10 fans run toward Ben.

Ben:Oh....not again!!!!(slamp his ultimatrix and change into Jetray then fly away)

Jetray:Bye! Guys(kevin and gwen) see you in Mr smoothie in the everning.

Kevin:Ok.Roger that!!

Gwen:Let's go!! Kevin.

Ben 10 fans:No he got away........(talk sadly)

(on the sky)

Jetray:I wonder where i want to go?

Then,(Ben) see a new Sumo Slammer game in a store.Then,he dicided to buy it.

Jetray(transforming back to Ben):Wow!!!!! New Sumo Slammer game.

Ben:I will buy this.


Then,Ben bought the Sumo slammer game.He dicided to go home.

Ben:Let's have a fast ride!!!

The ultimatrix show Jetray hologram.Then,Ben press it and transform into Jetray and fly up the sky with super speed.

Jetray(flying):I can't wait to play this.

Overlord finally complete his new amor.

Overlord:OK,this will be your end of your live Ben tennyson!!!

Overlord shoot the laser to ben poster.It make a huge explosion.Then Overlord fly out from the factory and revange Ben.

Ben:Wow...This level seems so hard but not for me!

Overlord(flying on the sky):Where is Ben tennyson?!Or i destroy something that important to him.

Kevin:Why Ben seems late every time?

Gwen:Maybe he have something important to do?


Gwen:Hey,Kevin what is that thing flying on the sky?

Overlord fly down and ready to attack them.Kevin absorb some rock.

Kevin:That is Overlord....The men that jealous Ben remember?

Overlord:Yeah!!!But soon there will be no Ben tennyson!(shoot laser at kevin)

Then kevin fly away and hit a car then he fainted.Overlord now try to attack Gwen.

Gwen:Heah!!(throw mana to overlord but no harm overlord)

Overlord:Ha!ha!ha! Your power has not effect me.(shoot anothe laser to gwen and Gwen injured and fainted)

While Ben still playing the new sumo slammer game in his home.

Ben:Yes!!! Yes!!! I win!! (Ben is win in the game)

(look at the clock)Ben:OH no!! Kevin and Gwen must be waiting me!!!

Then ben recieve a phone call.


Overlord:Hello,Ben tennyson.....I got your friend.

Ben:Overlord!!!You got Kevin and Gwen? What you want?

Overlord: Ok,if you want your friend back.....Come to town 21 right now..


Ben ride his car very fast to town 21.Then,he see Kevin and Gwen been bound on top a building.

Overlord:Ben Tennyson!! I wait you for long!

Ben(press the ultimatrix and transform into big chill):Put them down Ovelord!!

Overlord:Ok!(shoot laser to Big chill then big chill fall)

Big chill:Uh.....


Gwen:Ben!!! Be careful!!

Big chill:Uh.....Maybe upgrade can stop you!(press the ultimatrix and transform into upgrade)


Upgrade shoot laser at Overlord but do not harm overlord.

Overlord:Then try this!!!(shoot missile at Upgrade)

Then Ben lying on the ground.


Gwen:Ben !!!!!! Wake up!!!


Overlord:Ha! Ha! ha! Tennyson, say bye (pointing laser at Ben)

Ben:.....(press the ultamatrix and transform into goop)


Goop stick himself to overlord.

Overlord:What are you doing?



Overlord amor are all melt then Goop transform back to Ben.

Overlord:No!!!! Ben tennyson!!

Ben:heah!!!(Ben give overlord a punch)


Then Ben free kevin and Gwen then Overlord been arrested again.

Overlord:I will return Ben tennyson!!!

Ben:Want to get some smoothie.


Gwen:You pay.

Ben;Ok,no problem.

Kevin:Hey,i want the blue berry flavor.



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